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  1. We had this for the first time on our trip to Alaska last summer. So wonderful. We got to the ship with our two grandchildren and were immediately taken to the special lounge where we checked in. Had all kinds of snacks and drinks which the kiddos loved. Our concierge came by and introduced himself and let us know that he was available any time for questions and help. We always got notes in our suite about when and where we would tender from (we were not in the Haven, but we were in a family suite). With disembarking they gave us special tags to put on our luggage and we were some of the first ones off the ship. Again, all information was given to us in advance. Can't wait for our next cruise to use all that again.
  2. I try to book everything I can as soon as they are offered to book. Have done this on every cruise. That way we get exactly what we want when we want it. We prefer earlier dining and those slots go fast.
  3. We were on NCL and we started in Venice, did the Greek Isles and then back to Venice. Then we went to Spain and Portugal on our way back to NY on the TA. Got everything in. Loved both places.
  4. We are going to try this out in 2021 in South America. I had checked on lots of flights and the only one that would get us that cheap an airfare was one that took us from Portland to Toronto to two different airports in New York, London and finally Buenos Aires. According to NCL they have flights with only one stop out of Seattle. We shall see, but at least we are assured that they will get us there somehow and we don't have to worry about how. That is worth something we hope.
  5. We were totally spoiled. This was our first suite. We were thankful every day we did it. Don’t know if allbutlers are as nice as ours but he was terrific. We too went to Seattle day before although with train problems didn’t arrive til 5:00. We stayed within walking distance of Seattle Center. Took Uber to port for $13,00. Really easy check in. Great cruise. Sitting on balcony after leaving glacier bay was phenomenal. If you like to try bowling it is fun and fills up fast.
  6. YEs, beautiful lounge area with quick checkin desk. Fridge is stocked. You can ask butler to remove or add what you want. Ours brought us 2 pitchers with orange juice and apple juice. We got afternoon snacks every day. Different ones each time. We took advantage of 2 things. Kids would call the butler and get dvds they wanted and we ate breakfast served by our butler every day but one. So nice not to have to go out. He brought anything we wanted. One day ate lunch in the room. Loved Modernos for lunch normally.
  7. Once we tried using a battery operated one. Had to carry too many heavy batteries and they aren't the best to pack for airplanes. Since then carry a small 4" high velocity fan along with a power strip so we can use other electrical appliances also. When it comes to hotels, you will need the adaptors to plug it in that fit whatever country you are in.
  8. We were on Getaway for Transatlantic and also Caribbean. Had our fan, but don't remember a plug being close by. We always carry a power strip with us as an extension cord.
  9. Have been on NCL many times and bring a small fan every time as my husband needs that. It has never been a problem and no one has said anything. It plugs into an extension that we bring. Also never been a problem. Always unplugged during the day when we're gone.
  10. We seem to be doing the same excursions you are. Glad to know we chose good ones. Thanks again for all the reviews.
  11. This is what we chose too, for the same reasons Glad to know to sit on the right side of the bus. Nice pictures. Thanks for all your updates.
  12. So glad your experience at Cagney's was better this time. It is definitely one of our favorites on every ship we've been on. We go mid July, so really enjoying your posts. This will be our second time on the pearl, but first time in a suite and with two grandkids, so things will be different. Love all that you include.
  13. Sail NCL most of the time because we like that we do not need to dress formally ever. We do wear business casual sort of clothes to the specialty restaurants. Our personal favorites are Cagney and Le Bistro. We like them all. We have never had an extra charge anywhere, except on our anniversary when we ordered a bottle of wine. When we have family, we always do Teppenyaki. Lots of fun and food is good.We always book our shows and restaurants ahead. We try to eat early so we can book the first show after. If we can't eat early enough, we book the second show.Usually takes longer at Cagney's and Le Bistro than at the others.
  14. Absolutely yes. Would think it would sell out right away. No. It should save the ship money on cleaning alone.
  15. Was so glad to see this change is being made and glad you posted it. I am a definite straw drinker, so I have ordered my straws to take on the ship, ones that have a cleaner that come with them and then I will take them home when I go.
  16. We had 10 people on our Getaway vacation and I made reservations for all of us. I thought Le Bistro might have to be two tables since it is smaller, but they managed everywhere. I am surprised you find 5:30 empty, as that is our preferred time and we had to book way ahead to get it.
  17. We are going in July this year and it just opened up a week ago for reservations. I kept an eye out every week since last Sept because we are early diners.
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