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  1. hulamoon

    Celebrity Edge Eden Restaurant Reviews Request

    They mention two stars multiple times. The food is creatively crafted. I assumed they would have a hard time holding the form it is currently in just because I could imagine skipping it on several cruises, that is not just price, they would need to keep changing the menu and entertainment for repeat visitors.
  2. hulamoon

    Celebrity Edge Eden Restaurant Reviews Request

    We are at Eden in December. It’s a fantasy style fairy land sort of atmosphere. Edenistic as we joked. It’s a bit like Petit Chef in menu design, chose from the first or second column of dishes. The food was excellent. Some of the dishes have food that appears to be rocks etc. they let us know when the food was real food and what was actually not edible. I would do it again. But likely not the same way we used to do Murano, where we attended at least once a cruise. I like the Eden area for lunch, the bar area and tables outside are nice. It is beautiful.
  3. hulamoon

    Updated Elite Cocktails

    We could on Edge in December and Silhouette. I better reread the new policy.
  4. hulamoon

    Between Elite+...and Zenith

    I am curious too. What are the other great choices?
  5. hulamoon

    Concierge level on Joy

    The website says it has its own private dining and another source mentioned a lounge. I wonder if someone could tell me more than I can learn from NCL. When I chat with them, they direct me to the Bliss because that is more known it seems. Glad this thread came up in a search.
  6. How exciting! looking forward to your posts.
  7. hulamoon

    Orion in Alaska

    I am taking notes! No apology needed. We had a family emergency and now are back to this 20th anniversary choice.
  8. hulamoon

    Orion in Alaska

    Thank you Heidi13 and Jim Avery for your entertaining and knowledgeable responses!
  9. hulamoon

    Orion in Alaska

    I was told mendenhal would be an excursion, I assume a free one. I did a quick check and read from Viking June 2nd Hubbard is 30 miles away and can be seen. The last time and only time I was on Glacier bay we were right next to the glacier, like almost touching it. On that trip r we saw a mother bear and cubs right next to the shore quite close. I know Viking is going to be cruising the shoreline. Thanks for your input Jim, my first thought was as highly rated as Viking is maybe it will offer more without glacier bay and I am still a bit confused if Hubbard is the same as Yakutat Bay. Is it?
  10. hulamoon

    Orion in Alaska

    I have Yakutat Bay for June 2nd.
  11. hulamoon

    Orion in Alaska

    Thanks for your response. It has limited availability, and I have a hold for a couple more hours. The itinerary I have gives a location close to Hubbard so when I asked I was told the glacier it visits is Mendenhal. Yes it is it’s first visit. I will double check with them if close is the same as seeing it and check the location listed. thank you sharie
  12. hulamoon

    Orion in Alaska

    It’s been awhile since I have posted, forgive my inexperience with the new format. We have a special anniversary in May and we are considering cancelling our Edge cruise and taking Viking in Alaska. We like the Edge and have a great reservation but when we saw the Viking availability we picked up a hold. Just concerned about the recent reviews and given This is Vikings first cruise in Alaska I am nervous to switch. I know they will not be in Hubbard or Glacier but hope we can see wildlife other ways. We have yet to sail Viking and except for some of the recent reviews feel it might be a great fit. Happy to hear from those experienced Viking and Alaska cruisers. Sharie
  13. hulamoon

    Price Drop on Edge

    Sometimes you ask on a different day and you get a different answer. Would it be worth asking him to call again?
  14. hulamoon

    Price Drop on Edge

    My fishy hints have not been sent in a long time. I thought it dried up. Sometimes X makes no sense, as far as changes. Sorry about your experience.
  15. I haven't read all 20,000, but I have read a fair number and I thank you for them. Congratulations!