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  1. I believe that all cruise line will require proof of vaccination for all passengers over the age of 16 and of all staff and crew. Cruise lines are private businesses and they can allow any one they wish to cruise and they can establish the boundries for passengers. If you feel it is all about money just think how much more expensive it would be for the cruise lines to have Covid break outs onboard as opposed to requiring vaccines. I do not believe it is all about money, I believe that the cruise lines want their staff, crew and passengers to remain healthy and happy so they will return in the future when these measures are no longer required. If these measures are not followed Covid will remain and our world needs to fact facts instead of just wishing everything was back to "normal" pre Covid.
  2. Love the flowers, not so much the fragrances as they trigger my COPD coughing spells. Thank you to everyone who posted pix of the blue hulled beauty and those who posted pix of the port. Jane
  3. Rich, your Boots looks just like my Lucky down to the 1 white eyebrow. Lucky refused to east with my calico Silky today and I had to take her foodbowl into another room where she did gobble it up. Wonderful collection of days here although I am a bibliophile. I have always preferred paperback books which I donate to local hospitals after I finish them. The only collection of books I have ever kept is the works of Tony Hillerman and now his daughter Anne Hillerman about the southwest especially the Navajo Indian traditions.
  4. The Ides of March 1958 was one of the happiest days of my life. That is the day that my husband proposed to me. We married 5 months later and despite all the naysayers ( I was only 17) our marriage lasted for 57 years when death did us part. That recipe for meatloaf just looks nasty. I do love my own recipe meatloaf but I will have it with a baked potato and green beans. Australia has always been on my bucket list . All of you dailites please have a safe and happy day. Jane
  5. I have been on 2 Alaska cruises, in 1989 and in 2016. Saw the Mendenhall Glacier in1989 only and I am having a very difficult time reconcilling the photos I am seeing today with the photos I took then. The glacier has receeded so much and appears much smaller. In 2016 I took the Mt. Roberts Tram and just walked around the town. My favorite Alaska port however is Sitka. Today is wonderful for me. I am feeling well, the weather is beautiful at 70F plenty of sunshine and no wind unlike the past few days which were cooler, rainy and very windy. PLUS I am over 14 days past my 2nd jab so I felt very comfortable attending Bible Study and Worship services at church today. God is good! My first time to attend services in person since before Thanksgiving. Jane
  6. It appears in the photos that the beds are right under the windows. Is it possible to move the bed and put a nightstand between the bed and the window?
  7. Great to see Copper 10-8 posting again. I am hoping that he will be a daily contribuiter again. Good to see that Canada is finally opening up for Covid vaccines. Congrats to @ger_77 getting DH scheduled. I used to wear fanny paks whenever we went to games at either Dodger Stadium or Anaheim stadium and of course everytime I took my kids to Disneyland. Never wore them when on an excursion outside the United States. Have a good day all you dailyites. Jane
  8. Thank you to all who posted photos of Edinburgh. It looks like a beautiful area. I wish I had visited Scotland when I was younger and more active. Speaking of younger, I was a Brownie Scout then a Girl Scout, then a den Mother to a Cub Scout troup. Never in a million years would I ever be a chef. I can burn or mess up almost anything including the toast as per @ger_77meme. To all of you daileyites; Have a good day. Jane
  9. Thank you to everyone who posted the beautiful photos of Funchal. I see that I have missed something quite beautiful in never doing a South Transatlantic cruise. Roy's dinner looks fantastic as always. I like apples but I love popcorn. When I am not real hungry in the evening my dinner will frequently be popcorn and a glass of wine, almost any white or rose wine. I am feeling blessed, I was able to attend the women's Bible Study at church today for the first time since before Thanksgiving when Covid ran rampant through the regular congregation. A hugh thank you to all the providers of the Covid vaccine. Jane
  10. And that just about says it all. Jane
  11. Showing my age today. The first Barbie was not produce until after I had been married for over a year. I remember that I had one doll but there was nothing special about it, I also had a Teddy Bear that I dearly loved. Bought my daughter a Barbie doll, She didn't like it. Her favorite was Mrs. Beasley doll; she actually wore out 2 Mrs. Beasley dolls. Jane
  12. Thank you Roy. Your blog post was quite interesting and th photos were nice. Another port that I have never been to. Jane
  13. Thank you @StLouisCruisersfor all the photos that you posted of Hammerfest. It reminds me a bit of our post stop in Bergen. Thank you @dfishfor posting all of the recipes. Today's looks good and easy enough for me to try. @Horizon chaser 1957thank you for the Australia photos. I hope to be able to go there someday. Best wishes for all you dailyites to have a good day. Jane
  14. Thank you to everyone who is supplying recipes. I may learn to cook in spite of myself. I was named after both of my grandmothers; their middle names used I hated my first name which was my paternal grandmothers middle name and I legally changed so that my maternal grandmothers middle name is now my first name. I did not name my children after any one; just picked out names that both my husband and I liked. Sigh, I wish someone had some photos of Madagascar to post. It looks so fabulous in the documentaries. Jane
  15. I am another one that has never been to Egypt but I did get to do the tour of the Treasures of Tutankhamun in 1978 at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Absolutely breathtaking. I am one of those people who have always liked my dentist and that is really a good thing as I had my first of dozens of cavities filled when I was 4 years old. National dress day??? Sorry I haven't owned a dress since I retired in 2004, On gala nights I manage to fit right in with dress pants, a sparkly blouse and dressy sandals. Jane
  16. Thank you for the photos, very fond memories. I loved Oslo but all my photos are old school so I have to get out my scrapbook to view them. One sad thing to share here. We visited Vigeland Sculpture Park on a HAL tour. There were 2 couples with us that were using walkers and having a difficult time keeping up. Several of us were trying to take photographs and we also had a difficult time keeping up. After about 1 hour one of the guides told us if we didn't keep up we would have to leave the tour. Hubby and I were able to keep up but not able to take any more photos and we certainly were not the only ones. The poor souls that required walkers were escorted out of the park then made to wait another 2 hours until the bus picked them up. HAL had a lot of complaints about that.
  17. Now there is a drink I could enjoy everyday. Thank you Roy for sharing your brother's orbit. He was quite the man and I am sure that he is sorely missed. Thank you Rich for continuing to post the Daily and for adding the Port of the Day. It is somewhat disappointing that no one here has been there to post photos. The meal of the day and the wine both sound very good but tonight I will have left-over steak medallions from the Texas Roadhouse with Sutter Home White Zinfadel Jane
  18. Thank you so much for adding the port of the day. Love seeing those pictures. My late husband and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary aboard the Eurodam's first Baltic and TransAtlantic voyage in 2008. We did not stop in Qaqortoq, we stopped at Reykjavik. Greenland is such a beautiful country. Love the meal for today and that is definitely a recipe I will try Jane
  19. This makes me so angry I was shaking as I read it. What a heartless person to attend a funeral knowing he had Covid and expose the grieving family. Your family will be in my prayers for full recovery. Both of my cats are rescues. I have a large sack of older things waiting for pick up by Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America. Roy's alternate dinner is what I will opt for tonight. I am another one who has never been to Scotland or for that matter to any of the British Isles. I hope that the term is not offensive to anyone but I don't know how else to say it. I hope to someday be able to travel there. My ancestry is 85% British Isles but I have no idea of my family history. Jane
  20. Another great fan of peanut butter here. I have it with crackers nearly every day for lunch. Pot roast sounds good but without the turnips, parsnips rutabaga's etc.; potatos, carrots. celery and onions for me. Probably will have a pork chop for dinner tonight. Roys alternate dinner sounds and looks delish. Love the idea of adding the "port of the day". I have been to Grand Caymen several times, really enjoy the trolley ride and of course going to Hell and picking up a Rum Cake. Jane
  21. Help me please. My eyes are not strong enough to read the name of the ship. Which one of the blue hulled beauties is this?
  22. I am another one who will try the saucy Italian Chicken using my crock pot. This recipe looks simple enough for a non-cook like me to use and enjoy. The last time I used a pressure cooker was in the late 1960's. The plug blew out leaving a hole in the ceiling and the beans came boiling out splashing me all over the abdomen and hip area. I want into shock but fortunately my then 8 year old son came running to me yelling Mom get you jeans off now!. He help me get the jeans off, brought a pan off cool water and helped me clean myself off. I expect his quick response saved me from being severely burned. Thank God for his Cub Scout/Boy Scout training. Got my 2nd jab yesterday and like the 1st on my are is very sore. I'll take the sore arm gladly.
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