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    I have a couple of cancelled cruises with 2 lots of FCC and 2 lots of FCP'S. Not sure if I have this right but would someone mind confirming that a FCC cannot be split over more than one booking but both FCC’s can be combined and added to one booking? Really appreciate your response. Many thanks.
  2. It's a bit ambitious to think that all this will be over in 2 months. Undeniably fantastic if that turns out to be the case, but somewhat frustrating waiting for the segment to be officially cancelled to claim the full refund or higher FCC.
  3. From the Crystal Advisory Alert as at today: Crystal Symphony | May 31, 2020 | 19 nights | Barcelona to London (Only the first segment of this voyage is cancelled. meaning the last segment from Lisbon to London is still 'operating' ?? !!
  4. Fabulous - thanks Drib. Could you start with E2 on Symphony too ?
  5. Thank you so much for posting this Tracie. So good to think of something other than COVID19 right now and so typical of Mark to put something fabulous like this out for all of us to enjoy. Cheers, Judith
  6. Thanks for the quick reply Tracie. Its still early morning here so I guess we'll get the sad news later today.
  7. How do you know this about Symphony cancelling the June cruisesTracie? Hope its not true 😞
  8. Just want to chime in here too as we are also on this cruise. I'm enjoying the relaxed feeling with the crew actually having time to stop and chat. Food is wonderful as usual and service of course is outstanding. Shane is doing a wonderful job keeping everyone entertained and has scheduled the events/evening entertainment in such a way that people move from one to another so the ambience is not lost. Full marks to him. Tonight is the Captains welcome which is being held in Palm Court. Can't remember the last time we went to one in Palm Court, and although we haven't attended one for a
  9. This must go down as the longest and most nail biting approaches ever! Thank you again for your updates - like so many other people reading this thread, I have been logging in every few minutes to catch your news. Cheers and safe travels home, Judith
  10. Thanks so much again for your update. As traveldayz said, you are the fastest source of info, particularly for those of us who are hungry for updates on this. 🙂 Very much appreciated. Have they mentioned any time for departure on the 15th or if they are overnighting in Singapore ? Enjoy your last week on board.
  11. Hi Rob I just want to thank you for your reports and your calm levelheaded approach. Is the vibe on the ship still good? We were booked to fly to Taipei next week but will now wait to see where the flights need to be changed to. I suspect it will be Hanoi but this is such a fast evolving situation, perhaps Vietnam will also refuse ships docking. A nightmare for Crystal and shore-ex operators, but in the big scheme of things not more than an inconvenience for us. Enjoy your time aboard and travel safe.
  12. What an absolute nightmare for Crystal and all other shipping lines involved. Might hold off on packing until Thursday as we are scheduled to fly out on Friday 😞
  13. Yes and we'll be amongst them. Really excited to be back on Symphony and looking forward to experiencing the 'normality' on board to alleviate the paranoia which has been surrounding us all these past weeks.
  14. I was very pleasantly surprised to find the ship appearance much nicer than when I sailed a few years ago with refurbished carpets, soft furnishings etc. The food has been better than i remembered - both in the main dining room and the Lido. The Indonesian and Filipino crew are as lovely as ever. However what an enormous disappointment is the total lack of entertainment and ambience. The ship is flat. The cruise director, whoever he is, makes infrequent appearances and flat dialogues of not more than a sentence or two. "have a nice evening' at the end of a performance or over the interco
  15. I thought you could only bring wine on board. If they allow champagne will they also allow spirits subject to the $18 corkage?
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