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  1. We'll be on the cruise with you. Looking forward to seeing the ship decorated for Christmas.
  2. My thoughts exactly! Carry a straw around with me? No way. And certainly not carry one around that I have to go back to my cabin and clean.
  3. I actually know this! πŸ˜€ We've been many times! I have no idea why I wrote "buffet". I'm blaming it on lack of coffee that early! LOL Thanks, sanmarcosman, for catching it. I don't want to give out misinformation.
  4. No, the sea day buffet is in one of the main dining rooms. Check your funtimes. Enjoy!
  5. Thank you for your review! We are sailing on the Valor just before Christmas on our 17th cruise. I've only managed to sail on one of those years ago in December to enjoy the Christmas decorations. The Valor is a new ship to us, but have been on other Conquest ships, and love that class. I'm glad you enjoyed your balcony and the steakhouse; two of our must haves. The bathroom flooding and non working toilet are indeed bummers! I'm trying the Alchemy Bar this time too. Hubby has before, but I will join him this time. That peach cosmo sounds delish!
  6. I actually booked the two nights' hotels last week. We love Country Inn and Suites and their park and cruise package. (We take 2 days and drive to port), so this package is perfect for us and, hands down they have the absolute best organized shuttle we've ever used! Enjoy your cruise with you big family group! Sounds fun!
  7. We've always called room service and they would send it up. I tipped for delivery.
  8. The Wifi on the Magic was fine last year. But, I only always get the Social Media package, and keep up with friends and family that way. And yes, airplane mode! Once you get onboard open your Hub app and follow the directions from there. Enjoy your cruise!
  9. I highly second Croydon! One of the best excursions we've ever done. The Jamaican women had prepared an absolutely delicious meal for us.
  10. Yes, correct. We had to ride out a storm for 2 extra days several years ago. No extra charges incurred, but we did add the same daily gratuities for our room steward. And, the extra days counted toward our total days cruised, helping push us to Platinum. πŸ˜€
  11. Hitting up the coffee bar on the way to a leisurely breakfast, then coffee bar again. After that, hands down, hanging out on the promenade just people watching! Afternoons are for napping, a quick check of the shops for the umpteenth time, then some chilling on the balcony .
  12. Booked just yesterday. We've been to these ports multiple times, since Eastern or Southern itineraries are our favorites. But this cruise is all about the ship for us. Sounds exciting. Been watching the You Tube videos on the ship. Can't wait to see it in person. We booked a balcony on Deck 14.
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