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  1. Thanks for the wonderful replies.  We are cruising around the north of Scotland, so the weather may be too cool for Earth and Ocean since not many heaters, but still we are hoping to try it!  And perhaps Sushi one night too or least for one lunch.  I am not sure I would like the Japanese dinner, however I have a feeling that the presentation would be exceptional and I would appreciate that.  

    Good tip on the TK Grill bar, my understanding is that you can go to that bar regardless of whether you have dinner reservations there that night?

  2. We will be on Ovation this September, and this is our first cruise on the "large" ships.   We have our dinner reservation for TK grill, but wondering about Earth and Ocean, no reservations needed or accepted?   Do you just show up at whatever time you like (just like the Restaurant)?  Are they open every night even in cool or rainy weather?

    Also, wondering about the Sushi restaurant, is this for lunch only, or lunch and dinner?   Is it strictly Sushi at dinnertime or other small plate items also available? 

    Thanks for your help.

  3. We have an upcoming Seabourn cruise in September. We are using an onboard booking for a discount on this cruise. We are interested in booking a future cruise now but do not have a current onboard credit to use. Has anyone had any luck in making a current booking and then applying the onboard booking credit retroactively after our upcoming cruise? We had done this on Crystal frequently but are having trouble with this booking thru our travel agent.

  4. We are trying to pick a cabin on one of the lower levels of Ovation and have a question about the 5th level deck plan. Between the mid stairway and the forward elev/stair, there is an area that is just shown as "white space". Does anyone know what that area may be used for? Wondering if there is chance of early morning or late night noise from that area if we are in a cabin on the 5th level close by or just above that area in a cabin up on the 6th floor. Assume that this is the same layout on the Encore. Thanks for any comments that you may have regarding this area.

  5. For any of those that may have been on one of the Ventures kayaking excursions, are the kayaks all doubles? And if so, can you still sign up as a single, that is, will they match up singles to kayak together? It seems reasonable to me that they would do this, since sometimes only the husband (or maybe only the wife) wants to kayak, so I am thinking that there may be several "singles" signed up.


    Thank you

  6. Most people don’t wear jeans to dinner. My husband wears nice trousers and a long sleeve dress shirt. I am more a fashionista so wear either nice slacks with a sparkly top or a cocktail dress.


    Rachel, just to verify, although you like to dress up, your husband just wears slacks and long sleeve shirts each night, is that correct? That is, at your recollection, jackets are not required for men on Captains night?

    Women can always get by with anything from slacks to dresses. We certainly do not plan to wear jeans on Captains night, but I guess we might possibly on the first or last night of cruise.



  7. We will be leaving shortly on our second Crystal Symphony cruise and we also like the Deck 7 cabins. I had looked at Roy's photos a lot and tried to pick a cabin based on those, but I believe there are quite a few cabins that are relatively unobstructed and let in the sunshine. The cabins directly above The Starlight lounge can be noisy late at night (particularly above the stage area where the bass vibrates the bed above so I would avoid those). I am a very private person but did not find the cabins on Symphony Deck 7 to be an issue because the Promenade Deck itself is maybe 2 feet or so lower than the floor level of the cabins so those outside are not looking directly in (even if they wanted to). We like the easy access to the Promenade (which goes all the way around for walking like an old style ship) and the easy access to the Bistro just below.

  8. My response may need to be somewhat taken with a grain of salt since it has been six years since I have cruised either line (and only one cruise on each). We cruised on one of "little sister" ships on Seabourn and found the food and service both excellent. Then only six months later we cruised on Regent Mariner and were disappointed. We found both food in the main restaurant and service to be hardly any better than Holland America. The shows were somewhat better on Regent compared to the small Seabourn ship (as would be expected), but IMO the shows on Crystal are much much better than Regent (similar sized ships), and so I was not impressed with Regent in that regard either. We don't like having to pay for the "included" tours on Regent as at that time anyway, the included tours were mostly the 3 or 4 hour type bus tours and for anything more interesting or all day tours we had to pay extra. Also, we like to do some tours on our own so paying ahead for the Regent tours doesn't set well with us.

    We leave this Monday on our second Seabourn cruise (on Sojourn)and looking forward to it whole heartedly.

  9. Thanks for the replies. So it seems straightforward to just wait until we board and make our reservation for R2 then.


    Sorry for my confusion on the TK menus. I believe I understand this correctly now: 1) There are usually two nights per week that the Colonnade is set up for the TK menu only, this has to be reserved, and is generally the "comfort" food menu that is served family style. 2) The TK course options in the main Restaurant are items representing his French Laundry restaurant menus and one can order all three items (app, main course, and dessert) or just pick and choose and order any one of the items or of course order none of the TK featured items and just order from the main menu. For me personally, I admit that trying something from the French Laundry type menu is more appealing than my previous notion that all items were comfort food (bbq, ribs, etc.).


    Thank you, really looking forward to our cruise in October.

  10. We will be taking our second Seabourn cruise in October and I have a few questions about dining options that I am not clear on. Our last cruise was on one of the small ships so this will be our first Seabourn cruise on one of the newer ships.


    From what I understand, it looks like R2 will still be the alternate restaurant on Sojourn this October (that is, has not changed over to TK). I believe you must make a reservation for R2 but I don't see anything on the website where you can make this reservation ahead of time. So how is that accomplished?


    Is the Colonnade open for dinner and if so, what kind of food is served there? You are served there, it is not a buffet in the evening, correct?


    TK dinner items will or may appear on the menu in the main Restaurant? In reading the reviews, it seems that in general these menu items have not gone over that well. It seems to me that many of these items are sort of "southern" in nature. Since we live in Atlanta, I don't really need to go on a cruise to get ribs, mac & cheese, bbq beans, etc. ( and we don't enjoy those dishes much anyway) so I hope they have not taken better items off the restaurant menu in order to make room for the TK items. The food was the best we have ever had on a cruise on our previous Seabourn cruise so looking forward to that again!


    Thanks for your help.

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