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  1. Android phones, Samsung (older S6) and Oppo f1s, plus android tablet. Had absolutely no issues crossing the ditch, plus around Wellington, sea days from there up to Tahiti, and sea days over to Honolulu. Others had issues on land in Tahiti, as the net is touch and go there, but all good for us. Most calls each day/night were over a half hour, and never lost connection. Gave grandkids a video ships tour one day out in the middle of the Pacific. With Netflix it still recognised our aussie vpn address, but this could be avoided with a pvn if you wanted the US Netflix. Has to be used on airplane mode btw.
  2. Same coverage for us with the Voom. Had no issues at all on Radiance last year Syd to Honolulu, via Tahitit.....even with the two lots of 5 sea days. Streamed Netflix, used Skype and Messenger for calls, and did video calls etc. Very impressed with it.
  3. bobhsv

    Daikoku pier Yokohama

    Thanks for your reply, and advice re Tsurimi District. I have taken note, as this looks closer than the western exit road from the island. We may have to wait until onboard to see if shuttles are being supplied, and where they are actually going to. Hyperdia app should assist us too. Here is the cruise schedule I found.... fyi. Looks like Daikoku has been taking a few cruise ships in since April (we are August), with quite a few docking there in Oct. https://www.city.yokohama.lg.jp/lang/overseas/port/cruise/190423cschE.html#2B05F Thanks again!
  4. bobhsv

    Daikoku pier Yokohama

    Thanks for your reply. Taxi will be a backup for us, unless we get more details prior to sailing.
  5. We are docking at Daikoku pier, and wondering if anyone is familiar with the facilities there. Do either the port authority or cruise lines (we are on Majestic Princess), supply shuttles to a nearby railway station? Or to another location? We wish to get into Tokyo and back for the day. Any advise/hints greatly welcomed, thanks!
  6. We are noticing the same issue for our Japan cruise. Added to that, our ship doesn't have a lot to offer for English speaking passengers. We are hoping more ship tours will be added closer to the date (August). Private tours in other Asian ports have always been reasonably cheap, but we are finding Japan tours seem to be 3 to 4 times more cost than any USA/NZ/Oz/Europe tours we have been on in the past. So, you are not alone in thinking they are expensive and somewhat hard to come by.
  7. The app store is google play, where it is not support for Australia ip addresses atm. I can however use my data and go through the www web address. Says something for having an iphone doesn't it! Thanks for the japan-guide.com. Very useful. Have had some replies for bus tours from Osaka into Kyoto. All replies have said they suggest private bus tours are unsuitable due to high risk of missing ship departure deadlines due to traffic conjestion. How honest is that, when they could just take our money. Impressed. So, I am back to trying to find a guide and using trains. Will let you know when I have success. Short of that it will be ship tours (except Tokyo). Have plenty of time to keep researching. Appreciate everyones advice.
  8. Thanks for your opinions Brisbane41 and Tara Jane. I had an idea road congestion may be an issue.
  9. That's making a bit more sense now. On the webpage there's a notice for android download, and a list of countries this subscription was available for. Australia was not on the list. I had assumed at the time we could download without paying for the voice subsciption, but it must be for the entire initial download too. This must be why my android phone said unable to download. (I doubt my grandchildren will part with their iphones for a month) The app I downloadd was Japan Transit Planner, which works ok.
  10. Thanks Tara Jane. I'll get the grandchildren to try! Another question, just your opinion if that's ok. I have found a tour from Osaka that departs in the afternoon to Kyoto. It returns aound 7pm into Osaka city. I believe we would have to catch 2 trains back to port, taking approx 45 mins. Our ship departs at 10pm, so 9pm onboard. Have you any idea what the roads are like for this return trip from Kyoto. ie super busy, expect delays, or less traffic at that time. Keep in mind it's their long summer break. We would have an hours grace to play with. What do you think. Ok, or bit tight? I keep thinking if it was Singapore, yes, but if it was Bangkok, no.
  11. Re hyperdia. Have been looking at it on my pc, and very impressed, thanks. However, I can't download it onto my android phone. Does this have to be done once we are in Japan? Or is my 2yr old phone too old now? I have found a similar app, which works ok, but this hyperdia was simple to use via pc. Still emailing for tours. Some are not available online for another couple of months. The summer August holidays appear to have many taking their 'vacay'.
  12. Thanks for the link Tara Jane. That's far better pricing than I have found elsewhere, and tour covers all we wish to see. I'm going to email them to see if they offer anything else for cruisers. Unfortunately this particular tour begins in Osaka at 8.20am, but ship doesn't dock till 9am. Btw, keeping our options open and still looking at goodwill guides. (getting nowhere fast atm) Thanks also to Docker123 and Brisbane41 for your great advice.
  13. Thanks Brisbane41 and Docker123. I have received a couple of high quotes so far (over $350US pp). Is the rail signposted easily in English in Tokyo and Osaka? I am assuming so, as this now looks to be the best way for us at these two ports. They are both early arrivals and both depart at 10pm, giving us plenty of time. Will get the app you recommended. We did want to get to Kyoto for the day from Osaka. I am finding that a lot of the local guides return to their homes during August.....whatever that means! Thanks again, appreciate all the help.
  14. bobhsv

    Japan tour suggestions

    That was absolutely amazing. Loads of info, and love the pics. Thankyou!!
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