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  1. Went from Newark to Miami twice with no issues. They had me on the ship and eating lunch by 12:30 both times. They will get you there on time, no need to worry.
  2. We were on American. The option was only given the first time logging in to pick your seat on aa.com. Since you are checking in through the airline, it is a separate transaction from the original booking by NCL. Other airlines might not give the option, or just simply might be sold out.
  3. We had free air from Newark to Miami. On the flight home I upgraded us to first class for $137 each. When you back out the $45 per bag luggage fee, it really only cost $82. It was well worth it, most comfortable flight I ever had, might have ruined coach for me.
  4. Reading this article, it still lists Rock of Ages along with the other musicals on the fleet. I really hope it is replacing Burn the Floor, as Six does not carry the weight of a full broadway show.
  5. When I first saw this was a thing I immediately thought of this
  6. Any of the online booking for Encore is just there to show what will be on the ship. It’s too far out for any of it to be booked, and any charges showing for Choir of Man is just a bunch of lazy cut and pasting of old Escape information. A lot of the details of the ship’s layout has yet to even be revealed. Honestly, the misinformation on the Encore is confusing and could cost NCL money. Someone should be held accountable for the cut rate lazy coding.
  7. We had United last year and American this year. Once I had the record locator number I was able to sign in on aa.com and pick my seats. Even upgraded to first class on the flight home for a reasonable price, needed it because we ate too much.
  8. Technically, no. Every now and then one would go through with someone else on the ship, but the most reliable was Facebook messenger.
  9. Here’s my feelings on #3. I never get get involved in someone else’s hand, win, lose or draw. Know your bets and know what they pay. That is business between you and the casino, and as I will stay out of your business, kindly return the favor and stay out of mine. I don’t tell someone how to play, and only give advice when asked. Mis-pays happen a lot on craps because of the nature of the game, and when the stick is rushing the other dealers, it can happen more. I don’t sweat a dollar or two in either direction, as they tend to even themselves out unless a dealer is repeating the same mistake. If a dealer overpays me, I’ll attempt to correct it, but if they insist, it’s on them.
  10. I get to deal with that in retail almost every day. Some people feel like they deserve free things just because they are loud.
  11. Used it twice from Newark to Miami, both times $0 and on the ship eating lunch by 12:30 at the latest.
  12. Been on both and while the ships are nearly identical, they have different atmospheres unique to their original home ports. The biggest place this is seen is in the different Burn the Floor shows. Getaway’s has a Latin theme fitting for The Caribbean, while Breakaway’s has more of a big band style and give you more of a night out on the town feel.
  13. Was on the Jade a couple weeks ago and they do not have the RFID cards yet, but I was told that they are not allowed to punch the cards anymore. If you want it done it is best to bring your own hole punch.
  14. A paper straw is not an acceptable replacement for a plastic straw. They are twice as fat and taste funny. People just latch on to ridiculous stories they hear on the agenda driven news and make huge social issues out of them when they are in fact non-isssues. The war on plastic straws is so hypocritical. “Straws are the devil, but don’t you dare take away my plastic cup.”
  15. The general seating doesn’t usually bother me unless it is a narrow seat with armrests, that becomes a fit issue. My real complaints are in the theater. Both breakaway and getaway were horrible.
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