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    Kai tak cruise terminal Hong Kong Query

    Ok everyone, thanks for all replies, looks like waiting in the line for taxi at cruise terminal is best choice.
  2. eric4395

    Kai tak cruise terminal Hong Kong Query

    Only because I was under the impression that there are sometimes not enough taxis at the cruise terminal and that it is quicker to take shuttle bus then taxi from Plaza but if that is wrong I stand corrected and will just wait in the taxi line at the cruise terminal.
  3. My wife and i will be disembarking our cruise at kai tak and going to novotel hotel nathan road for a 3 night stay. Will we be able to exchange money at cruise terminal. We will take a taxi to hotel but what advice is best Wait for taxi in cruise terminal or take free shuttle bus to plaza hollywood and get a taxi there to hotel. Can you load luggage on this free shuttle bus? Thanks for any advice given.
  4. eric4395

    First time cruiser

    This website may help as well https://shorebee.com/en
  5. eric4395

    Cruise stop in chan may port query

    Hi Den18. We eventually managed to book a tour with local tommydao tours picking us up at the ship and taking in some sights in Danang and then on to Hoi An.
  6. Stopping here next july on voyager of the seas from 10:30 till 19:00 only 8 and half hrs.Seems like hoi an or hue are the main places to visit but with journeys to these places taking up to 2 hrs each way seems like there is next to no time to see the sights. Anyone else had such a short time at this port, i think most other cruise lines stop here for 11 or 12 hrs. Whats the point of even visiting these places when they dont give you any reasonable time there. Poor show from royal carribean. Anyone else got any views on this.
  7. eric4395

    Cruise stop in chan may port query

    Betty how long are you in port with celebrity 8 and half hrs with RC does not seem enough time to me to do much.
  8. eric4395

    Cruise stop in chan may port query

    On voyager of the seas next july stopping at chan may port from 10 :30 till 19 :00. Our choices of ports to visit will be danang / hue/ hoi an. But what im reading is it can take up to 2 hrs in each direction to reach hue or hoi an. Surely not enough time at this port to do anything worthwhile! Can anyone advise who has visited here. Plenty time in all other ports we are visiting laem chabang ( overnight) phu my (12 hrs) nha trang((12hours). Thanks for any replies.
  9. Can anyone who has been on Norwegian Jewel in the last few months advise in there opinion what is the best speciality restaurant on the ship or even the one they would not go back to would help us way up our options.
  10. I am thinking of booking an independant (viator) cruise tour in juneau in june when i arrive on norwegian jewel. Our arrival time is 7:00 and departure is 13: 30 so not much time. The tour is whale watching/ mendanhall glacier / ( and city tour if time) tour lasts approx 5 and half hours starting at 7:30. However it will be dependant on where we berth as i believe one of the berths is over a mile away from the mnt roberts tramway where the tour starts . Can anyone advise as to where NCL ships berth in juneau and advise if this tour is within our timescale if it is indeed the faraway berth. i could look for the same tour without the tour round juneau if we were struggling for time.
  11. eric4395

    MSC Slendida aurea suite

    The Aurea package comes with drinks and to add a drinks package to the Fantasia level there was very little difference in price. Have you experienced being up the front of ship facing forward in a cabin or is it just your opinion. Thanks.
  12. eric4395

    MSC Slendida aurea suite

    Booked a middle east cruise on Splendida next year 2018. Have managed to get a Aurea suite cabin 10001 right in the middle front of ship at a good price. Never been in a suite before so my wife fancied the extra room. It has no balcony but a panoramic window. Anyone been in one of these suites and how is it for stability at the front of ship or any other pitfalls we may not have thought off. Aurea balconies are sold out but we could change to other balcony if we are unsure. Anyone offer any advise as to our choice. Thanks.
  13. Can anyone advise if the anytime dining option is available on the aurea package on this ship or is it just certain MSC ship's.
  14. My wife and I have $200 on board credit as part of our deal and a drinks package on NCL cruise in Alaska in June. Can anyone who has also received this on a very recent cruise confirm if we can use it towards service charges. There seems to be conflicting answers on this looking back at forum posts. I have asked our travel agent and there answer is yes you can, but would like it confirmed by any recent NCL cruisers. Thanks for any help.
  15. eric4395

    Pre paying tips

    Don't think that's the reason us dollar to British pound rate has not changed much since I booked the cruise