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  1. We experienced the 14 days San Juan and the rates kept falling so I kept moving up. Ended up one week in an S1 and another in a Royal. So you might do better than you think. If you end up not moving up in San Juan treat yourself to more restaurants during your OV week. I hope you have a wonderful cruise, no matter what you choose.
  2. Yes, this is what I noticed too. It’s too bad, it seems the new standard of suite service. Our expectations have adjusted.
  3. It was to pressure to buy. Even though I didn’t drink enough to warrant a package they wanted me to know the staff looses without it. The bar service and range of options have gradually become more limited in Michaels Club, it seems to me. As nice a Luminae is, it is also not considered the premier restaurant it once was promoted to be on the ships. Guests are routinely given main dining room menus rather than a made to order meal and the staff now sell other restaurants. Its not horrible by any means, but someone somewhere decides to let the original sales position go of the suite products. That was, the best restaurant on the ship and special service in Michaels Club. For the most part, I have had excellent concierge service is MC. That is appreciated. No they saw the card color, they wanted a closer look at purchased packages. Besides I had been introduced by the concierge seconds before.
  4. On a recent cruise, I won’t say which, we noticed less than enthusiastic service in Michael’s club . After casual conversation with the bartender we were told they need to sell drinks for their bottom line. The bartender insisted on checking our cards for packages before serving us in Michaels Club. That never happened to us before. Then we got a hard pitch for a drink package. Prepaid tips were salary for staff, we were told. We explained we liked occasional drinks in Michael’s but were not big drinkers. We go days without. Sometimes if the price is right we end up with all four, but we just don’t drink enough for taking it if we are charged for package not what we order. This change is going to make the exciting deals last minute booking the better choice for us. It also means at today’s prices that luxury suite lines look better.
  5. I also thought the thermal suite area was nicer on solstice ships. I didn’t try it on edge but looked at how uncomfortable it would be during the day in the sun. I also thought the solarium pool area looked like a smaller swim area on the Edge, but I did not get in as we were only on a few days. On our way back to see if those first impressions hold. I did like the quality of the cosmopolitan on the Edge. We kept moving up to suites to get to Better service and better restaurants, I can only hope that era is over. I liked that my first time on the edge the food in the main restaurant was superb. I hope it continues. What a treat if every restaurant is excellent as it was a Long time ago.
  6. Did they add other furniture ?
  7. I look forward to hear of your experiences with Oceania. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Qsine only had Le Petite Chef on my cruise on Silhouette in December and on Eclipse in Alaska. I enjoyed LPC. It seems to have two menu's. We were told they were all converting, sorry I don't have a specific update for Summit.
  9. Quality seems to shift, but I will say after years of avoiding Tuscany due to it's decline I had a great meal there on the Eclipse in May. I too, will miss Murano.
  10. Does it? Or does it just cause a lot of people to cancel and rebook? Plus it is irritating and why do that when the purpose should be long term customer satisfaction. Luxury cruises are growing not decreasing. I now price several lines before a cruise. I didn't before. When your promotions bother already booked guests the benefit is a two edged sword. I made final payment as this was released, and to add insult to injury the price with the same benefits dropped. I am going to return to last minute bookings. All in all I am not that bothered, as I live in the mythical Zen, halfway there, not much chance of arriving.
  11. Ricka47 that is pretty much my experience! Moved from Princess to HAL, HAL to X for smoking and Aqua. Then when that went uneven I went to suites and pay pretty close to luxury brands. We do use the ship in the bubble experience, Pools off hours, spa and the best restaurants. Not sure if it’s still true but for a short time the main dining rooms in Edge were as good as specialties. (I miss the days when all restaurants were good.)
  12. Thanks Dan, Sorry about the confusion, I was referring to X senior discount. I am aware they are different ships. It would have been easier to ask if the current reviews at 3.5 was reflected in customers experiences here. I appreciate your and everyone’s responses.
  13. I adore the O cruise board, You folks rock. I am going to watch the ship closely and the reviews when they come out after drydock. I appreciate your input.
  14. When I originally booked a Sky Suite it was 16,000. I have patiently watched it go down to 10,999. and I just moved to a W to do better. I think the prices are like waves. They go up and down so much more than they used to. It's maddening. I am about to just go to waiting for exciting deals.
  15. Back in the day when being Elite seemed like a reasonable goal, I received bonus points that were offered. Now being half way and possibility never making Zenith, it isn't so much motivating, but annoying. I made final payment on a TA booked months ago this morning. Just give them to everyone on the cruise. It's a nice surprise for loyal people and I don't like encouraging people to cancel and rebook. It's just busy work, guests could be planning an awesome cruise, rather than having to figure out the strategy of ever increasing cruise investments.
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