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  1. It may have changed, on RCCL if you wanted it was no problem to get a receipt. I am thinking with so many taking the drink package now, it would be a lot more economical and environmentally friendly not to print them. So... perhaps I will need to get some cash for Celebrity!
  2. No need to carry cash, they will print a receipt you add your tip and it is charged to your on-board account. At the end of the cruise we do tip with cash to our favourite bartenders.
  3. I ask at the beginning of the cruise if the bartenders have to share their tips, if they do I will wait to the end of the week to give an additional tip to my favourite bartenders. That being said I will tip $1 a drink with the package . Usually find a great bartender we spoil them they spoil us!
  4. Calicakes, I think your gesture was very creative and and most welcomed by the crew! Kudos to you! Not sure about Celebrity, but on RCCL we found out on about day 5 that bartenders shared tips and we had found our favourite bartender on day 1 at the pool bar. Even though we had the drink package we tipped him every drink (on our account) once we found that out we stopped tipping him and at the end of the week put cash in an envelope and gave it to him, he was allowed to keep what was in the envelope for himself.
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