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  1. Oh absolutely it's more economical to bring your own bottles, which we normally do, but it was such a relief to not have to haul bottles onboard with us. We were 100% relaxed at embarkation because it was hassle-free and we weren't burdened with heavy wine bottles. We decided to go for the upgrade because it was FUN and a great source of entertainment to walk up to any bar and get whatever the heck we wanted whenever the heck we wanted it. Tried all sorts of special drinks "just because." So much more fun than bringing your own bottles. I found the package worth it, my
  2. Don't get too excited, it's the yellow label Vueve Clicquot, not the other super pricey stuff from that champagne house. It's still really good, but it costs about $38 a bottle at Total Wine.
  3. No problems at all! Only once did a bartender get confused and used the “cheap” stuff. I didn’t catch him in time but he tossed the drink and made me another with zero fuss. I think they reach for the house brands out of habit. Don’t let that stop you from upgrading, it really wasn’t an issue.
  4. No, I made a typo and can't edit my post. Fountain sodas (not canned sodas) ARE included in BOTH drink packages. Sorry for the confusion!
  5. I realized I made a mistake -- soda IS included in BOTH drink packages! It's a typo and I can't edit my post!
  6. I didn't stay in the Haven, so I can't answer that question. But most of the bottles of wine were the same on every menu. I love wine, and I didn't drink any the entire cruise because the selections were, as a whole, mediocre. The bottles weren't great quality wines (again, they may be fine for you, they just weren't for me). I mostly made use of the champagne that was included. If you are a wine lover, I'd think long and hard about upgrading to the Premium Plus package (that's just my advice). BYOB and paying corkage probably would make more sense if you're picky about what you drink.
  7. For the regular drink package (or the "Free" perk): 1. Yes, we met folks on the "Free" perk package and they could get two drinks at one time. 2. No. You must upgrade to the Premium Plus Package to get bottled water. 3. No. You must upgrade to the Premium Plus Package to get soda. 4. Yes and No. Starbucks is NOT included with the "Free" perk regular package. You must upgrade to the Premium Plus Package to get Starbucks. And yes, you can get two drinks at a time, no problem. I'd often get two different teas or Frappuccinos at a time just to do a taste test! And yes, e
  8. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for sharing this! A quick call to Princess and I was able to add on the drink package and gratuities to my existing booking using these codes! The person on the phone couldn't believe they worked, lol! She had to try two different ones to get the perks I wanted, but it basically worked out to us getting the drinks for $15 per person per day! So give Princess a call and give them these specific codes, they may work for you!
  9. I took some photos of the wine menu at the wine bar on the Joy last week. We found they had a more extensive offering. (And by the way, Vueve Clicquot by the BOTTLE was included on the Joy in the restaurants at dinner with the Premium Plus package).
  10. One other little thing that's worth mentioning - I sailed out of Los Angeles so when the ship was in port in California, everything we ordered that was "free" with the beverage package, was subject to local sales tax. This was ONLY in California and ONLY when we weren't sailing, but those little $1 - $5 tax charges added up! Just be aware.
  11. $249.00 per person, so I paid $498.00 TOTAL for two adults for 7 days for the upgrade to Premium Plus. That price included the gratuity charge.
  12. The bottles and glasses included in the dining rooms had a limited selection (someone on this thread posted a photo of the dining room wine menu). We didn't encounter a by the bottle limit at dinner except at Le Bistro, but the server was just misinformed. We simply ordered more individual glasses and they brought a third bottle anyway. I've attached photos from the Joy's wine bar below, which had a more extensive selection of wines by the glass (bottles ONLY available in the restaurants). This will give you a good idea as to the quality of what is served onboard. Howev
  13. We had no problem ordering multiple bottles of wine / champagne at dinner in the dining rooms. We would often have several different options on the table, a red and a white, for example. Most times when we'd order a glass, the waitstaff would push the "free" bottle on us. I think it makes it easier for them to serve, but we did waste a bunch of wine. We are definite wine snobs, and none of the wine choices were that good, to be honest. Except for the champagne selections. (We also did after dinner glasses of port, spiked coffee, etc.)
  14. Was on the Joy last week, and Vueve Clicquot WAS INCLUDED with the Premium Plus upgrade, both by the glass and by the bottle at dinner in the main dining rooms (Taste, Savor and Manhattan) as well as the specialty restaurants. Not all bars had it stocked, but most did, especially after the first night. I drank a LOT of it, too!
  15. The total upgrade cost was $249.00 per person for a 7 day cruise as part of a package that we originally purchased that included "free" drinks. I received an email offering the upgrade for that price, and we purchased it online before sailing. That $249.00 per person upgrade price included all of the gratuity, etc. It was worth the upgrade charge for us and, although we didn't drink like crazy to "get our money's worth," the entertainment value was off the charts! We could try whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted, with no worries.
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