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  1. We are sailing on the Valor this September. Thanks for the thorough review! Extremely helpful.
  2. Thanks but I'm looking for specific days.
  3. when are formal nights on the Breeze?
  4. Has anyone done this excursion? What do you do with your stuff while you are snokeling?
  5. Hello all, it's been a while since I've been on a cruise and I've never been to Margaritaville. Can you tell me if there are lockers? TIA
  6. Quick question....we upgraded to an ocean suite from an aft balcony.....now my boarding passes say Priority. Can you tell me exactly what that means?
  7. The last few cruises we have done, there were very few ladies in gowns like you posted. I saw maybe 2 or 3; definitely less than 5. If you want to wear one, I say wear it. I guarantee you will be noticed. A few years back, my DH and twin sons wore tuxes on the formal/elegant nights. Our teenaged sons loved the attention.
  8. Can you get lactose free milk in the MDR or just on the Lido? And where on the Lido do you get it?
  9. We spend most evenings in the casino. I'd be upset if I couldn't go so I understand your feelings. On another note, I enjoy reading your posts.
  10. We don't go to see it on every cruise, so the few times we do go, it's funny. I understand what the OP is saying, but I've only seen 1 show on a Carnival cruise. Don't care for them too much. Whether the Love & Marriage show is "fixed" or not doesn't really matter to me. It's entertaining every few years. :D
  11. Yep, we have done this a time or two. It worked for us. :D That is too funny!
  12. I'm sure your daughter will be fine. Please try to enjoy your cruise.
  13. This has been our experience when our kids were that age. Most of the time our kids would go the first night, meet people and then they would hang out together but usually not in the clubs.
  14. I know tablecloths really don't matter but I see it like this; I don't usually use tablecloths at home so I like it when I'm on a cruise. I don't usually make my bed every morning but I sure like having the steward do it for me. :D
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