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  1. Thinking of going to the Loen Skylift near Olden Anyone have experience of this? The cost of approx £47 pp for an return trip is putting us off a little. I note there is a restaurant at the top, I hate to think how much food will be up there if that’s the cost of the just to,get up there! Would like to hear from people who have used the lift and experienced it, and if you thought it was value for money. I know Norway is expensive at the best of times, and I guess the weather would dictate the value, IE if it’s very cloudy / foggy etc probably not worth going up! Look forward to hearing from you. Cheers Gary Sent from my iPad using Forums
  2. wallis7219

    Marella Celebration Wine Packages?

    Once again thanks everyone for wine package advice. We took the 5 bottle one which was £72 The 7 bottle one is £99 Had great time on the Marella Celebration. Have fun, Cheers Sent from my iPad using Forums
  3. Hello We are Joining this cruise on the 28th June 2018 Just wondering when formal nights will be on board? It’s port intensive and no seadays, so just wondering when formal nights would be? Also wondering if it’s worth packing the Tux for any formal nights or if smart casual would suffice? We don’t mind getting dressed up for dinner, just with it being so port intensive they may change how many formal nights they have on the 7 night cruise? Would like to hear from anyone who has just done this portion of the cruise recently, and thought or tips for ports of call. Cheers Gary Sent from my iPad using Forums
  4. wallis7219

    Marella Celebration Wine Packages?

    Thank you both Edinburgher and campolady for your very helpful info! Not too late, we don’t go until 28th June! [emoji106] I think we will try for the 5 bottle pkg and see how we go from there! Many thanks Gary Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. wallis7219

    Marella Celebration Wine Packages?

    Hello dronnygirl Many thanks for your reply. We will look out for the wine package once we get onboard . Cheers Gary Sent from my iPad using Forums
  6. Hello We will be sailing on the Marella Celebration on 28th June 2018 We don’t have the all inclusive pkg, as the itinerary is very port intensive. But we do like a bottle of wine with evening meals. Just wondered if Marella did something like a 6 or 7 bottle wine package with a bit of discount, or is it just buy as you go? Many thanks in advance Sent from my iPad using Forums
  7. Great review ! Well done! Going to be boarding our TA on Navigator of the Seas in the morning!! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  8. wallis7219

    St. Kitt

    The old sugar train is fun! Not cheap but fun Sent from my iPad using Forums
  9. wallis7219

    Refreshment package on sale

    Yes looks like mine is on 30% at the moment, but its not highlighted in the planner. Mine is for Navigator of the seas 6th November Transatlantic They currently have Ultimate dining Pkg and Delux Drinks Package for £55.54pp per night! A little expensive for a 13 night cruise but decent value if you like to dine specialty each night and want the drinks Pkg too.
  10. wallis7219

    Anybody else getting "Error 500"?

    I got a similar thing, something to do with cloudflare! I just tried again using the cruise critic address and it let me in! Not sure what was up with it! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  11. wallis7219

    Guarantee Cabin Assignment Question

    Bruce you have my Sympathies, Our QM2 Room was not allocated until 5 days before the cruise! They do seem to be leaving it later and later to allocate the rooms. I used to think once you had done all the online checkin etc, that might nudge the computer to do its allocation and it had worked in the past. BUT not the last one! I ended up ringing Cunard and they put me through to Inventory, who said I would be allocated a room in the next few days! (I lived in the hope of an upgrade! Suffice to say it did not happen) Hope its allocated soon. Cheers Gary
  12. Great Review, likes the Now and then pictures as well Looking forward to our voyage on the 1st August
  13. wallis7219

    Can anybody explain Cunard’s booking logic?

    We too are on a guarantee booking, and we sail on the 1st August:eek: The cruise is sold out, and still we have not been assigned our cabin:confused: Hope they still have one left for us!!
  14. wallis7219

    Queen Mary 2 December 15th 2015. TA to New York

    Welcome Onboard Chaps. Really looking forward to this crossing, and spending Christmas in New York! Cheers Gary
  15. wallis7219

    Queen Mary 2 December 15th 2015. TA to New York

    When we were on the QM2 in August We splashed out on a 7day Spa pass. Which gave us access to the spa pool, whirl pool and a couple of sauna's, and somewhere to sit and relax. Or fall asleep as I always seem to do :rolleyes: It was a great way to spend a couple of hours just chilling each day before getting ready for evening meal each evening. But there are a limited number they sell each cruise, so go the first day if your considering it!