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  1. A definite no to the 12:40 pm flight. The AA non stop arriving at 9:30 am is possible but risky. My AA non stop flight was just changed by AA to a stop over in Charlotte. And by the way, no one let me know, I just happened to be checking.
  2. The people in the cabin with the unvaccinated person need to go on bubble tours also.
  3. Thanks for the info. Let us know what you find out.
  4. Now it seems like you can't see or print the tags until check in.
  5. The survey has been up for awhile. Its very simple. Do you have a vaccine, or do you have a waiver, or you do not have a vaccine? They list all the people on your reservations, and you answer the questions.
  6. Is it at check in that all that above info plus charge card for sail and sign card is filled out or do you do it ahead of time ? Thanks.
  7. No he had the "choose your own room" which they did.
  8. You can always look at the luggage tags. Mine doesn't say Priority either. Not too happy about it.
  9. July 2001 Mother and adult daughter vacation
  10. That was so much fun to watch. What a great family! Thanks for sharing.
  11. Yes, the drink of the day day on the Lido is included, but not if it's in a souvenir glass.
  12. I think the extra room considering a baby and teenager, along with the small tub would be most important, to choose the suite. But the balcony is great while waiting for the two year old to nap, and adding useable space since there will be 4 of you. I think whichever you choose, you can make it work.
  13. This will be my first time with Drinks on Us promotion. I have the same questions as dte300. Also do you have to do anything the first day about getting this or is it automatic ?
  14. Even though this is for the Cheers program, it seems to come through the Casino promotion.
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