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  1. Hi Bandjwayne we are doing a private excursion with Rony's in March. He quoted a price and then I had to remind him what we wanted to do and he said did I include the botanical gardens in his quote. I said yes so I guess I will print off the email chains. We'd like to see sloths but not really into the cages. Were these in cages or more free roaming sloths? Thank you an advance for any help.
  2. If you have Royal app you should be able to see the menus already. We cruise March 14th & have viewed the dining room menus already. Have a great cruise.
  3. Skateycat we opted to go to Gumbalimba Park as it looked like the monkeys and birds wouldn't kept in cages. We booked a private excursion with Rony's for this coming March and looking at the botanical gardens and chocolate factory also. We have two beach days on this cruise so that didn't interest us.
  4. Travel Mom we are doing a private excursion with Rony's in March for a group of 9 & we're doing Gumbalimba as the animals don't seem caged. We are looking at other stops along the way and was wondering if you had any recommendations. We have 2 beach days already planned so didn't think we'd care to do another. Chocolate factory was a thought also. Would West Bay be close if we wanted to stop here. Thank you for any help you can give.
  5. We sail March 14, 2020 and I called in on Thanksgiving and made reservations for all 5 shows. I was unable to do online but some in our group had no problem. I'm 100 days out as of today.
  6. We are sailing March 14th 2020 & all my reservations for the shows have been made. I had to call Royal on Thanksgiving and got right through. I was able to see the show times on the app but I couldn't do reservations without calling. Others in my group were able to do on website.
  7. I think that it could be Gumbalimba Park with the pool & beach as I've been interested in visiting this Park and I seen this is available there.
  8. Hello....Have you ever done Gumbalimba Park with Rony's. I'm looking at booking private tour with Rony's and interested in this Park. I was hoping to see and hold sloths but it doesn't appear that it's available at this Park. Reason for interest in Gumbalimba is that the birds and monkeys don't appear to live in cages. They have a bit more freedom to roam. TIA for any help you can offer.
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