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  1. Great. A Twofer since we're on board until the 11th! Thanks for checking and letting me know. Very much appreciated!
  2. Thanks for today’s update. If you don’t mind, please ask Tomasz how much longer he’ll be on board. Would be great to see him on the 31st!
  3. Nope. We are on SD1 departing Civitavecchia August 31.
  4. Thanks for checking in. We board August 31 in Civitavecchia and appreciate the crew updates. Look forward to hearing about the rest of your trip. Hope its a great one!
  5. Ok, thanks Jim. I took a vote and we're not real big on bridge schlepping so a few more water taxi questions: Are water taxis readily available at the port such that advance arrangements are not needed? How does one get their bags from the ship to the water taxis? Are there porters available without advance arrangements or will there be some level of bag schlepping involved? When arriving at a hotel's dock will there be someone from the hotel at the dock to help with bags, etc? Anything else that I should be aware of since this is our first time disembarking in Venice? Thanks.
  6. We will be on a SD cruise soon which ends in Venice. I'd appreciate suggestions as to how best to get from the Port to our Hotel (the Danieli). Thanks in advance.
  7. We did. 11 nights up near the Arctic Circle in July sounds pretty good to a couple of Floridians. Would love to book a segment of the inaugural cruise when/if they break up the 70 day voyage into bookable segments.
  8. If I may add my 2 cents here, it has been lovely so far. Lots of familiar faces among the crew and a passenger or two from prior cruises. Nice to meet you, mcpepe. Today at Noon we were 500 plus miles from San Juan and 2000 plus miles from Funchal where we are currently scheduled to arrive at 12:30 PM on April 24. All is well on board. As usual, great food, excellent service and many happy and smiling faces among the crew and passengers. The first day or so, the seas were slightly more agitated than usual but not at all bad. Things have calmed down nicely and we have had a couple of days of slight motion accompanied by partly cloudy skies. We seem to be heading more west than north at this point which I would imagine is designed to take advantage of warmer temperatures as long as possible. It's absolutely lovely sitting outside enjoying the gentle breeze. 60 passengers is a nice number for this yacht. No crowded areas but still plenty of people to chat with. Also, much less likelihood of running out of beer with that number of passengers on board! Will try to chime in here from time to time as my busy schedule permits.
  9. Yes, I will say hi to Dr. P. Mrs. CTBjr and I took a vote and unanimously you are IN for October. Can't wait!
  10. Thanks, ohmiss. Will give it my best shot! Traveling with a long time friend this trip who we introduced to SD several years ago and has become a fan. Mrs. CTBjr patiently waiting until October for her trip across the Atlantic!
  11. My name is Charlie - at least that's the name I'll be using during the crossing :).
  12. Great minds....Will look forward to meeting you both very soon.
  13. Great photo. Nice to see some familiar faces! Thanks for sharing.
  14. Thank you very much for confirming that for me. Much appreciated.
  15. If you have a chance would you mind checking to see whether Capt. Lund or Capt. Smorawski will be working the Eastbound transatlantic voyage next month? Many thanks.
  16. No sweat. Capt. Lund should have the latest info since he spends so much time in the BVI. When we were on board SD II over New Year's I heard a rumor that the Willy T would be moving to Virgin Gorda's North Sound. That was quickly debunked by the Willy T owners but this may very well be a case of where there's smoke there's fire. The Peter Island Resort remains closed due to hurricane damage bu.t when it reopens I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the Willy T is relocating. The crowds attracted by the Willy T and the Peter Island Resort aren't exactly complementary.
  17. Are you sure about this? Last I heard, the Willy T was anchored at Great Harbour off Peter Island.
  18. I don't have any data points to add to any of yours. I did learn though that at present they are selling the inaugural cruise only to those willing to purchase the entire 70 day voyage. I can't imagine that they will succeed in selling out the ship for the entire voyage and am hoping that at some point they will offer shorter segments to those not willing or able to spend 70 days cruising from London to Ushuaia. A London to Miami segment (during Hurricane Season, no less) would be of interest.
  19. https://seadream.com/Global-Yachting/
  20. Sorry to miss you on the Crossing, vandrefalk. Many of the crew we sailed with will still be on board. I know you'll have a great trip. Elevator repair is not the reason for the unscheduled dry dock so with any luck it'll be repaired soon. Oh, I just remembered why I booked the SD I crossing - Jost Beach Party on Day 1. Is there a better reason?
  21. Sorry, I had intended to mention that the elevator is still out of commission. The story I heard is that they are waiting for a part. Not sure if it's an issue getting said part into Cuba or something else. I have this nagging recollection that the elevator was not working over New Year's but won't swear to it. We didn't hear much about Nikola and I intentionally didn't ask any of the crew. I figured that we'd hear any news of significance. Of course, among the passengers there was a fair amount of reminiscing about him and talk of how much he is missed. For what it's worth, there was no shortage of bananas last week so clearly local bananas are not difficult to come by. I was impressed with the quality of the food in light of the provisioning issues
  22. I believe I heard that the SD II TA is rather lightly booked. I hope that you enjoy your first SD TA experience as much as we have. The Captain was doing his best to promote the upcoming SD II Crossing. I will be on the SD I TA in April so unfortunately, his entreaties were lost on me. Silvio is great. We're sorry that we missed him although we did have the chance briefly to say hi to him on NYE when he visited SD II for a crew party. The crew was very circumspect about the upcoming announcement and I didn't push it so can't help with that. The yacht is in generally good shape but given its age there is always the opportunity to spruce things up. The staterooms are in need of refreshment but that's not in the cards for this upcoming dry dock. I understand the reason for the change in length of the SD II Eastbound TA trip to be due to an equipment issue needing attention. We enjoyed our week immensely. No complaint from us as to the current status of standards on SD II. I expect that you'll find things on board to be to your liking. Have a great trip!
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