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  1. I have a better one! The day after the Easter long weekend (Tuesday), I posted a mother's day card from Central Coast NSW, to mum in nursing home in Adelaide. I posted it very early, knowing it may take a while. Her card arrived just last week. I am now wondering when to post her Christmas card.
  2. Hi fellow coastie! Fyi, as of midday today (Monday) Central Coast has 19 cases.......14 overseas acquired, 3 known close contact, 1 unknown, 1 under investigation. 1 of these is in isolation at Gosford Hospital, and the rest are in home self isolation. Keep safe and well, and remember ....washie, washie, washie!
  3. Same issue on Chrome for 2 days now. Just now, went into history and cleared it, and bingo, working perfectly. (There was a small msg yesterday at the top of the boards page saying they were having issues and were working on it.)
  4. We were docked at Daikoku in August, (Majestic Princess). Personal opinion is to opt for a taxi between hotel and pier. You would need a taxi anyway to get to the shuttle bus on the mainland side (spasmodic shuttle departure times, although this could have been improved by now). Daikoku terminal is well set up, with a large warehouse type of entry, and covered walkway onto ship. There were two ships at this pier on our day, resulting in long orderly lines for buses. It was wet in the morning, and although a covered tarp walkway had been erected outside the terminal, it was quite short in length. Suggest you take ponchos incase it is raining. Another suggestion is to have the pier address printed out for the taxi driver. Google translate does this easily. Here is the translation for Daikoku pier cruise terminal in Japanese. I was unsure of your berth number/ship, which you could add. 大国w頭クルーズターミナル
  5. Just to add....The Blue Mtns Explorer bus is operating today. I am assuming by their website, they are making decisions on a day to day basis.... be aware that the fires are still huge and volatile, hence tours will cancel at a moments notice. It's impossible to predict whether tours will operate or not on 4th Jan. Check the day before and also morning of tour. Your tour operator will let you know. If you are thinking of doing a tour by yourselves, then my advise is NOT to take the risk. https://www.explorerbus.com.au/
  6. I doubt tours are being cancelled. The last few days have been cooler, allowing our firies to do major backburning ops re protecting properties. There are no emergency levels atm (yippee), however this can change at a moments notice. We are expecting temps in the 40's in a few days. Smoke will depend on wind direction and fire status, which may impact on views of Three Sisters. Scenic World is open fyi, and is a very good indication re tours operating. https://scenicworld.com.au/ Enjoy your time downunder!!!
  7. Here is the interactive web site we use for up to date info from our RFS. The fires are constantly changing their status, due to obvious weather conditions like heat/wind direction etc. We have been told these fires will take months to extinguish due to their size, the dense bushy terrain, and obviously it's our summer and bushfire season. We here have had over a month of constant high levels of smoke, and many days with embers in the air, as have most of NSW. (We are on the Central Coast just north of Sydney, approx 20kms from the Three Mile fire.) It's impossible to predict visiting the Blue Mtns etc due to the volatility and unpredicatable path of these massive fires. I would make a decision once you arrive in Sydney, on a daily basis.It was reported Saturday that the smoke had reached Melbourne (and of course it's also gone across the ditch to NZ). Hope this info helps. https://www.rfs.nsw.gov.au/fire-information/fires-near-me
  8. Can recommend 'jennysshanghaitours.com'. Used this company for a couple of tours, including a half day at Zhujiajiao Water Town, recently in August. The half day tour was great and sufficient, but we could have easily spent a full day here. We went on a weekday, as weekends are very crowded. It is a place we would revisit. Tour company is very professional, managing to get us best seats, jumping the queue, skillful bargaining re our purchases etc. (Our guide was named Apple. She treated us like kings and queens). Reason we did the half day was re limited time. We were met at cruise terminal, did water town, then dropped off at the Maglev as we had an early evening flight to catch. Driver stayed with our luggage locked in car at all times. Their tours were able to be modified to suit us. ie chose Maglev rather than drop off at airport. 100% recommend this company.
  9. Android phones, Samsung (older S6) and Oppo f1s, plus android tablet. Had absolutely no issues crossing the ditch, plus around Wellington, sea days from there up to Tahiti, and sea days over to Honolulu. Others had issues on land in Tahiti, as the net is touch and go there, but all good for us. Most calls each day/night were over a half hour, and never lost connection. Gave grandkids a video ships tour one day out in the middle of the Pacific. With Netflix it still recognised our aussie vpn address, but this could be avoided with a pvn if you wanted the US Netflix. Has to be used on airplane mode btw.
  10. Same coverage for us with the Voom. Had no issues at all on Radiance last year Syd to Honolulu, via Tahitit.....even with the two lots of 5 sea days. Streamed Netflix, used Skype and Messenger for calls, and did video calls etc. Very impressed with it.
  11. bobhsv

    Daikoku pier Yokohama

    Thanks for your reply, and advice re Tsurimi District. I have taken note, as this looks closer than the western exit road from the island. We may have to wait until onboard to see if shuttles are being supplied, and where they are actually going to. Hyperdia app should assist us too. Here is the cruise schedule I found.... fyi. Looks like Daikoku has been taking a few cruise ships in since April (we are August), with quite a few docking there in Oct. https://www.city.yokohama.lg.jp/lang/overseas/port/cruise/190423cschE.html#2B05F Thanks again!
  12. bobhsv

    Daikoku pier Yokohama

    Thanks for your reply. Taxi will be a backup for us, unless we get more details prior to sailing.
  13. We are docking at Daikoku pier, and wondering if anyone is familiar with the facilities there. Do either the port authority or cruise lines (we are on Majestic Princess), supply shuttles to a nearby railway station? Or to another location? We wish to get into Tokyo and back for the day. Any advise/hints greatly welcomed, thanks!
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