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  1. As for Vancouver weather, it is a coastal city....in the spring & fall you can expect some rainfall & some beautiful days as well. Unpredictable! Temps range from 10-17 C( 50-60 F) Spring is beautiful in Vancouver. I couldn't tell you what the first few days at sea would be like...sorry.
  2. Wow, this is amazing! Thank-you for sharing 🥂
  3. Does anyone know if this breakfast buffet is available on the Edge or Apex? We will be sailing on the Apex at the end of April & would love this!
  4. Actually after reading more about the shuttle transportation....that might be the way to go with a return ticket! Thanks again for the transportation link. Very informative! ☺️
  5. Thank-you for all of your information. We will be sailing on the Celebrity Apex & do I not believe they have a shuttle organized to transport passengers into Bruges or to the train station, but I will look into that again. We do not have trouble walking so I'm not concerned if we have a bit of a walk to get to the shuttle or the train station, but I would like to feel confident in the transportation that we will be depending on. Maybe the shuttle one way & the train on the way back! Thanks again 😀
  6. Hi everyone. Our ship will be docked in Zeebrugges for one day & I'm hoping for some transportation recommendations for getting from Zeebruges to Bruges(return). Taxi(most expensive), shuttle service(is this reliable?) or train(cheapest, but likely furthest from port). Preferences?
  7. We loved breakfast in Blu & loved dinners in Blu. You can download the Celebrity app on your phone & check the menu each day for what is offered in each restaurant. We have not sailed on the Edge & since they have 4 different restaurants to choose from it may be different, but we always have found that the atmosphere is quieter in Blu & the service is exceptional. That being said, everyone will have a different opinion!
  8. Good to know...Thanks so much for all your info!
  9. I didn't realize that those companies do not own/operate any of their cars...very interesting. We have used Uber in the past & it has worked well...& on occasion, not so well 😕 So truly, it sounds as though we are better off just calling for an Uber when we need one when we get off the ship. Do you know if the Uber cost included the toll fare? The other companies quote a price + tolls, + tip...& perhaps + waiting time..
  10. I am wondering what time to book the car be there to meet us. If we are able to walk off with our own luggage we could definitely disembark quicker, but I would hate to be delayed getting off the ship & missing our meeting time. I assume your driver waited for you with no issue? There are some ‘not so good’ reviews on both Dial 7 & Carmel on Trip Advisor recently....that is definitely concerning!
  11. We are planning to spend a few days post cruise in New York. What would be the be way to get from Cape Liberty cruise port to our mid-Manhattan hotel? Taxi? Uber? Private car transport?
  12. We love the Blu dining room! Yes, the tables are close together, but it gives the opportunity to meet new people & socialize...if you choose. We found the Blu to be quieter & more attentive service than the main dining room. As for the Persian spa....we sailed on the summit several years ago prior to the newest refurbishment. We thought the spa needed an upgrade, but that being said...we enjoyed the heated tile seats & the steam room almost every day. We sail again on the Summit in September & I’m looking forward to hearing how the Persian spa is now after the recent reburbishment.
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