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  1. - I went to Peru in 1953, and visited Macho Pichu, which I had never heard of before I went. The experience was MUCH different than now. 7 AM, wake up and wash in cold water (water heater was turned on in best hotel in town at 7). Breakfast and walk to train station. Tour ruins. Train to Cusco, arriving at hotel, which had water heater on from 6 to 7 PM.! Not the cleanest day I've had.
  2. My thoughts in Belgium also, but the first was always so goood I ordered the same thing! Saw a sign on the door of a restaurant that said "Over 50 draft beers" Be sure to go to the market in the town square if you are there on market day! Interesting, and some good finger food to try.
  3. My thoughts in Belgium also, but the first was always so goood I ordered the same thing! Saw a sign on the door of a restaurant that said "Over 50 draft beers"
  4. NEVER go on spinning rides after age 15. Never had seasickness; thought I was getting "woosey" a couple of times, but forgot about it as soon as I've seen the ocean,. Worked for me on a 500ft. Jap freighter and a 35 ft. fishing boat.
  5. You convinced us! ;) We will vacation by car. "See the USA in your Toyota" ?:confused::cool:
  6. You convinced us! ;) We will vacation by car. "See the USA in your Toyota" ?
  7. I already have enough weight, thank you. I'm not going to stuff myself to show a clean plate, nor do I order double anything. On one cruise, I ordered the cheese plate appetizer one night, and told the waiter which cheese I really liked best, the following nights that was the only cheese on my plate any time I ordered it. Warning to all new cruisers; Salt air can shrink clothes, especially in the evening right after dinner!
  8. Absolutely! :) At home, I have a reverse osmosis installation which costs me about $100.00/year for maintenance; on ships, it's FREE! :D I only buy water for long car trips, and take a cooler. If you are worried about the water (on board or in ports) drink beer!:p:p
  9. Just returned from my first trip flying after getting a pacemaker. They glanced at my card and said "The other machine" to go to the full body one. On the way back, a smaller airport and one glance at the card and they took me around the scanner and used the wand and an explosive swipe. Much less stress than when I just had a hip replacement.
  10. 4 of us toured Europe after college, many years ago. We had bought a VW and brought it home with us, so we came on a Japanese freighter. We gave a bottle to the purser and one to the Captain before we left port. The first night we were invited up to the bridge to observe the complex trip out of port (Belgium) with all the ships in the area. I sat at the Engineers table and had purchased the same camera in Europe he had just bought, but I had sent some pics home and had a good critique from a camera shop, so was able to help him learn his faster. He gave us a very complete tour of the engine room.There were several men wiping the metal, keeping it clean. There was never a crewman on deck that was not wearing a white T shirt that looked new. Boy are they clean! The ship matched any cruiseship I have been on in that area.
  11. When I was in Hischool, a group of us went to summer camp for a week. One friend took 9 Hawaiian shirts!!:eek: For a week?, most of us took 3 T-shirts and called it enough. I do not like wearing a tie, but admit seeing men in tuxes makes me think I should dress up a bit.
  12. I traveled in Mexico as early as the late 1960s, and stayed in a hotel in a small town that had a water purification system that worked perfectly. They made their own ice with it. I just didn't trust the tap water in my room as well. DW and I like to eat off ship and have enjoyed eating at places where no one (guests or employees) spoke English or Spanish. Never a problem.
  13. We stayed one night on the QM and I don't remember much wood in the stateroom (Only 1st class have been made into hotel rooms). I do remember the portholes (NOT windows) were too high to see out of, and the bathroom was as large as some staterooms I've been in. I had my son-in -law and his brother on my fishing boat when we had a WWII carrier in a dock nearby while some tried to get funding to preserve it. We could not believe it was so small!! How did they ever fly off and land on that deck?? True heroes in WWII! Thank you!!
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