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  1. I'm curious - are you doing Trade Routes or a segment of a WC? We board on the 11th, which is Thursday. You're the second person I've seen that said they were boarding on Wednesday. What am I missing? πŸ™‚
  2. Caution is one thing; paranoia is another. I very much appreciate the information given in this post and will most definitely be watchful. I'm particularly glad the OP has made noise with Viking regarding the questionable table setting practice. Hopefully, things will get changed. In the meantime, if I see these things happening in the World Cafe, I'll make some noise, as well, and then go ahead and enjoy my cruise without worrying about something that might happen.
  3. Inasmuch as the flatware is wrapped in a napkin, I'm not too worried about it. As to the glassware, perhaps I'll just make sure to drink beer or wine to sanitize the glass. πŸ™‚ Thanks to this post, I will be more aware, for sure.
  4. Interesting thread. I'll be on Sea next week and plan to eat often in the World Cafe. I believe I'll be asking for fresh glassware at the very least.
  5. Sharing the name and email of an absolutely amazing private guide in Rome in case anyone is interested: Barbara Bruno barbarabruno69@vodafone.it
  6. Rather than Gondola ride, you might want to consider a 24 hour Vaporetto pass, which you can use to travel all around Venice, out to Lido, Murano and Burano (my favorite). You'll see so much more than you will on a gondola and can hop on and off at will.
  7. It's easy to book directly, though I will say I read on another post that May dates were full. 😞 Tickets at NSB dot no, since we can't post links. I'm guessing you'd need to rent a car or take a taxi to get from Eidfjord to Flam....we were docked in Flam when we did the trip on RC.
  8. I’ve learned to pay the extra $50 for Custim Viking Air. πŸ˜€
  9. As an alternative to flying out of Bergen, we are taking the seven hour, supposedly beautiful, Bergen to Oslo train and flying out of Oslo. The train goes straight to the Oslo airport, and we are staying at the Radisson Blu at the airport the night before our flight. Much better flights home and a pleasant overland interlude after our cruise.
  10. For Stavanger, you might want to consider RΓΈdne Fjord Cruise, Skagenkaien 35-37, N-4006 Stavanger, Telephone: +47 51 89 52 70, E-mail: mail@rodne.no
  11. Glad you're covered. Suggestion for before you head to the Acropolis. Have your driver drop you at the New Acropolis Museum and go directly to the third floor. At the entrance to the Parthenon Gallery, there is a screen that plays a really good video about the Parthenon that will make your actual visit more meaningful. This doesn't take long and you'll be on your way. Have a great trip.
  12. Not sure of the rules re posting info for guides and don't have time to read them right now, but if you want the information for an absolutely wonderful guide in Athens, message me. We used this gentleman after reading really great reviews on another travel website, and were absolutely 100% pleased. I'm more than happy to share his contact information.
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