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    Excursions for Baja Mexico cruise

    Hey!!! You guys are the best!! Thank you so much for all of your suggestions and advise. I am sorry I didn't leave any details about our cruise. Yes we are going MAy 5th on the MOS with RC. Simo I will try and find the other board so that we can met and mingle. We went ahead and book the Sea World thing for San Diego. We haven't ever done that so we decided what the heck. As for Catalina, I think we will just go with the flow and check out what is there when we get there. Anyone know what the weather is supposed to be like? I am thinking snorkeling or kayaking, but if it is cold probably not. As for Ensenada, we'll probably wait and see there too but I will take note and stay with the main stream of things. Anyway thanks again! :)
  2. Hey Cruisers We are going on our first cruise in um . . . 10 days!!! We are so excited. However I am nervous about the excursions. We haven't booked any yet so I was wondering how important it was to have them prebooked? I see that several of you have gone on this cruise and wondered what you would recommend going to for each destination. San Diego, Catalina and Ensenada. But please reply quickly cause I have to book today! hee hee Thanks