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  1. When we sailed on 1st October, QE was at the Mayflower terminal as was the covid test, I was unaware of other testing facilities.
  2. Any time I have had red wine spilt over my silk dress, they have always offered to clean it for me 😄
  3. Personally, I would go for covid test first, which when we cruised 2 weeks ago was at Mayflower, then take you car to the cruise ship to offload cases, waiting first to make sure you're clear, then take the car to the car parking. If the ship is in Ocean terminal, it's a long walk from Mayflower otherwise.
  4. But UK hotels pay a much higher wage than cruise lines, if that were applied to cruises, as well as sick pay, holiday pay etc the cost would be prohibitive. Leave it as it is, we all know the system or there would not be so many cruisers as there are. After covid, we all couldn't wait to get back to cruising 😄
  5. The 15% charge on drinks is not removable. But none of the charges are hidden, they are all very clear and obvious.
  6. Did a recent cruise on Cunard and my card details were given at the pursers desk onboard. They too had problems with my card when I registered it from home, so it may well be a Carnival UK problem.
  7. Recent cruise around Britain, entered on my account as "Service Charge" and not gratuities interestingly.
  8. This is where things, IMO, are questionable. I have just disembarked from QE after a trip around Britain, very enjoyable. In the Queens Room on that voyage they had, every night, ballroom dancing and on many occasions especially during a slow waltz, the floor was packed, no masks, no social distancing (how could you when dancing anyway 😂 ) so why social distancing would need to be observed in the dinning room baffles me. To board the ship we had to show proof of vaccination and have a lateral flow test just before getting on the ship.
  9. It wasn't a problem as we had to go to Mayflower for covid test, it made it rather convenient 😆
  10. Tried BC once, if you like meeting people and chatting over dinner and prefer larger tables of 6 or 8, I would advise not to use BC as the anytime dinning means just that and you may arrive after others have started their meal or even worse when they have left. We had a table for 8 and only ever saw 2 of the other guests.
  11. I wonder if its an overbooking on QE, Fred Olsen is cruising to the Canaries on 18th Oct, I know they are smaller ships, but 60% capacity on QE is not many more than capacity on Bolette, just over 1400 passengers.
  12. Presumably on Queen Elizabeth, if you cannot get an outside or balcony upgrade, try the deluxe inside, they are approx 1.5 x standard cabin size, lots of room.
  13. New problem, when i join the forum, it says I am logged in, when I then go to a sub forum I am not and have to log in.
  14. Nice read, I will keep my end up and wear jacket and tie to dinner and formal when required. 😄
  15. When I first started cruising with Cunard in 2004, there were 3 dress codes, formal, smart casual and casual. Smart casual, men wore jacket and tie and casual was without tie. I still stick to these rules, old habits die hard with me 😄
  16. I jst hope she maintains her concentration on the tennis and not get caught up in all the hype, there will be many many offers coming her way, a tennis players playing life is fairly short anyway and I would hate to see it shortened by media interference.
  17. Check the dates, I am on Cunard cruise from 1/10 to 13/10 no independent shore for us, but P & O on the same itinerary could.
  18. Just read this on the P & O page, wonder if Cunard will do the same "I note your concerns around the Shore Excursions and not being able to go ashore independently.I am pleased to advise that P&O Cruises has today announced that those guests travelling on our cruise holidays from 25 September will be able to go ashore independently but must adhere to the specific COVID-19 protocols in each destination. However, as restrictions in each destination are changeable, and some destinations may only allow cruise line organised experiences ashore, we highly recommend you do look to purchase P&O Cruises shore experiences prior to travel to ensure you always have the option to explore each destination.Testing that may be required to go ashore in various destinations on your itinerary. These tests will be available to purchase on board.I am sure you will agree this is fantastic news and we look forward to seeing you onboard soon."
  19. I still have to log on every time I visit the site still
  20. Every time I join the forum I have to log in, the little box to tick with stay logged on has gone. Is thisnew?
  21. With only a 60% occupancy, maybe they were just left empty?
  22. I am on the 1st October cruise and according to the bits received from Cunard so far, yes they are. As usual, I can't find it. It did say there were no Officers or Captains party, but I am sure it did say the wine tasting was still on.
  23. Cunard are testing at Mayflower terminal in Southampton the morning of the cruise. The ship is at Ocean Terminal and the short drive between the 2, the results are sent by text. They are obviously lateral flow tests, but you must also arrive with proof of vaccination approved by GB. They are only doing UK cruises at present for UK residents.
  24. Very envious, but we will be on board in 7 weeks fingers crossed.
  25. I know it's the Queen Victoria, but it give some idea of size of QM2 it is a big ship but with very few passengers I think all three Queens carry just over 2000 passengers but QM2 is nearly 50% bigger. Having sailed on all three, QM2 is my favourite.
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