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  1. I have been to Quebec several times, always on the blue hulled ships and have a large scrapbook full of photos. Have stayed at the Chateau Fontenac, fell in love with St. Anne De Bupree and been to Montmorecy Falls, also went on a excursion to a small island with a vineyard where they made ice wine. Too sweet for my taste but DH loved it. . The scrapbooks of all of our cruises were made by my very meticulous late husband, I didn't touch them. Now the scrapbooks are nice and I do take photos on my cell phone but I am basically computer/cell phone illiterate and don't know how to post any. Finally received my negative Covid test results about 6:30 last evening. My test was at 10 AM but CVS computer was down. Just printed out my airline boarding pass for tomorrow. Packing done, laundry and dishes are done. Neighbor taking me to airport tomorrow and dear BIL will take care of my cats while I am gone. He is also taking me out for dinner tonight, woo woo. So I am ready and finally calmed down for the first time this week. Looking forward to meeting Sharon, Linda and Maureen tomorrow evening in the Ocean Bar. Jane
  2. Health Questionairre done, Covid Test done but still waiting for results as CVS computer was down. Clothing packed. Now just freaking about about meds, cosmetics, books, etc. and so on and so forth. I will be so glad when I am on a plane and ever more glad when I get on the ship. @smitty34877So scary when a fracture is right at a growth-plate. It took my son who was 9 when he broke his arm almost a year to get a thumbs up from the Orthopedist that his arm was growing properly. I will pray that the result is good for you GD and that it doesn't take that long to heal completely. @bdrcoleI love those scrub tops; I would be wearing them for pajama tops. Jane
  3. To all of you who were able to get the Moderna booster I have a question. How did you manage to get it. I am 80, my 2nd Moderna jab was in Feb. I have COPD and my pharmacist tells me that he can not yet give the Moderna boosters. Ha has them available but is apparently awaiting clearance from the CDC. Todays meal with today's wine sound lovely as long as someone else does the cooking. The photos from Boston are lovely. Thank you for posting. I have not seen lace curtains in houses since I was a young child. Getting my Covid test tomorrow and hopefully will be on the ship Sunday. Jane
  4. I am definitely not on board with the today's. Had never heard of Come and Take It, have never been able to tolerate having a hat on my head, intensly dislike kale, the drink of the day doesn't appeal and neither does the wine. The cider glazed chicken however sounds good as long as someone else cooks it. I finished packing my clothing a little while ago, will complete the HAL questionairre tomorrow then take the Covid test on Friday. I still have to figure out if I can get my daily meds plus and adt'l 2 weeks of meds, plus my jewelry, plus my cell phone, and so forth and so on crammed into 1 carryon. I am also excited to be going on a cruise Sunday, meeeting Sharon and Linda for the first time. Keeping fingers crossed for a negative Covid test; it is hard to believe this is happening Jane
  5. There have been short but intense bursts of rain here all morning so I am postponing going to the store to pick up extra things for my first aid kit such as additional masks. Fortunately I have adequate supplies of all my prescription and non-prescriptions meds that my Dr's. want me to take daily. I have pretty much decided on what clothing to bring for the upcoming 7 day cruise. Now I just need to go pour myself a cup of ambition and get to work, Never an easy thing for me to do but having Dolly's song running through my head helps. Checked my Navigator today and it is only 4 more days to go. I am really looking forward to meeting Sharon and the other dailites that are on this Ca. Coastal cruise.
  6. Update re Kakalena: Her medical emergency is over and she is home resting. She had a loss of blood and is now iron deficient and potassium deficient. These conditions are treated medically . She still has to have more tests done on an outpatient basis. Her hospital stay turned out to be in outpatient observation as there were no regular rooms available. "Darn that Covid 19 virus"
  7. Ha ha, not exactly my intent. I really never looked at spending $100 playing the slots on a seven day cruise as gambling. To me that was my entertainment cost for 7 seven days. No way do I want to enable or advocate a gambling addition.
  8. This is my idea of the perfect lunch, any day, any where but especially on a Dam ship.
  9. I suddenly about 4 years ago started getting "casino deals". Lately I am getting a lot of "casino deals" that are for a free cabin., the most recent was for a free veranda. I never "signed up for" for casino deals and have no idea why they started sending me emails. I do play the slots in the casino but have never spent more than $250 which was on a 30 day cruise. Usually on a 7 day cruise I will bring $100 for playing the slots so I am definitely not a big gambler. When you take those "casino deals" you can usually upgrade you cabin for a nominal amount and When doing your booking they show as "private fare".
  10. Escargo, lobster or lamb and Rudi's souffle. Let the wine stewarts select my wine. Assuming that Sel De Mer will still have Wine Stewarts. Cappucino with the dessert.
  11. Thank you to everyone who posted photos today. The Noordam lll was the first ship I ever cruised on. I let my husband, my mother and my dad all tag along. This was an Alaska tour/cruise in June 1989. We all loved the elegance of the ship.
  12. My boyfriend was a blind date set up by my best friend and her boyfriend. I was 16, he was 21. 11 months later we were married and 1 week after our wedding, our best friends were married. Everyone said I was to young and it wouldn't last. Boy, did we ever prove them wrong. Our marriage lasted through the death of our second baby 5 years later, the death of our only daughter 35 years later, and through several other crises, for a total of 57 years. He has been gone for 6 years and I miss him everyday. I have not heard from Kakalena for a couple of days so I can not give any update. I do know that she is still in the hospital. Thank you Roy for adding her back to the prayer list. Jane
  13. Our friend Kakalena could use our prayers again. She had some kind of a medical problem and is currently in the hospital for observation and testing. Thanks for all the photos of Greneda. Looks like a beautiful island. Does anyone remember why President Reagan had to send troops there many years ago? All of my vehicles have been named George. Why? Who knows, that is just a short easy name to call them. Jane
  14. Okay, this southwestern desert rat had never heard the term rabbit rabbit rabbit before so I goggled it and goggle says it is a Good Luck Superstition from England and the United States. I always thought that rabbit meant the small furry cotton tailed creatures that live under my shed. I learned something today. At 80 I probably qualify as elderly and I use my age to my advantage frequently. Love coffee but am to lazy to make homemade cookies. @Sharon in Arizona I love The Fish Market in San Diego and Alioto's in San Francisco. I don't know if either are open now. On my first cruise/tour in Alaska (June 1989) we went on an excursion to Aleyeska. Unfortunately it was a freezing rain all day so we couldn't see the Mountain and were unable to photograph anything even using my husbands Canon AE1. Some day maybe I will go back. Jane
  15. I have been to the Hawaiian Island numerous times, bot by plane and by cruise ship and spent several weeks in time shares on the various islands. Lahina is my favorite port in the Hawaiian Isles but Hilo is a very close second. I am so sorry that I have no shareable photos. Queen Liliuokalani Park is one of my favorite places. Gorgeous gardens and very often the site of weddings. The Hilo Farmers Market is very interesting also and Big Island Candies in Hilo is not to be missed. Our (Kakalena and myself) Nov. r/t San Diego/Hawaii cruise was cancelled and I am now holding my breathe that our replacement cruise in Jan. will go. Jane
  16. Good morning to all dalyites. Rich and Roy you really hit it out of the ball park today. Love both dinners, love Margaritas although I prefer blended to on the rocks and the wine sounds good. The only musical I have actually seen on Broadway was Wicked but I try to go to local musical theaters often. I have never been to todays port so enjoying seeing the photos. It looks like a very lovely place. Jane
  17. Only if you promise to post photos of your fantastic cabin. Jane
  18. Wow the upsell fairy is busy these days. I thought I did well with an upsell from a guarantee obstructed veranda to a Spa Veranda for $25pp. Congrats to Sharon and Craig on your upsell to a Neptune and to Bruce and Sue on the upsell to a Pinnacle. Bruce and Sue I have never been inside a Pinnacle so please post plenty photos of your wonderful cabin. Jane
  19. I am loving following this review. Thank you . Jane
  20. Good afternoon everyone. Both of the meals look very good as long as I am not the one that has to cook. Finally got my Rapid Covid test booked for 10/08. Now keeping fingers crossed that the test is negative and I can actually get on the Kdam on 10/10. I have had either 5 or 6 cruises cancelled/rolled over and I am almost afraid to get really excited. I visited Prince Edward Island on the Maasdam in Oct. 2009, on the Veendam in Sept. 2012 and on the Zuiderdam in Sept. 2017. The first 2 with my hubby, the 3rd I was a solo. Did HAL excursions all 3 times. and saw the Anne of Green Gables homestead twice. One of my favorite things was having lunch at The Prince Edward Island Preserve Company. By far and away the best lobster meal I ever had and so large I was unable to finish it. Gift shop and grounds were very interesting. Sorry I have no photos that I can post. again
  21. Jacqui please add the following cruises for me. 10/10/21 Konigsdam Calif. Coastal 7 day 01/16/22 Konigsdam Circle Hawaii 17 day Thank you, Jane
  22. Yesterday I received a very nice upsell offer on a 10/10/21 cruise.
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