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  1. Quick question. Does Princess wait list people for sold out excursions if they request it?
  2. When cruise lines give OBC as part of your booking is it usually nonrefundable and why
  3. I hope you don't mind me steeping on this thread. Whats your favorite pub in Dublin that's within a 20 minute car ride from the cruise terminal? Then what would you recommend to eat and drink at this place? Thanks in advance.
  4. Can I use OBC to book a future cruise onboard? If so can we use nonrefundable and or refundable OBC?
  5. jhagen please forgive me stepping on this thread. I went to OPHS and lived there for eight years. Hard to find people there now.
  6. https://flycozumel.com/ I used this company last December when in Cozumel. One of the best trips I ever did.
  7. Most Jamaica. I was scared coming out of Falls. I had a guy follow me trying to sell me stuff. I keep telling him no thank you. He got in my face and called me rude. I told him I was late getting to my ride. Cabo the vendors the dock were real pushy . Least Bermuda Grand Cayman
  8. How do you use and what type of policy? Thanks in advance.
  9. notalandlover


    I used this company in December and all I can say is they were the best. The entire staff was very professional, the guide was informative and the personal touch without being in the mob was amazing. https://flycozumel.com/product/mayan-ruins-of-tulum-by-airplane/
  10. You may be right but one can always hope. Every time they raise the grats I suspect more people will remove then. Repeat etc. I don't see this being successful in years to come.
  11. I hope the other lines follow suit. https://www.travelweekly.com/Cruise-Travel/PO-Cruises-to-end-gratuities-in-2019 Adding that cost into in the fare is fair.
  12. I take the patches as well. The last time I got them my pharmacist said its the same thing as meclizine. Not sure the mg strength vs standard meclizine.
  13. I would like to hear about what others in this community have done when their passport has been lost. I take a picture of it for my phone and email a copy of myself. I wonder if that matters when overseas and its lost.
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