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  1. I have that cruise booked, and I paid much more than that, but not as much as I see it listed for on Carnival's web site now. Too bad I don't see your rate when I search!
  2. Ordered a 3-pack from Optum on Sunday. They said 2 day delivery. I was skeptical since I don't live in a metropolis, or even in a city of any size. Got it late this afternoon. So far, so good.
  3. 12:01 Eastern time. Since I'm in Central time, I only have to stay up til 11:01.
  4. I booked the Pride TA from Lisbon to Tampa on Jan. 22, 2021. I'm sure it hadn't been out too long before I scooped it up!
  5. Elegant night is generally on the first sea day, so the 3rd. I'll be there, too!
  6. What happened on the Breeze? I looked back in Cruise Critic, and then Google, and can't find it. (Maybe because it's secret? JK) I'm going on the Breeze several times in the future. I would like to know what the current problems are. Thanks!
  7. My husband was happy with his Seiko and Hamilton watches he got at Bliss Jewelers in St. Thomas. The prices were cheaper than in the US. He had a warranty issue with the Seiko and had no problem getting it repaired by our local jeweler sending it in to Seiko, at no cost to us. That was in 2018. I hope the shops are still alive and kicking at the ports.
  8. Thanks, everyone! I just told my husband, "Make it so, Number One." 😂
  9. We have cruises in December and February. Carnival's website doesn't say how far in advance you can request the shareholder OBC. Does anyone know? Thanks
  10. I have never had a room steward touch any of my electronics in my 26 Carnival cruises. They have never unplugged anything.
  11. I feel the same way about the calories to buzz ratio. 😀 This info will help me. Thanks!
  12. One of my favorite drinks is the Caribbean Colada from the Red Frog. I've never had Cheers before, but got a great deal on one of my next cruises, so I took it. My plan was to get my drink, and just pay for the floater separate from the Cheers. Am I understanding correctly that I can't do this? If not, (or maybe instead of my plan) I like the idea from Laurab32 about ordering the floater and just letting it set there.
  13. Usually, if the ship will do a partial transit, it will be listed as such on the itinerary. If you look at the cruise on the Legend from Baltimore also going in January 2024 as an example, it doesn't say Colon, it says partial transit. If you click on View Itinerary on your cruise, it says you're going to Colon, and that one of the excursions you could do is to tour the Panama Canal. When you click View Itinerary for the one from Baltimore, it tells about the Panama Canal on day 9, but doesn't show any excursions, because the ship doesn't stop at a port. Hope this is understandable and helpful.🙂
  14. What I think are the cons: If you have more than 2 or 3 people, someone has to organize everyone to get together and go to dinner. That person in my life would be me. I don't need that pressure. I'm on vacation. 😆 If I'm with a group, I choose set time. If you go when all the other ytd people go, there will be a wait. They give you a pager, just like at a restaurant on land. You don't get the same wait staff unless you want to wait for them. If we find a good team, we request them, and wait if necessary. The range of the pager is the entire ship, so we just go listen to some music and get a drink and wait. Very relaxing. I think everyone has listed the pros.
  15. Something else to consider is that some people who have many $100 of OBC may not use it all. That's a win for Carnival, too.
  16. I also did it once with a day in between. The reason was that the first cruise came back one day, then the other one left port the next. We drove, so we just drove to a hotel for the night. If the first one returned on the same day the second one departed, I'd go for it.
  17. If I remember correctly, the reason cruises went out of the Houston port for a time was that a hurricane wiped out the port area in Galveston. I read yesterday, but I can't find it now to post a link, that there "may be negotiations" about having Prima sail out of Galveston after the 2023 season. I would like that!
  18. I will be on this cruise with you, and I must say I'm a little jealous of your price. But then again, we got one of those great deals over this Christmas and New Years, 14 day B2B out of Galveston in an inside for the same deal you got. Can't wait! I agree with the advice about getting to Lisbon early. That way you get over jet lag before the cruise starts, and also you won't miss the ship if you miss connections or have other travel problems. When we went to Europe in 2018, Carnival's air was cheaper than anything else I could find.
  19. They said the words may and probably too many times to believe they have verified information. Sounds more like suppositions on their part.
  20. I figured this applied to the bottled water they have for sale when going off the ship in Caribbean ports. But I don't know for sure, because I haven't had the Cheers package in the past because we generally don't drink enough to make it worth the money. But we do drink enough to get our money's worth with the promotions out now! We have 2 cruises booked with it.
  21. Sign me up! I can handle not getting off the ship except for their excursions. I cruise for the whole experience, not for the ports only. Masks are required most every place I go. I don't like them, but I'd rather not like them on a cruise ship than on land. I'm ok with reservations and temperature checks. I just want to cruise!
  22. I talked to my PVP about using mine on a cruise that had already been booked. He said it was no problem. However, that cruise was canceled, sigh!
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