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  1. I would take that Neptune Guarantee in a heartbeat. In my opinion there is no such thing as an undesirable Neptune Suite on any ship. Jane
  2. I have been to San Juan once and really enjoyed seeing all the photo's. I wish that our photos had been digital but they weren't. @catshepard I have enjoyed all of your ICelandic photos but the ones today of Gullfoss and the geothermal and geyser area are really bringing back fond memories. Like you I declined to go down the stairs, afraid I would never be able to make it back up. Jane
  3. My apologies for being so late in responding to your post. I only do Holland America excursions or walk around on my own if it is someplace I have been before. Our first time in Loreto we took the Loreto On Foot excursion which I enjoyed very much because our guide was so knowedgeable and had a wonderful sense of humor. Our second stop in Loreto we took the San Javier Mission excursion which was interesting to me as I enjoy getting to know all of the Spanish missions in both Baja, Ca. and Ca, The third time I just walked around the town spending a lot of time in the Plaza, All three time we enjoyed the Mexican Fiesta and Traditional Clambake which included Folklorico Dancing by both professionals and my favorite, the local children. Jane
  4. Love, love love avacados; that ham looks pretty good also. I am told that my dad used to mash avacados up and feed them to me when I was a baby. I will have to pass on cotton candy. My 2 fur baby's are both American Shorthair Cats formerly know as "alley cats"; would they qualify as "mutts" since the parents are unknown? I have been to Loreto on 3 HAL cruises and it is my favorite Mexican port. To both @Quartzsite Cruiserand @XB Guy thank you for bringing back wonderful memories with your photos. @grapau27I love seeing the photos of your travels and especially your lunchs but I am curious that your lunches are so substantial. Do you have "lunch" at midday then have a dinner in the evening? I know I am being way to nosy. Jane
  5. My first cruise was an Alaska tour/cruise in 1987. We were on the tour portion and had spent the night in White Horse, Canada then took the train down to Skagway. At the time White Horse was a beautiful little town so clean that you could have eaten off the streets and Skagway was very, very old and very, very dirty. I have no photos of Skagway, just a postcard of the Red Onion Saloon. It is good to see that Skagway has cleaned up real nice. Seeing the recent photo's, I would like to go again. Jane
  6. Just a quick update re Kakalena... She has finished with the radiation but is having a lot of side effects.She has a good day followed by a couple of bad days but is happy that the worst is probably over. Will know more after her 1st follow up CAT Scan in a couple of months..
  7. Not real sure that "business as usual" on the elevators is a good thing. Jane
  8. Lisa I want to thank you for posting this Live From.I am so enjoying reading and also enjoying your photos. I have followed you on CC ever since I joined, I am another one that sent you a friend request on facebook. If you need a character reference contact my friend Kakalena. Jane
  9. Hello everyone; Does anyone remember the Smothers Brothers? (I know I am showing my age) Tom Smothers had one green eye and one blue eye.
  10. Good morning everyone. As usual I have no photos to share however I am loving all the photo's of Bergen. My late husband and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary in Bergen; Aug. 17, 2008. We rode the funicular up and down then were met by our T.A.'s cousin who took us to his private island for a few hours. Interesting to see the totally different lifestyle . Afterward we returned to the fishmarket then back to our BHB, the Eurodam which was a very new ship at the time. First Baltic Sea and First Voyage of the Vikings combined. Our celebration put on by the Eurodam was fantastic and a total surprise to us. (T.A. must have told them). Jane
  11. Good afternoon to all. I have never been Dublin and have thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the photos. Looks like a lovely area. I had a very nice 10 day visit with my son, 5 of those days we were in Sedona. Everyday there would be smoke from the various wildfires in the area but sometime during the day a wind would come up clearing the air. One morning we had a brief rain that really helped brighten up the gorgeous scenery. He made it back to his home safely and is now back at work. Update: Kakalena started her radiation treatments today and she texted me that it went well and quite quickly. Jane
  12. Like @Cruising-along I have been to Bar Harbor 4 times, always on a BHB cruise. Love all the photos that you people are posting but you have made me So Hungry for Lobster Rolls. Oh well, my planned Hot Dogs and Fritos with a Pepsi will still be my traditional 4th of July dinner. My town, Mesa, Az. will be having a live fireworks show but I prefer to sit at home and watch "A Capitol Fourth" on our local PBS channel. Church service today was very patriotic and very inspiring with all of the music being patriotic in nature. Even the alter was decorated with a red, white and blue wreath.
  13. Fresca is grapefruit soda and should be available at most grocery stores. Bonus, it has 0 calories.
  14. 1st thing to do is ride the Old Town Trolley the entire circuit including La Jolla . It is a narrated tour that will show you where all (or at least nearly all) of the interesting San Diego area sights are. You can then plan your visit to the various locations. The San Diego Zoo is worth an all day visit and if you like Museums the zoo is located in Balboa Park which has many very interesting museums.
  15. I have thoroughly enjoyed the visit with my son, just a little bit sad right now that he left this morning. He had planned to stay a couple of days longer but with all the wild fires and road closures he decided to give himself some extra time driving home to Tulsa. @wandbwonderful news about your sister, I will continue to pray that after her laproscopic surgery she will be cancer free. @rafinmdPT=pain and torture that is hard to endure but will be very beneficial in the long run. Try to stick it out. @1ANGELCATthat you for posting about the first responder who found his own child. My heart bleeds for him and his family. Jane
  16. Happy Anniversary Jackie and Jose; Happy Birthday Sharon. We had a cool day yesterday with a little bit of much needed rain.Today seems like it will be quite hot again. Oh well, that is the trade off for not having cold and snow. My son is here visiting from Tulsa. I hadn't seen him in almost 2 years because of Covid. Tomorrow we plan to go to Sedona and stay for a week so I will be reading but not posting. Update re Kakalena: She has decided to undergo radiation and will be fitted for the bracing and whatever goes along with radiation tomorrow. She is hopeful that the treatments will begin within the next couple of weeks.
  17. Bon Voyage sofietucker and a big thank you to Kazu for posting this.
  18. I did a POA cruise around the islands and while the itinery was breathtaking the service aboard was practically non-existant and very rude. Never again will I ever cruise on any NCL ship because of that bad experience. I know that I am not alone in that evaluation. Perhaps that is why NCL had to remove two of their 3 ships.
  19. I am loving the photos of all thew beautiful waterfalls. Have been to most but no photos that I can post. Looking forward to seeing the photos of Montmorecy Falls. Another favorite water fall that has not yet been mentioned is Multnomah Falls which we saw from a drive through the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. Love chicken fajita salads but the one pictured is entirely to complicated and to large. Roy's alternative meal sounds wonderful. Undate re Kakalena: Unfortunately her cancer is now considered inoperable and she has some big decisions to make that are very troubling to her. Please keep her in prayer.
  20. 7 day trip would have to be around the islands as it takes several day to get to Hawaii and several days to come back. That said I fail to see that more 7 day interisland round trips would be a bad thing for the economy of Hawaii or the U.S. economy in general.
  21. Sorry but I cannot fathom why you think that west coast cruises to Hawaii would be adversely affected. Ensenada is not a very popular destination for cruisers to be required to stop at. If anything I think west coast cruises to Hawaii would become more popular.
  22. I will pass on today's meal and on Roy's alternative along with jumping out of a moving airplane. I am scared enough of flying already, only do it when I need to get somewhere quickly. Out temperature has been in the low 100's for the most part, windy and almost no humidity. There are 2 major fires to the east of the Phoenix area with no containment in sight. The home of the Az. Speaker of the House has been totally destroyed. The good news is that so far there are no injuries or deaths reported. A shelter for both humans and pets has been set up in Mesa, just a few miles from me. I plan to take some donations to the shelter for the animals as they are asking for cages, kennels, etc. Thank you to @bennybear and to @sailingdutchyfor the photos of the port of the day. Welcome to our happy family style posts @grapau27and thank you for your photos. Prays for all who need them. Jane
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