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  1. aurelius180

    POM to FLL: Flight Time

    We usually try to book a flight for around noon to play it safe and always have plenty of time. You shouldn't have a problem at all.
  2. aurelius180

    transportation from FLL to Miami hotel

    I don't usually comment about QLS because others seem to like them and have worked out. We tried them once and would never use them again. We had scheduled a private car pickup from the POM to FLL and they were very late - by almost an hour. We had a later flight so it didn't impact our travel. We've never had that issue with GO Airport.
  3. aurelius180

    transportation from FLL to Miami hotel

    As John said they have a desk right outside of the baggage claim. I've only used them for the sedan service and have never waited more than a couple of minutes after checking in. There is either already a car there or they just radio one over. The drivers have always been friendly and checking in at the desk has been easy.
  4. aurelius180

    transportation from FLL to Miami hotel

    I've used Go Airport Shuttle the last couple of trips utilizing their town car service from FLL to the IC Downtown. I would not hesitate to use them again for either private car or shared shuttle.
  5. DW and I had to cancel a cruise back in 2009 due to a medical issue. Travel Guard reimbursed us for all non-refundable expenses. They were very friendly and prompt with the payment.
  6. I'm a bit late to respond but we used Amour Affairs in Nassau Bahamas (there is an Amour Affairs located in India as well - no relation). Our wedding and reception were at Compass Point and we loved it there.
  7. aurelius180

    July 9-14 Anthem Cruise: Big-A Boat to Nuda

    Glad to hear! Just started researching and there are mixed reviews of the ship. I would assume it would get ironed out and it's always good to hear from someone in the same boat as us!
  8. aurelius180

    July 9-14 Anthem Cruise: Big-A Boat to Nuda

    Thanks for the review and I'm glad to hear you had a great time! We're looking at one of these cruises for next year with our toddler. He'll be 2.5 and it will be his first cruise and our first cruise with a little one.
  9. aurelius180

    who carries $187,000?

    [quote name='TC1957']Really nice for him...until next February when he gets that little thing called a 1099. The value will be taxed as ordinary income. Hope he isn't planning on a refund next year...or if he is, he accounts for that extra liability.[/QUOTE] My first cruise was one that I won through a contest a work. 3 night cruise aboard the Majesty for two with airfare. I think I ended up paying more in taxes than if I had just booked it on my own! Oh well...got us hooked...
  10. aurelius180

    Travel from Ft. Lauderdale airport to port

    If you're just going from FLL to Port Everglades then I would do as Bob suggested and take cabs. The Port is very close to the airport.
  11. aurelius180

    Hilton Marina

    We stayed there for a night pre-cruise in 2014. It was a nice place. We were originally going to stay at the beach but since it was only one night we chose to do the water taxi instead and it could not have been more convenient. Choose a tower room. We did and they're a bit more updated than some of the other rooms and offer a great view.
  12. aurelius180

    An Oft-Asked Question So Apologies: Suggestions POM to FLL

    I don't know anything about Southwest as I've only flown into FLL on JetBlue but I did wander into Big City Tavern one time before our flight home. Nice place and great food!
  13. aurelius180

    An Oft-Asked Question So Apologies: Suggestions POM to FLL

    You have plenty of time. I had a 3:15pm flight with JetBlue out of FLL a couple of years ago when arriving back into the POM. We took our time getting off, took our car service to FLL and checked our luggage then grabbed a cab to Las Olas for a couple of hours. No problem.
  14. aurelius180

    Hilton British Colonial pool?

    There are walk-in stairs at the pool. The stairs in the back of the pool in this picture are walk-in.
  15. aurelius180

    Jewelry Purchase - Cruise June 25-July 2nd

    I purchased a pair of earrings for my wife a couple of years ago on a cruise which I'm sure I "overpaid" for. But she liked them, I liked them and she's worn them plenty of times on that cruise, subsequent cruises and at home since then. Every time she wears them it reminds me of the cruise. I may have been able to find them, or similar ones cheaper, someplace else but it was money well spent. Enjoy your purchase! :)