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  1. The next flight for us that day would be at 9 pm. I also got the "blues" when our early afternoon nonstop flight was changed to mid-morning. I am considering spending the night in FLL and leaving the next morning at that 10:20 am time slot. On our last couple of cruises, there were no lines at customs and we just walked out of the terminal. Are the old lines back at customs?
  2. Our airline just changed our nonstop flight in February leaving FLL from the afternoon to 10:20 am. We have TSA Pre and was wondering if we did a self-disembarkment from Apex, is this a flight that we could make? Our itinerary indicates that the Apex arrives at 7 am. Thank you for your help.
  3. Our invoice from Celebrity indicates that payment is due 60 days before the cruise. If you cancel at the 31 to 59th day, you would lose 75% of your payment. 100% penalty after that. Deposit for us is refundable up to final payment date. There is no penalty before those dates on our invoice.
  4. Sorry but I believe you consulted with a person who was not knowledgeable. The juicers were alive and well on our cruise. I know there is one in Blu and I met the person who puts in the oranges and saw the machine. I have an inquiring mind, ask my server who took me to take a peek.
  5. We have a refundable deposit and final payment is coming due soon. We will not be going on this cruise and we have already done one Lift and Shift on the original reservation. Should be cancel or are there other options for us to consider? Thank you.
  6. In Blu, we had freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast. When I asked if it was "freshly squeezed", I was brought into the kitchen and showed the machine and introduced to the "squeezer" staff member.. The juice was very good.
  7. There are certain items that are available in Blu on a nightly basis that are also available the MDR. However, on this ship, there is a distance between the kitchens and the nightly items are not available from the MDR to Blu. So if you want to dine in MDR, have the management in Blu make a reservation for you in the MDR for that evening. (You will be able to see the nightly menus posted early in the day). You could also buy a daily or weekly pass for the Persian Garden.
  8. On our cruise on Equinox, it was served on the 2nd night. I could not figure that one out as it is typically served on the first night.
  9. We used to go to a local restaurant to have a 32 ounce cut of prime rib called the Neanderthal and the 24 ounce cut called the Caveman. Only one each meal and took the rest home for the next day. Then double up on the Lipitor.
  10. Usually around mid-week, there is a promotion in the Daily. The price does fluctuate. Prices range from $20 to $49 for a bag of wash and fold.
  11. But how is your cholesterol after eating all those rib eyes and free ice cream?
  12. Our attendant had asked us if we wanted the daily iced tea in our room. We had a carafe each day. This is not traditional iced tea but a flavored tea. As for freshly squeezed juices, I had freshly squeezed orange juice each morning for breakfast in Blu. They also had freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. There is a juice machine in their kitchen.
  13. You are not missing much in terms of spa benefits on the Constellation. Book for room location and to dine in Blu.
  14. On a couple of our latest cruises, the Sky Lounge was closed during the day due to private group events. These included investment seminars for a group booking. Another time it was closed during the day for a private social event. These occurred primarily during sea days. The Sky Lounge did re-open to the general public around Happy Hour. On most cruises, the Sky Lounge is open and hosts trivia contests and Captain Club events.
  15. The metal water bottles had a debut a few years ago but did not last. There were the milk carton water containers but they did not last. We shall see how long....
  16. Temperatures were in the 70's in Alaska on our cruise. No hot toddy unless not feeling well.
  17. The Elite breakfast is held in the Tuscan Grill which offers great views. The menu I would call is an expanded Continental. Besides some special coffees, there were mimosas, bellinis, sparkling wine and Bloody Marys. Relaxing atmosphere.
  18. If you thought metal was bad, we had water in the "milk" cartons on Solstice. Another winner was the bottled water out of Florida on our Reflection cruise.
  19. You should carry off your luggage and do the self-disembark. TSA-PRE would be very helpful.
  20. We were offered either a Concierge or Aqua Class room when we had booked a regular Veranda. No increase in price. However, the price had dropped and I had to call Celebrity.
  21. Grand Cayman is a tender port and the port is closed until the end of January, 2022 for visitors aboard cruise ships.
  22. We had a late lunch and there was food at the buffet when we returned from Butchart Gardens. We really enjoyed our visit there. Remember, it gets dark later there.
  23. The big draw for teens and young adults was the sports court. As you mentioned, it is no longer present on that ship. There are few activities for young adults and you have to hope that he meets up with others his age. Personally, I would never consider Celebrity for a person that age. We did Royal Caribbean for our young adult.
  24. Go for it. The better cabin location and the ability to dine in Blu is a good deal at that price in my opinion.
  25. keesar


    Aqua Class and it was not my request. They had realized that the signal strength was weak in our area.
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