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  1. Last week our October 2020 cruise was canceled and we chose to rebook for 2021. The agent advised us that the unused FCC could be used for excursions; I do not have that in writing, just verbal.
  2. What boat are you on? The AQ website still just show suspension thru 8/31/20.
  3. Opps, my bad...you are correct with August 31st. It’s another travel company with which we have a January trip booked that canceled thru September 30th. Still don’t think we’ll be sailing in October though.
  4. We have the end of October on the Countess from Memphis to Chattanooga. All along I’ve tried to be optimistic and give it a 50-50 odds of sailing. With yesterday’s new update delaying their restart until the end of September, guess have to admit that we won’t be sailing. Now we wait for AQ to announce so we can make our decision on what to do with the fully paid fares last December.
  5. Hi Dave, this is Russ...we did the Dutchess together in 2018. We’re trying to be optimistic about this, we already had a Seine River cruise canceled on us and we should be in Scotland now. Each AQ announcement of suspension I keep with the Vegas odds of 50-50. Recognize that once we get into September I will have to lower my expectations. We’re traveling with another couple that we met on that AQ, this time we’re driving to Chattanooga and then the four of us will rent a van to get us to Memphis.
  6. We’re booked on the Countess the end of October on the Tennessee River, for a while now I’ve been giving it 50-50 odds of sailing. Paid in full last December.
  7. Buck1949, we’re going on a Tauck tour to include the Amalfi coast, Florence, Rome and Venice. Our favorite was Australia/New Zealand, tied for second is the Baltics and South Africa.
  8. Bop, sorry that I didn’t catch the darn spellcheck. My oldest daughter is a UVa grad as well as her husband. We spent most of our lives in North Jersey and retired here 11 years ago. As a UVa fan, hung in for the 2019 men’s BB all season, especially after their dismal performance in the 2018 tournament. But I suspect with all the defections to the NBA next year won’t be a repeat. Our youngest went to UConn in the early 2000s during their men’s and women’s dynasty. I never got a response from corporate, but there was a $10 credit on our card from the Davenport. While y’all are cruising the Pacific Northwest we’ll be in Italy for two weeks. We like to get around.
  9. Bob, we were in Midlothian the beginning of the month at the Doubletree for a convention. Have a wonderful cruise, the Pacific Northwest is beautiful.
  10. This is what we and our travel companions did last fall. We did the Hanford B reactor tour and found it most interesting. Our companions did the Multnomah Falls and Vista House, again enjoyed the experience.
  11. Most of the folks on our cruise last fall flew into Spokane that first day since the trip included a hotel stay that night. The next morning AQ offered a premium excursion city tour that finished up at the hotel just before lunchtime. When you check in for the cruise at the hotel you get a “ticket” for the transfer to the boat down in Clarkston..... a good 2+ hour ride. You overnight on the boat in clarkston, have both regular HOHO buses and a premium excursion to Hell’s Canyon the next day before sailing west from Clarkston.
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