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  1. We were booked on a March 30th cruise. My cabin mate got her refund last week. I just found out mine was deposited in my account last month, but my bank knew nothing about it. Carnival and bank are looking into it.
  2. Both Delta and now American are giving you the credit of your flight and must rebook by Dec. 30, 2021.
  3. Is this frim the Carnival website or a third party?
  4. I upgraded from ocean view on deck 2 to balcony on Lido deck for $20 and was able to keep all OBC.
  5. I email mine and he calls right back.
  6. Happy that finally AA changed their policy and now is allowing those people who booked before March 1st the opportunity to get credit for future trip.
  7. My PVP likes me to email him with my questions and then he calls me as soon as he has the information.
  8. American Airline will not allow a cancelation with giving a credit if you bought your ticket before March 5th or 6th , I forget. This doesn't make sense to me. Delta Airlines is doing the exact opposite. They are allowing cancelation with credit only if you bought your ticket before March 5or6. They are both talking about the economy tickets. I bought mine months ago, so if I cancel my cruise I will lose the full amount $350. so confusing and upsetting.
  9. I did goggle men's shops in Nassau and a few came up that you could check out. But really, even on elegant night , I have seen men in collared shirts and dress type shorts. Enjoy!
  10. Yes, you had to book earlier. I forget the exact date.
  11. I thought if you canceled so close to the sailing date you would lose all your money..
  12. The Happy Hour on embarkation will either be at the Red Frog or the bar near the Casino.
  13. Only the people in your cabin could board early, unless son and daughter are under 18.
  14. Yes, they do have a turkey dinner on Thanksgiving. Also they showed the parade and football game on the big screen.
  15. I would print off this rule from their website in case they are questioned.
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