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  1. Wow, sounds like there will be alot of excitement/noise in SouthBeach. Maybe it is not a good idea we stay there. I like excitement, but not rap music and loud thumping music when I am trying to sleep! :) Thanks for the heads up. So now I am down to 2 options: Either staying at the airport for a cheaper hotel or going to Coconut Grove. The hotels are more expensive, but if there is more to do then I can see why. Can you tell me how far Coconut Grove is from the airport and from South Beach? If I am going to spend the extra money on a hotel I want to make sure I can get to the beach :) Is it walkable? Or a cheap cab ride away? We were thinking of renting a car too, but that depends on whether the hotel allows parking and for how much.. Thanks in advance!
  2. Are there any beaches in the Coral Gables or Coconut Grove? Any idea how far that is from the airport or the cruise ports? Can you tell me a little bit about either of these places, or recommend a hotel in the area? Also, would you recommend renting a car or just cabbing it around everywhere. We are concerned with finances, but we don't want to be overly concerned so that it ruins our trip. If that makes any sense? :) Appreciate your help!
  3. I spent hours on those two sites.. Addicting :) Thanks for recommending them! I had decided that I would love to stay at the Royal Palm in Miami, however, I went to their website and entered the dates I am looking for (May 23 - May 24) and nothing was availalbe. For the rooms that are available, they are requesting a 3 day stay.. So I guess that is out of the question :( In any event though - from my understanding, we can not even bid on a exact hotel anyways, so I just have to decide whether to bid on 3* or 4*. Regrettably, it would most likely have to be a 3* because I only want to pay $100. I have seen people getting the Royal Palm for $85, and was hoping I could have done the same.. I'm debating making a $70 bid on a 3* and seeing what happens? I only have a month to figure things out..
  4. Thanks again! Appreciate the advice! I will look into 4 star hotels on SB, but one question, does anybody know how to tell which hotels are offered by Priceline? For instance, do they have a list that shows all their 3* Hotels, or all their 4* Hotel participants? I read somewhere that the SouthBeach area that Priceline classifies at SouthBeach is sometimes out of the scope of what is normally considered SouthBeach and that I could end up landing a hotel that is 10 blocks away. I want to review all hotels in every classification and make sure I would be happy getting either of them. :) When I use the search feature of PriceLine I get the following hotels corresponding to the Star Rating: 3 Star: Royal Palm Hotel New Clinton Hotel & Spa Miami Beach Marriot at SouthBeach 4 Star: The Palms SouthBeach Sea View Hotel Does that mean that I will only be landing one of these hotels and not an unexpected surprise? Any comments on these hotels? Thanks!!!
  5. Thanks so much for the input! Really appreciate it! SouthBeach it will be :) I am going to try to bid on Priceline for a hotel (never tried this yet). You think I'll be ok if I bid on a 3* Hotel? Thanks again!
  6. Hi There, Can somebody please explain to me the pros & cons of staying downtown versus SouthBeach precruise. My boyfriend and I are cruising out of Miami in May 2008. (We are in our mid thirties). Both of us have never been to Miami. We will arrive one full day early so want to be somewhere where we can make the most of our Miami visit and not stay locked up in our hotel. 1) When referring to Downtown, is it the same thing as Bayside? 2) What are approximate cab fares from each to the hotel from the airport and from the hotel to the pier? 3) What could we do at each location during the day? 4) What about differences in the night life? 5) Safety Issues? 6) Is there a public beach in either location? 7) Estimates of cab fare to get to a beach? I realize these are alot of questions, but I really want to make an informed decision Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks so much!
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