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  1. Do you know if this is also available on board Zaandam TV? It is so easy to quickly check then without having to ask for paper printouts every couple days.
  2. Thanks so much. I have a friend booked in that same cabin! She'll be glad you had the door fixed 🙂 Do you have any photos by any chance?
  3. Thanks so much for your review JamieandSam and also thanks to JennysUncle and T8NCruise. I'll be on Zaandam later this year. Can I ask what your cabin numbers were? I shall cross fingers and hope that I don't have a cabin with tiles coming off the wall etc.
  4. What is the cost for ATK on Zaandam and is the cost to participate or just to watch the demonstration?
  5. jwh

    Cruise docs

    Thanks for your replies. It's a pity really as the professionally printed cruise docs, enhance the excitement and give the impression, if nothing else, of a nicer experience yet to come.
  6. Do HAL prepare and send hard copies of cruise docs, baggage tags, 'know before you go' type booklets or are these only available online? Would prefer to receive hard copies rather than print them if there is any option of choice here.
  7. Thanks to all for your responses. I'm not trivialising the importance and am not unfamiliar with lifeboat drills. Just haven't come across the 3-stage format before. So we are in fact partaking in a role-play type situation then? Except that, for drill purposes only, after returning to the cabin we don't need to dress in warm clothing , bring meds etc..etc do we??
  8. Thanks for clarifying the procedure. Not sure I understand the reasons for the second stage i.e. why would you need to go back to your room and then be called again to the muster station? Wouldn't people just go from stage 1 (wherever they might be on the ship at that stage), to the muster station?
  9. Just wondering what the procedure is for lifeboat drill on Zaandam (or any of the HAL ships). Do passengers wear their life jackets and meet at the assigned lifeboat or is it done without wearing life jackets or meeting somewhere other than near the assigned lifeboat? Do they call out the cabin numbers and wait for response from the occupant with how many passengers etc.
  10. Thanks Miss G. Fabulous photos. Do they have a section where you can 'take a book and leave a book' by any chance.?
  11. Just bumping up this old thread. So.... is there still a library on Zaandam ??
  12. Just wondering....if so many people buy the pass online.. does the thermal spa get crowded to the point there are no beds or space available?
  13. Are any hors d'oeuvres or nibbles served during Happy Hours? What are the 'normal' hours that happy hours operate (from reading this board it seems no ship has the same ' normal' for most important things like this 🙂 ) but I am sailing on Zaandam if this is relevant. Just hoping that there might be something to nibble on if there is a pre-dinner happy hour slot. If not, are snacks available for purchase at the same bar. Oh, and one last question... is Happy Hour always accompanied by Team trivia? Thanks in advance for any responses.
  14. Thanks Patty. BTW its been waaaay too long since we've seen you on the same cruise. Hope you and the family are well.
  15. Sounds fabulous! How much is the lunch? We've done Vintage Room dinners a few times and enjoyed them all. Champagne lunch really does appeal. Just wondering what the price difference is.
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