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  1. What are the favorite food items you’ve ordered in the different speciality restaurants?
  2. We have the free 3 night speciality dining package, but we want to purchase a 4 night additional package. Will it be the same price on board if I wait to purchase? I was wanting to wait in order to utilize some OBC, but I don’t want to pay more.
  3. We have signed up to do Vallarta Eats - Signature Taco Tour! Go to YouTube and you can watch some videos.
  4. Should I check to make sure they’ll take my bags? I would tip, but wasn’t sure if I needed to do anything else since technically I’m not a guest of the hotel.
  5. We arrive on the NCL Bliss at 8:00 am on a Sunday (Oct 20). Our flight isn’t until 7:45 pm, so we want to go to Universal Studios. After researching, it looks like our best option is to Uber from San Pedro port to LAX, then rent a car (best option to store cruise luggage), then drive to Universal. Would it be better to leave car at airport and Uber? We’re trying to maximize our time at Universal and planned to buy express passes. Also, the Halloween part of Universal is at 7 in the evening, so we were wondering if it might not be as busy during the day. Any my ide
  6. Help - I’ve spent some time trying to figure out how to coordinate a day at Universal Studios after a NCL cruise. We will have our luggage, so that’s a big issue. Do we Uber to LAX and rent a car? Would it be quicker to rent a car at the San Pedro port ( can you do this?) and drive straight there (storing in trunk)? We arrive at 8 am and will carry luggage off and our flight is at 7:45 pm. Any help is appreciated - surely we aren’t the only ones with this dilemma. We don’t want to do the tour bus and drive around. Thanks!
  7. I am 48 days out for a Norwegian Bliss cruise out of LAX. NCL has not issued the tickets; therefore, no final times, but I spoke with a NCL representative that said it could be final 30 days out. I deviated the day before and the estimated flight is 12:30-3:28 pm on American from Denver - PHX - LAX. Return flight is not good. We arrive on a Sunday at 8:00 am, but our return flight isn't until 7:37-11:56 PM at night! I'm in the same boat wishing I hadn't done this. Has anyone inquired about their flight times and had them changed before final booking? (I can hope, LOL!)
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