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  1. That is the second most annoying video on a cruise. And the winner is.......
  2. Nor is cruising, yet here you are.
  3. The smuggling part was tongue-in-cheek...but thanks.
  4. OP--you should ignore Royal's corporate virtue signalling and smuggle a box of genuine plastic straws on to the ship. 😁
  5. I've always wanted to enjoy the nightlife on coco cay. 😎😎
  6. I'm sure that any changes will only be made in order to Enhance the Pinnacle Cruise Experience.
  7. I'm not a fan of the show, but I AM a big fan of the costumes worn by some of the female cast members.
  8. Makes as much sense as booking a forward cabin so you can be the first into each port.
  9. Not that I expect to ever make pinnacle, but I can't see myself wearing one of those pins either.
  10. I agree! If the menu varied a bit, we could go there almost every night.
  11. I think that CC owes you a free cruise, or at least some OBC. 😁
  12. NFTEYE: Nominal Fee To Enhance Your Experience
  13. Maybe RCCL doesn't enforce the suggestions, but you still need to be careful. Not just on formal nights, either...
  14. Traditional or MTD, the waiter will get his tips whether we show up every night or not, so I don't see anything unfair about it.
  15. When we used to sit at a shared table, yes I would try to do that. Now we always have a 2-top, so no...I don't worry too much about it. I was referring more to the switcharoo that the OP would like to make. I get your point though. Even with NO notice I don't see any issue.
  16. I agree that you should give the waiters a 24-hour advance warning of your plans. I also don't see why the waitstaff would have any problem at all with a one night change like this.
  17. As long as we can use the phone app to check our account, the TV never comes on once. Besides, I already know the episodes of "House", dubbed into Portuguese, by heart.
  18. The balconies are falling off!!!! πŸ™ƒ
  19. I just had a flashback to some photos of a woman wearing a homemade chainmail dress to formal night. The pics were posted on CC many years ago. 😱
  20. Not to speak for the OP, but I think he might be satisfied if the seaweed was moved (at night, of course) to NCL's island next door.
  21. To each his own....I'm really not trying to be critical of anybody's preferences. We all know how subjective food is. As I said...just curious about the question.
  22. I've used it and found the taste no different from "regular" salt. Any salt is about 98% sodium chloride, leaving +/-2% for trace elements such as iron. Really not a significant amount. But I guess if you like it and don't mind carrying a salt grinder around the ship, then more power to you. Never mind the fact that the food will already have been prepared with non-pink salt...how much more do you really add at the table? 😁
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