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  1. Good news from Canada. I have received full refund of deposit and balance (all in $Cdn) after only 33 days from acknowledgement of refund request by Oceania. This was for a July 16th cruise, 22 days on Marina ex Oslo.
  2. I would not. The cruise will likely go BUT - some ports may not be open, your ability to get suitable insurance may be different, the onboard experience will be different - but you don't yet know to what extent. As others have said, only you can say what your level of comfort is.
  3. Dear Valued Guests and Travel Advisors, (received today) During the past weeks we have continued to work with authorities around the world including the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to evaluate our scheduled itineraries and our ability to provide you with the travel experience you desire. In an abundance of caution, we are extending our temporary pause of cruise operations on all scheduled voyage departures through July 31, 2020. Regrettably, this means your planned voyage aboard Marina on July 16, 2020 will be cancelled.
  4. There are 2 separate, but intertwined, topics in this thread. 1) Those looking longer term at what might Oceania, and/or NCLH, look like after some type of restructuring? Bottom line, it will be different and smaller but will not disappear. 2) Those with a very short-term perspective on what will happen to us who are fully paid and waiting on refunds or, in my case, still waiting on a formal cancellation? We don't know. Will they use a restructuring proposal to force us to take a FCC instead of cash? (i.e. rewrite their Ts&Cs). Or would they offer some type of reduced compensation (take it or leave it), or ?? This second element is what the OP started this thread on.
  5. You may choose to cruise, the cruise line may choose to sail but that does not mean that countries have to let you ashore. Can you imagine a country that has worked incredibly hard to get things under control then allowing ships of 500-5000 passengers to dock and come ashore without a whole bunch of severe restrictions and criteria? This may take a long while and require long term demonstrated vaccine success.
  6. On a 22 day Fjords & Thrones voyage (Marina, July 16, Oslo to London), the price of a B4 verandah has dropped from ($ Cdn) 15299 to 11699. I don't think there is a chance this sailing will take place. Does Oceania? Why would they bother repricing all these sailings?
  7. Drifting through the Keil Canal on Nautica, Sept 2016. Just like being on a river cruise
  8. Thanks. When I look it up on the website, I no longer see the April 11/13/14 journeys. Maybe they had already removed these early ones? Nor do I see Nautica May 1 or Insignia May 9. Whatever the number, I'm sure it will get bigger before this is over.
  9. The answer is 8 - 4 in April and 4 in May.
  10. 3 hours ago, pinotlover said: Another thing I forgot! Everyone knows effective 2021 US citizens will need a new permit from ETIAS to travel to Europe. 2022? https://www.schengenvisainfo.com/etias/
  11. Here is a new approach by airlines in Canada. If this spreads, then it won't matter whether they cancel or we do - will still be a FCC and not cash back "Would-be travellers are being denied refunds from major Canadian airlines for trips cancelled by the carriers because of COVID-19. That wasn't the case until recently. Now, anyone without travel insurance will only get a travel credit, good for 24 months".
  12. Any educated guesses on the $$ amount of Oceania's outstanding liabilities if it has to cancel all cruises for 2020? I saw a number of 29,000 refunds to be paid at the moment. How high could that go?
  13. Marina is scheduled to start cruising in Europe on May 1st so at some point (after drydock?) she will have to get over there. (although it is very doubtful that these planned May itineraries will actually take place, given the locations).
  14. As far as I can see, every Oceania sailing from now until the end of June shows every cabin category as "Wait List". Only in July can I start to see "available" across the board. Does that tell us something?
  15. As far as I can see, every Oceania sailing from now until the end of June shows every cabin category as "Wait List". Only in July can I start to see "available" across the board.
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