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  1. Hi, all, A few years back we traveled to Milan and used a private guide to take us around Milan. She was fabulous, even pre-purchased Last Supper, Cathedral tickets for us. I don't remember her name. I think her first name was Lorena and last name started with a B. Any one know of her or her information? THanks, Kathy
  2. Any recommendations for tour companies to do the Three Countries in One Day Tour from Barcelona? Trying to decide if this tour is worth the extensive time riding in a vehicle. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks, Kathy
  3. Many thanks for your help, John! Exactly what I needed to know. We plan on staying at the Grosvenor Hotel in London. Kathy
  4. Thank you for your response. I did think that Victoria Station was the train and the coach station, so great info.
  5. Thank you in advance for your response. I am looking for a moderately hotel within walking distance from Victoria Station. We will have 2 large bags and a carry-on. Able to do the walking and pulling of the luggage, but not too far from the station to the hotel. Of course, we could take a taxi from station to hotel, but where's the adventure in that! Also, we are only staying in London two nights. Kathy
  6. HI, Simon, Same question... thinking transport from Southampton port to coach station, then coach to Victoria Station, hotel, then coach to LHR. Does that sound right? If so, should I prebook transport to coach station? National Express tix, prebook ?(they are not flexible tickets and have problems be early/late for coach) Any thoughts on walkable with luggage to hotel at Victoria Station? Thanks for your help,Kathy
  7. I would like to see the Dragonetti Bass in the Museum of the Basilica of San Marco. Can you purchase advance tickets for just the museum? Should I pay for a tour? If so, how do I make sure that I am going to see the bass on the tour. Advise? Tour company? Thanks, Kathy
  8. We are also in our early 70's and will probably only visit AU/NZ only once in this lifetime. We just booked the Radiance of the Seas for a Top End and Bottom End of Australia (Feb.9-March14, 2020), then four days on our own, then Voyager of the Seas to the South Pacific (Mar. 18-28, 2020). This is going to overwhelming to plan, but an incredible experience. I would love to share ports and ideas with you. You can reach me at rkr_ksan@yahoo.com if you are interested. Thanks, Kathy
  9. So, help me here... If I want to go to the casino at Atlantis and do some shopping, I can just take a $4 shuttle there and do those things without a day pass or any other arrangements? Thanks, Kathy
  10. We used shore excursions and had a TERRIBLE experience. I had been communicating with Monica for over a year to fine-tuning our tour to the Wine Country and Roman countryside from Civitavecchia. No wine tour, no lunch.... so many things that were bungled that I could not even begin to write about it. Please feel free to contact me and I will share. BUT, all that aside, PLEASE DO NOT BOOK with this company! Kathy
  11. We have friends on this cruise...veteran cruisers, but first-time Royal cruisers. Has RCCL told you that you won't be coming in on Saturday? but Friday? I think that this is one case where you have to take a breath and hope that RCCL makes the best decision for your safety. Friends just got off of the Liberty (Harvey) and they ended up staying on the ship an extra week with Royal making sure everyone was safe, had their meds, etc. (no cost) I am hopeful for everyone aboard and wish you an enjoyable cruise....even with all of this stress. Believe what the captain tells you and NOT the ship gossip and guessing. Best to you. Kathy
  12. Here is our plan for our once-in-a-lifetime trip to Australia and New Zealand. Fly from east coast of US to west coast of US. Stay 3 days. Fly to Hawaii and stay 1 or 2 weeks. Fly to Sydney and stay 1 week. Cruise Sydney to Sydney around Australia. Cruise Sydney to New Zealand around New Zealand. Then cruise Sydney to Hawaii with port stops in Bora Bora, Fiji and then cruise to Seattle/Vancouver. Is this feasible? What ships would do this? I see Solistice does April 12 Australia to Hawaii and then April 30 Hawaii to Vancouver. I am having trouble linking cruises. Any suggestions or website to help me? Thank you for your help and support! Kathy
  13. With another couple, we wander around Naples and ATE! Sfogliatela, pizza, candies (Gay Odeon), wine, bread, cheese, fish... all yummy. We walked down the main shopping street (Toledo) and then into the presepio area and the fish market! Felt safe, but will say that police and city guardian were on every corner advising us NOT to go into those area because it was too dangerous. Have to say that the warning gave us pause...but foolishly or not we continued. It was a wonderful, wonderful day.... and all on foot (about 7-8 miles of walking). Kathy;)
  14. rkr

    Roundtrip Hawaii

    Many, many thanks to each and everyone who has posted information on my wishful thinking cruise to Hawaii and back! You have given me resources and new information about the how and why of it all! Thank you, thank you, thank you! K:D
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