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  1. Exactly I Couldn't have said it better, jane
  2. I am very late posting today. After church I stopped to get new filters for the A/C then changed the filters when I got home. I am embarrased to say how much dust and cat fur had built up in my old filters. This minor activity left me dizzy from looking down and coughing with shortness of breathe from all the dust. I should learn to have my housecleaning people do this chore for me. To all of you living in states with lots of rain; please, please send some to Arizona and other parts of the great southwest. As much as I hate the cold and wet we need it desperately. Thank you to all who posted photos of our port of the day. I have not been anywhere on the eastern coast of South America. Loved all the grafittied houses. Jacqui, first let me say Happy Birthday, then thank you for posting the care list. I feel it might be time to remove Kakalena from the list as she has made her decision for pallative care only and is at peace with it. When there is a change in her condition, with her permission, I will let all of you know. Jane
  3. Update re Kakalena She has discussed her situation with all of the medical providers who have agreed that having surgery would not change her life expectancy significantly. Treatment could cause her breathing to downgrade to the point where she would not consider her life worth living. She has decided to go on pallative care only. Jane
  4. I am quite late getting here today. After church I spent about 3 hours surfing the internet for a small butchers rack or bookshelf to hold my new respiratory vest and its equipment. Finally found the right size at At Home. Will go take a look at it tomorrow. Roy's meal sounds fantastic as does the wine of the day. My turtle story. When my son was 8 or 9 he got one of the tiny turtles in the deluxe habitat. He would carry the turtle around quite often, I think to keep it away from his little sister. Dear son put the turtle in his jeans pocket one day and the next day I did laundry. Turtle did not survive the washer and dryer. My son cried saying I murdered his only pet then he wouldn't speak to me for the next week. Lesson learned after that I turned his pockets inside out before doing laundry. Jane
  5. Update re : Kakalena She has to have another pulmonary function test on May 24th after which she is hopeful that she will be given a date for surgery. The surgeon has said it may be possible to remove all of the cancer in a segmented lung surgery rather than having to remove an entire lobe. She is anxious to get this done and over with but the medical profession seems to be in no hurry. Jane
  6. Good news everywhere on today's daily. Truly this is the day that the Lord has made. Jane
  7. Continuing to pray for your sister's recovery. She has certainly proved herself to be a survivor time after time. Jane
  8. Praying for you for a speedy and complete recovery and when any surgery is involved I pray for the surgeon to have a blest day. Please avail yourself of any and all skilled nursing or rehab services that are offered to you and don't try to do to much to soon. Rest is a great healer. Jane
  9. As of today Hawaii has not opened up for cruise ships, not even inter-island cruises. There has been no indication as to when the governor of Hawaii will open the state for cruises nor what restrictions if any will be applicable. I am just hoping that my Nov 2021 Hawaii cruise will happen, restrictions or not.
  10. May his surgeon have a blest day tomorrow and may your5 husband have a timely and complete recovery Jane .
  11. Todays meal looks fantastic and the wine would be wonderful as well. No rugs here but my three year old wall to wall carpet is wrinkling in multiple rooms and I have been trying since before Thanksgiving to get the installers here to restretch it. They keep telling me they don't have enough help and can't get the prople to do the work because of Covid. Seems like "no help because of Covid" is becoming a standard excuse when something needs to be done. Re: Kakalena. A couple of bumps in the road. last week the teleconference was cancelled because Dr. was sick. Over the past weekend she had severe shoulder pain and had to go to E.R. where a blood clot was ruled out but her O2 sats keep dropping so she was admitted to hospital overnight. She is now home with O2 and feeling better. A new teleconference has been scheduled.
  12. I am 5* and have a cruise booked in Nov.2021. I did not get the survery. Jane
  13. I hope I get one of those surveys. Jane
  14. Alfred Hitchcock films used to be a favorite for my DH and I. We went t9o see Psaycho the day our first child was due and it scared the baby so bad that he waited another 3 weeks before making his appearance. Love, love , love Taco salads and I will happily take all the avacados that any of you will give me. Brief update re Kakalena. She had had all her tests and the cancer has not spread to either the lymph nodes or the brain. Ready now for surgery but she is getting quite frustrated with the problems gettin her set up with a thoracic surgeon that is in her Medicare Advantage network. Jane
  15. Patrick's is by far the best excursion I have ever had the pleasure to be on, anywhere, any time. Bar none. I was lucky enough to get some casual black pearl earrings at a small stand on the Beach in Moorea. My 2 favorite islands in the world! Jane
  16. That you for updating us and Hurrah, this is apparently Great News. Be assured that I am keeping you in my prayers for a full and uneventful recovery. Jane
  17. I watched the wonderful funeral service without interruption this morning. Seeing the Queen sitting alone with her mask on just made my heart bleed for her. She certainly appreciated her husband for over 70 years.
  18. I am so sorry to see that you are unable to get into either trial. Praying that your physicians will be able to come up with the absolute best treatment plan, whatever that may be, for a full recovery. Roy I hope you enjoy seeing the menu for The Millenium Gala Dinner: Starters- Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail, Russian Sevruga Malosal Cavier,Italian Prosciutto Ham Soups & Salads- Bisque of Blue Crab, Double Consumme' Grand Duc", Mesclun Salad, Classical Cesar Salad. to clear the palate. Lemor Basil Sorbet laced with Champagne. Entrees-Broiled Australian Lobster Tail, Petit Filet of Beef "Rossini", Rack of Lamg "Aromatic" Vegetables-asparagus spears, minted baby carrots. Desserts-Millenium Chocolate Surprise, Bittersweet Chocolate Mouse with Praline Crunch, Nougat Chocolate Ganache, Raspberry and Passionfruit Sauce.
  19. DH. and I, with my parents were fortunate enough to be able to do a full transit Panama Canal Cuise to celebrate the Millenium. Aboard the Ryndam with Captain Johnathan Mercer, always my favorite HAL Captain. Ours was an 11 days cruise from Acapulco to Fort Lauderdale. Remember the Cruise Log's? I actually saved this one. On 01/02/20 at 6:33am the canal pilot came aboard; at 8:40am we entered the Miraflores Locks, at 10:20am we entered the Pedro Miguel Locks , at 2:30pm we entered the Gatun Locks and at 4:30 we disembarked the canal pilot and enter the Carribbean Sea. I did find some photos that I was able to put on my cell phone but I do not know how to transfer and publish here. Jane
  20. No ex spouse here. Gary and I were married for 57 years till death did us part. I honestly could not remember whether or not we went to Geirangerfjord on our VOV cruise. After seeing the beautiful photos I believe that was a port that we missed. My favorite memory of the Norweigen fjords is cruising very slowly under Pulpit Rock. Since my entire working career was with insurance claims, mostly litigated claims I have always appreciated attorneys. Much easier to deal with than the claimants who have damaged property or injurys. This is a reminder to me that I should contact my attorney to update my will, power of attorneys, estate planning etc. I have put it off for far to long. Jane
  21. I don't even want to think about high winds, around here that frequently means haboobs with dust so thick you can't see across your patio. The dust storm will cover several city blocks and be extremely tall. Sometime they will preceed a monsoon rain then the streets will be running mud. Either the haboobs or the monsoons or both can be quite destructive. My only South America cruise was a round trip San Diego to Lima, Peru so we never got as far south as the port of the day. I am very much enjoying the photos. Thank you for sharing your information Roy. I will pray that whatever is decided has the best outcome for you. Jane
  22. My account is showing all the proper information in every category..
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