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  1. Weekend testing will cost. You are paying for that convenience.
  2. If you factor in the age/underlying condition clause, doesn't that cover about 90% of the US population over the age of 18? Nice way for the CDC to circumvent the FDA recommendations IMHO
  3. I would just wait to get my booster until I got back from my cruise. STaff at the cruise port terminals might get confused by the 3rd vaccine recording and might deny you because it hasn't been 14 days since your last injection. ANd yes, the booster shot should be recorded on your vaccine card. I would want that in case ( in the future) you have to show proof of a booster within a certain time frame.
  4. When did Carnival start a specialty dining package???
  5. The $600 OBC from a price drop is refundable. It is ( essentially) an overpayment. Carnival does a good job of using the non-refundable OBC first automatically.
  6. I submitted my status match ( platinum on Carnival) and got matched to gold on MSC today. Took about 5 weeks. Got my TA calling to check on the discounts/benefits for my upcoming Jan cruise.
  7. I ( like several others) did a trial run on my laptop. I went to the emed.com and it asked me to log into my Navica account. It tested the sound and video camera and wouldn't let me proceed to the next step until all those checked out ok. I stopped it there because I wasn't ready to do the actual test.
  8. You probably won't find any that are free. The rapid PCR tests usually cost. We paid $150 four ours. Be careful when googling "rapid PCR covid test". What often comes up is the antigen test. Make sure (before you depend on a site) that it actually is a rapid PCR test. Good luck!
  9. I guess many people don't read prior posts in the thread they are posting. The answers to the latter question is found in post #2 and #6. Here is a link to post #6 https://www.emed.com/hubfs/Case 01269955-COL-03030 BinaxNOW™ COVID-19 Ag Home Test Product Expiry Update - Customer Letter EN - US.pdf?hsLang=en
  10. My mistake, I thought she embarked on sat not flew out on sat. I was wrong. You are correct, you need ot test on Fri or Sat for a SUNDAY embarkation. Her original post stated test for the op's SATURDAY embarkation needed to be Friday. Must be where I thought her embarkation was Saturday also ( which was not disclosed in her first reply)
  11. Incorrect. 2 days with the day of the cruise counting as day zero- count back 2 days and you get Friday, then Thurs. It's posted on Carnival's website
  12. Do you live in an area where cases are on the rise? Then you have an increased chance of exposure.
  13. Yes but what would happen if you flew into the cruise port and then tested positive- Would you blame the cruise line? Would you expect them to facilitate your flight home? ( because you would not be allowed on a plane until after quarantine). It's better if you have a neg test in hand BEFORE you arrive.
  14. Question for those of you recently on board the Mardi Gras. What are the lunch options one embarkation day other then the lido buffet and guys burgers? Was CUcina's , Emerils or Pig and Anchor open? How about the food area n deck 8? Trying to map out for the first day when the mad rush will be to lido or Guy's. Thanks!
  15. yes. Just each person has to have their own navica account to test
  16. Our Mardi Gras cruise leaves on Jan2,2022. Between a SUnday departure AND it being over a holiday week end( New Years Day), we didn't want to risk not being able to find a place that would test on NY eve or not having results back d/t the holiday. SO we opted for the Binax home test proctored online by tele-health. Purchased a 2 pack and a 3 pack for the four of us in our party. That way I have an extra test-just in case.
  17. Will someone please post ( or send me a copy to bafinegan@yahoo.com) that email. I didn't get one and the cabin I picked out is now "guaranteed". I called MSC and the respondee "didn't have a clue". Thanks!
  18. For some reason when I tried to "quote" the pic, I couldn't post any text. Any way, my Binax home test has an expiration date of 10/10 2021. I called and was told all OCt tests expiration dates have been extended to Feb 2022.
  19. I just checked my Jan 15, 2022 Seashore cruise. I was booked in an ocean view with Fantastica experience too ( I had a cabin number). It now says guarantee cabin. Interesting....
  20. sailing from Miami, but it appears it might be cancelled?
  21. I know that transportation to/from to the cruise ports from airports is usually under excursions. But no excursions are showing for my Jan 2022 cruise. DOes MSC have transportation ( for a fee:) ) or should I book a private car? Thanks!
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