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  1. Thanks for the wonderful replies. We are cruising around the north of Scotland, so the weather may be too cool for Earth and Ocean since not many heaters, but still we are hoping to try it! And perhaps Sushi one night too or least for one lunch. I am not sure I would like the Japanese dinner, however I have a feeling that the presentation would be exceptional and I would appreciate that. Good tip on the TK Grill bar, my understanding is that you can go to that bar regardless of whether you have dinner reservations there that night?
  2. We will be on Ovation this September, and this is our first cruise on the "large" ships. We have our dinner reservation for TK grill, but wondering about Earth and Ocean, no reservations needed or accepted? Do you just show up at whatever time you like (just like the Restaurant)? Are they open every night even in cool or rainy weather? Also, wondering about the Sushi restaurant, is this for lunch only, or lunch and dinner? Is it strictly Sushi at dinnertime or other small plate items also available? Thanks for your help.
  3. Can anyone tell me if we can use a Referral Coupon for a new passenger that will be on the same cruise as we are? Or does the new passenger have to sail before our cruise? Thank you
  4. We have an upcoming Seabourn cruise in September. We are using an onboard booking for a discount on this cruise. We are interested in booking a future cruise now but do not have a current onboard credit to use. Has anyone had any luck in making a current booking and then applying the onboard booking credit retroactively after our upcoming cruise? We had done this on Crystal frequently but are having trouble with this booking thru our travel agent.
  5. Thank you Rols and SKPO946, I think we might try this!
  6. How do you go about ordering a box lunch to take on an independent tour? We would like to try this also when we are going independently a couple of days to some scenic locations but little in the way of towns.
  7. Does anyone know or have recent experience of whether Seabourn will have shuttles from Greenock into Glasgow and from Newhaven into Edinbourgh? Thank you
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