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  1. We also had a "cancel for any reason" Travel Insured policy ----- My MIL fell and broke her hip requiring surgery on 3/2/2020. This had nothing to do with COVID and was a covered occurrence on almost any policy. MIL lives next door and we are her care givers (she is 86). We cancelled our cruise on 3/7/2020 (sail date 3/15/2020). Filed claim with Travel Insured on 4/6/2020. Have not heard one thing from TI and now it's 9/25/2020. We have placed multiple phone calls, numerous emails and even the online TI website inquiry. Fortunately, Celebrity refunded 100% of the amount paid. Celeb
  2. final update --- after waiting for 73 days, we finally received a credit on visa statement today (5/19/2020) for the shore excursions paid for last December and the taxes and fees also paid when final payment was made in December. We're done!
  3. update from prior post --- 70 days and counting. NOT A SINGLE PENNY refunded for anything. NO taxes and fees refunded. NO shore excursion refunded, NO nothing. Now TA is saying 60-90 days and ignoring all the hollow promises Celebrity/RCCL has made in the last 70 days. Pathetic!!!!!
  4. Update to earlier post --- Now 60 days and counting. Cancelled cruise on March 7th. No refund of shore excursions, no refund of taxes or port charges, No FCC, no emails, no communication whatsoever. Big box TA in Kirkland, WA is worthless. Celebrity NO customer service is worthless. Changing "Cruise with Confidence" to "Never Cruise with Confidence Again" with Celebrity. Only good thing that has come of this is we did receive 100% refund of our airfare from Delta. They got the taxpayer paid bailout.
  5. Cancelled cruise on March 7th. Celebrity cancelled the cruise on March 13th. Originally scheduled to depart on March 15th. No refund of shore excursions, No FCC, No refund of taxes and fees, No emails, NO NOTHING! Absolutely NOT ONE PENNY! Celebrity has definitely disappointed me. Would just an email explaining when I would receive the refunds be too much to ask for? Apparently it is. Big Box TA in Kirkland, WA is no help either.
  6. Update to former post --- Cruise cancelled on 3/7/2020 - now 50 days and counting - no refund of shore excursions, No FCC, no emails, no nothing. Big box TA is worthless. Celebrity no customer service is worthless. Contemplating filing travel insurance claim based on cruise line being insolvent. Not optimistic. At this point, will probably never book a cruise again.
  7. I am only 66 and not currently required to get the doctor's note. However, I have dealt with minor respiratory health issues all my life. It is a simple decision for me. I will never take a cruise again unless an approved and successful vaccine is developed and I get the vaccine. That assumes that I will be alive when the vaccine becomes available.
  8. Celebrity has already cancelled two of our cruises. We have not received one penny refunded on either cruise. We have bookings and deposits for December 2020 and February 2021. We will cancel both of them before final payment. We will not cruise again until there is an approved and effective vaccine and we have received the vaccine. If no vaccine, then no more cruising. Don't care whether the deposits are refundable or not. It's better to be at home near family than to be stranded on a cruise ship with sick and dying passengers and crew and no country will let you get off the ship.
  9. I have had two cruises cancelled by Celebrity: March 15th - Silhouette and May 11th - Solstice. As of today, April 10th, I have received exactly zero refunds. Both cruises had shore excursions which have not been refunded. Both cruises were cancelled by Celebrity and I requested 100% refunds, but nothing yet. I have received only 1 communication from Celebrity: that being an email stating that the shore excursions on the March 15th cruise would be refunded within "two billing cycles" or 60 days. Even with the unprecedented virus pandemic, this is UNACCEPTABLE. Just in case Celebrity declares b
  10. I cancelled our March 15th cruise before it was cancelled by Celebrity. When cancelling, the TA said that the shore excursions that I had purchased and paid for on December 11, 2019 would automatically be credited back to credit card. I received an email confirmation from Celebrity on March 10th stating that the shore excursion refund would be credited "WITHIN TWO BILLING CYCLES". Really? They have had my money since December and now they are holding it for TWO BILLING CYCLES! Unacceptable! As of today, NO REFUND.
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