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  1. 3 hours ago, sellwingri said:

    What did you get with the $39 package?  I’m assuming you get 6 cards for each game.  


    That sounds right!  I didn't think to snap a picture of that.  It just seemed like a no brainer to skip that one or not play at all with our family all wanting to pay so I didn't really look at it.  It would have been nice if we had actually won the cruise or cash HAHAHAHAHA

  2. 39 minutes ago, rachel_f99 said:

    We found them knowledgeable on everything we needed.  But, it was all basic stuff.  Didn’t ask for anything out of the ordinary.

    They were helpful but just lacked some knowledge that seemed basic.  Like Nancy said the earliest you could get off the ship was coming to the suite lounge at 7:30am vs the early disembark - I was at the airport before 8am.  A few other things that basic.  That aside it was very nice like when John Rockets charged my son when they should not have a quick 2 secs while grabbing a drink in the lounge and it was reversed.  As a first timer to the suite level I loved it 🙂 


    If we venture to ever pass Grand Suite level I will definitely think about the view of the balcony 🙂 


    My daughter had a blast on the flowrider so we were back there on the deck a bit LOL

  3. We were on the same cruise in a grand suite!  I thought Nancy and Claudine were nice!  It was great to go in there to get stuff taken care of but we found them to not really be knowledgeable on quite a few things so that was a little frustrating.  


    It was our first time in a suite.  Thanks for the review of Crown Loft.  Hubby is already wanting to skip to the next level to star level but I am not sure our pocket book is ready HAHAHHAHA 

  4. 2 minutes ago, twodaywonder said:

    Yes. The prices are high now. Would it be a good idea to get two of the $39 and get one free Rather than one of the $69 ?

    You could not get the buy 2 get 1 free option on the $39. Only the $49 or $69 - the $69 came with so many more chances we decided to fully play if we were going to play.  🤣 Our ds2 is happiest sitting home and he actually seemed excited to play bingo so we went all in lol.

  5. 2 minutes ago, twodaywonder said:

    We are bingo nuts on cruises not on land. On the Harmony they always had a special just before it started. If you already purchased your bingo cards, you could get a pad while they last for only $5.00 Were they any specials on the Allure? What was the cost of playing bingo? Thanks! We will be on it September 1st.

    The smallest package was $39 then $49 and $69. If you did the 2 more expensive ones it was buy2 get 1 free.  There was 5 of us so we bought 4 of the biggest to get 2 more for free.  Part of the biggest package was an iron to pick a shirt,  the stuffed mascot or the matching strips so we did 2 matching strips (you get 2 each), a shirt and a mascot.  Of course hubby gave me a joking hard time for picking the shirt and mascot when someone won $2k for playing the matching strips 🤦‍♀️ who knows if that would have been us. It was fun.  We have never paid that much before lol.

  6. Yesterday was Nassau and the stop that everyone was waiting for.  Ds2 wants to be a profession pilot so he did the jet simulator.  Royal Caribbean offered it but then took it away so I contacted the company off Facebook.  Awesome experience.  I told him ahead that ds2 had ground school done and was going to college in August to be a pilot.  He put ds2 through more multitasking situations.  Ds2 loved it! Dh said ds2 was beaming and he is our laid back never gets excited.  


    Then myself and the other 2 went to Atlantis for the dolphin swim.  The dolphin swim was sho worth it.  One tip wear a normal swimsuit vs. A swim dress or such and trying to fit the material into the wet suit.  We did a family dolphin hug,  touched the dolphins as they swam around us,  did the fin hold and was pushed on the feet by the dolphin as well. I did plunk down $200 for all the pictures.  The lesser iron was $100 for 6 but that would mean taking the time to choose 6 and at this point time is short.  It took forever to get off the ship then long line for the shuttle was forever! If I had to do again a taxi is $4 a person I would go grab a taxi once I got my wrist bands. The aqua park is huge! We just got a couple slides in after the dolphin experience. 


    Last night, dd hung out with all her friends skipping dinner with us.  We ate at the Mexican restaurant.  The margaritas were good.  The food was ok. Then the boys ditched us to go to the room.  So just DH and I saw blue planet.  It was really good! After that we went to the room and packed.  


    This morning we carried our luggage off the ship.  We were off the ship through tsa at the airport in one hour.  So now what do I do with all this built in time 🤣🤣🤣


    Having breakfast now that is crazy expensive but is good!



  7. Yesterday was day 6 and an at sea day.  We did room service for breakfast. Then lunch was coastal kitchen. We had yet to try CK as we  bought dining package. I was very disappoint in the menu. I really have liked the dining package giving more choices. We ate at the Italian place for the 2nd time. Our poor waiter was so overwhelmed he was awful.  Not sure if it was one bad night or if he needs a new assignment on the ship.  


    We paid for my daughter to do the $69 group lesson flo rider.  I felt like it was short as there was 7 in the group but still worth it.  One of the staff rises the wave with them showing then what to do.  My daughter gained a new skill. 


    We dropped some money playing bingo that normally we never would but our ds2 who's are introvert was excited about bingo. We never won but had good family time. We paid $3 per person for the dabbers bc we didn't come to the venue with anyway to mark things. 









  8. 6 minutes ago, Biker19 said:

    What kind of politically incorrect statements does it take to win such a show?

    Battle of the Sexes (not sexist) 


    It was guys vs. Girls like taking a small ball and exchanging it with the next person under your neck,  then it was who can collect more clothes from the audience,  the was a popping the balloon one as well.  The guys ended up winning last night. 

  9. Forgot to add we did battle of the sexist show.  The director was clearly annoyed that a family brought in a young girl. They kept announcing this was not a kid show and no one under 18 should be in.  It was a crowded show so don't go late if you want a chair.  We got there 10 mins early and fell like we got the last chairs up in the 2nd floor area (of Dazzles). It was funny to watch. 

  10. So we actually did stop at San Juan. The guys did the ATV excursion.  Hubby said the ATV employees were thrilled top have business. Daughter and I stayed on the ship.  Found out she could not get a massage which she was begging for.  They don't allow 12 yr olds. Her birthday is 4 months away.  We went to Chops and they did the steaks to perfection (we are from Texas and picky about steaks). I also finally found an awesome chocolate dessert!


    Yesterday was also the first time during the day I ducked out in ther hall to use the bathroom since my son was showing after the atv. Not planned but having our room just about 3 doors from a public one made it easy to go there vs. Disturb my son. Overall loving the suite live and would definite pick this again over two regular rooms. 

  11. As families get back in the ship they are saying there u.s broken glass everywhere. Many of the buildings are spray painted.  Cops are everywhere so people said that was good but everything is basically shut down so they got back on the ship.  My husband and boys are still on their atv excursion.  Word from cops is the riots will start up at 1pm. Everyone is suppose to be in the ship by 1:30pm.

  12. Im on Allure now and we are at San Juan. The ship was all talk last night. Most of the staff thought we would not port. But we are here.  Hubby and our boys are on the bus to the atv ride. My daughter and I were going to go explore San Juan on our own - she is too young for the atv. We most likely are just going to stay on the ship. 

  13. Yesterday was st. Kitts. The night before st kitts was the marriage show which is always a favorite for us. Daughter is living staying out until the 1am crew - we are not young sle and fading 🤣🤣. On st kitts day,  We did a snorkel excursion that was perfect.  It didn't start until after 12 so no rush.  We ate at the wind jammer for the first time.  The catamaran was great.  The right about if fun time without drunks 😉 Leaving the area on the catamaran we went around the port,  a carnival ship was in port.  It was crazy to see how small it was compared to the Allure.  We snorkeled for over an hour.  When we were pulling back in there was a catamaran that my daughter proclaimed everyone wasted on 🤣🤣🤣 We got back to the ship breezing through security at port and on the ship. Plenty of time for showers before 6pm dinner. We had sushi at Izumi with our daughter.  The boys ditched us for Johnny Rockets instead.  Dd ran off to the living room but promptly came back saying it was shut down temporarily for an incident. She claims a young teen was drunk and biting security is the rumor mill - sounds crazy to me.  The ship was all a buzz with whether we were going to San Juan.  We are in port now - the staff last night seemed to think we would not.  Hubby and the boys are off to ride atvs. Dd and I are probably not going to get off the ship.  The plan was for us to just explore the city but news articles are saying fires were lit last night and tear gas and such. 







  14. 7 hours ago, mariefisher said:

    Thank you for taking the time to post. I want to ask if you made the Hibachi reservations when you boarded?  I know they sell out and with the Unlimited pkg. I was curious how easy they were to come by.   Enjoy your time with your family! 


    I emailed the concierge the week of sailing with our list. So probably about 5 days before sailing. 

  15. 28 minutes ago, gatour said:

    twodaywonder, your are amusing.


    Just because you or someone else was able to sneak something aboard, doesn't mean it is safe.  It also doesn't mean the next person attempting to do the same will not be caught.  Please do not come crying here when your two/three prong outlet is confiscated.

    This is my picture - it was not hidden at all.  I bought off Amazon with it saying it was cruise approved. The set up has been in full display of my room attendant.  There is no chord it just plugs into the wall outlet.  It does cover up the 2nd outlet but it gives us 3 plugs plus 3 usb so it's been working great for us this week.  It allows the 5 if us to charge at night. 

  16. Today day 3 - what day of the week is it 🤣🤣🤣 apparently even the elevator floor guys forgot.  Half said Monday and half said Tuesday. 


    Definitely a day the "suite" came in handy.  We did room service for breakfast and was able to add on.  It also came very quick which was awesome.   Hubby was not happy that lunch reservations were messed up.  Lunch was supposed to be at noon at Sabor, their sign said noon as well but They said they were closed for a class until 12:30pm and would seat us then. We just went to Johnny rocket instead. Our 12 yr old skipped lunch entirely bc she was too busy at the Living Room making friends. Hubby was able to sit down with concierge and straighten everything out and she assured us she would take care if things.  We had a refund we weren't told what was canceled and RCI added me into the guys atv excursion that we didn't want me on so it was nice not to have to go stand in line for all that.  Then she add us into a comedy show that was saying it booked on the app so that was nice.  Then the suite seating for the aqua show was awesome as well. 


    In regarding suite seating it was amazing ti se how many people wants to argue with the guy that they should be able to sit there.  One lady argued so much she ended up losing her balance and falling.  He motioned for them to sit to the side but she decided to sit in the 2 chairs that said reserved for sky.  Well the guy came down with the 2 sky members and kicked her out so I have no clue where she ended up taking all the time trying to argue.  I did hear the guy with the two sky members apologize to them for the situation. 


    On to the show - it was awesome! We did eat at Samba Grill and liked it alot. I think the Italian is sil my favorite so far. 


    Now it's about 8pm and our daughter has ditched us again for the living room activites and the rest of us are chilling in the room on the balcony.  Hubby and I are catching the marriage show at 10pm as we have always liked it.  


    I definitely loved the balcony for the 2 seas days so far. We are not always staying in the room but I find us all coming back to it some at different times for 30mins or so and each of the boys have take 2 to 3 hours of down time in the room so definitely glad we have a nice space. 


    All in all just 3 days in and im not sure we can go under grand suite level again 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣








  17. Here are a few pictures of the curtain seperating the main bed aka parent bed for us lol. It's that super thick itchy type fabric but great at helping to kill sound it is also front and back so double thick. There is a chubby it can be pushed into when you don't want it in the way giving more room.  Im using the draws in the make up area so i can pull the curtain out to create a dressing room to not use the bathroom to dress but I don't necessarily step down in front of adult kids 😉





  18. On 7/13/2019 at 5:08 PM, reaton said:

    So excited to see your review! We are boarding the day you leave, so this will help build the suspense in our household for boarding day. Have you thought about leaving any checked luggage with other family members and just flying (you and dd) carry on only? It may save you some time getting out of the airport. 

    That is the plan! The guys will take all the luggage as they fly home Monday night so plenty of time.  My mom is house sitting so she has my daughter practice bag in the car so we could literally fly with just my purse and be good. My mom will be at the airport waiting on us. 

  19. We ate last night at 150. We skipped appetizers to ensure we had room for dessert.  We loved the martini bar they wheeled to the table and the beef tenderloin was awesome. For dessert we got the fried cheesecake and chocolate tart.  They were very worried about us not having an appetizer lol. Our 12 yr old is absolutely loving the living room. They also hosted a 12 to 14 only ice skating hour - it does require a parent to walk the child down to sign liability forms so she missed a little time bc we didn't know that. We skipped being formal but we stayed out at the bars until midnight people watching. We did the ice show in the afternoon and it was fun. It is a product placement show to spend at restaurants and shops on the ship.  Overall it was a great day at seas.








  20. We are chilling right now waiting for our reservation at the Italian restaurant.  We did breakfast in the coastal kitchen view and food was good.  Then we walked around.  We ended up at the crown and anchor presentation not planning on it.  Dd did the rock climbing.  Line was not bad for rock climbing.  About 10am we walked by windjammer the line was crazy!






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