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  1. Well, I heard from my best friend's cousin's neighbor who used to know somebody that dated a travel agent who had coffee with a guy who....
  2. We decided to dump our Anthem trip in March since final payment was due...changed it to November. Then a few days later Empress was sold, so there goes our July cruise. So....picking up right where 2020 left off. 🤣
  3. 😁Will the DL be open? My New Amsterdam level is reading dangerously low by now.
  4. We should have been on Empress right now. I did the L&S to next July...not holding my breath on that one!
  5. I thought it was the start of a limerick. 😁
  6. I used Lift & Shift yesterday to move our Empress booking from this August to July next year. It took our TA about 10-15 minutes to complete the task. Very impressed all around....I was expecting some technical glitches , just because it's RCCL. 😁
  7. Rest assured that Royal Caribbean is using this downtime from creating never ending fake sales to correct all of the bugs in their IT systems.
  8. Geeze, I have a hard enough time getting a survey for a cruise that I was actually on! 🤣
  9. You don't like the way it was done, or is it the severed Bella head on a plate? 🤔
  10. That's insane! Nobody would ever want to sleep that high up above the water!
  11. The disco is much more spacious than it looks from the outside! It's hard to believe they fit all that in!!
  12. It's certainly a once in a lifetime vacation. I can't imagine going on more than one cruise...my last name's not Rockefeller or Vanderbilt!
  13. OJ is awesome....such a nice guy! America will idolize him for the rest of his life!
  14. You think I'm bad? I heard a guy over there>>>>>>>>>>> saying something about bumper cars and something else called Northern Star (????) I don't know if that's a band or what???
  15. You can find out more about that at the Voom desk. It's down at the end of the promenade, near the bionic bar.
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