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  1. We sailed with a group of furries.. adults in elaborate and expensive character costumes. It was fun to see their interaction. They have their own rules for engagement with others. Initially skeptical but they won me over. To. Each their own. 😄
  2. Welcome back! Enjoy your holidays! Then please come and share your experiences. I am sailing the Encore Haven in June. Thank you!
  3. I am sorry to hear your experience was subpar! On 2 occasions, we have sailed in the Garden Villa on the Dawn. We had Roel for 1 sailing and Bowen on the other. They were superb. Each came to the room the first day to meet with us and discuss our needs. They popped in every day to check in on us. We had 1 minor billing issue and it was handled without a visit to guest services . The butler was always available with a smile and an inquiry for what we needed. I have many more examples of top-notch service.We were truly spoiled. We experienced all of the service you outlined as service you experienced in MSC YC and more. I am wondering if there are variations ship to ship. I have learned to speak with the concierge if we have any butler challenges (2 issues in 15 +cruises). I would also suggest speaking to the General Manager for any concierge/butler issues that are not quickly resolved. Everyone deserves the level of service they pay for. Especially for the amount you pay for a Garden Villa. I am curious to hear from others on their GV service level.
  4. Heading to the island in November. How is the access to the restaurant? My mom walks with a cane and I am wondering about the access. We would not be visiting the caves, but possibly enjoying a bite and a drink at the restaurant to enjoy the view. Also open to suggestions for a nice lunch spot with a view. Thanks !
  5. Which ship? We have sailed numerous times on the Dawn in the Owner's Suites on both deck 9 and 10 to Bermuda. Sailing on the Gem in an OS on deck 10 in June. For those ships, the OS on 9 and 10 also have the side balcony. If it is too windy out front, you can enjoy the side balcony as well. Many times we we have been able to use the front balacony on seas days. A few times we encountered rough seas and it was not accessible. Amazing views coming onto and out of Bermuda from that location. Great cabins!
  6. Thank you for posting. I can read it even with the wonky positioning. Appreciate your sharing !
  7. Hi All! We are booking high tea at the Hamilton Princess on a Sunday in June. Our ship docks at 1pm at Dockyard. Will taxis be readily available ? Due to mobility access issues and schedules, a taxi works better than the ferry for us. Can anyone provide a guesstimate on travel time as a reservation is required. Not sure if 3pm is cutting it too close. Also, is it difficult to get a taxi back to Dockyard on a Sunday around 6 pm? Thank you!
  8. Check out the webcam as progress is being made....maybe a repurpose of one of the America's Cup buildings to provide temporary customs screening? Yesterday the Bermuda webcam was focused on the ship docked at Heritage Wharf. When we looked around 5:30 pm the camera shifted to King's Wharf where a shell had been constructed in the King's Wharf pier area. This morning, the "skin" is being applied to the shell...looks like structured tent. Hopefully a good sign.
  9. Thank you! Great idea checking out google street view. Appreciate it!
  10. Hi All! Considering venturing out to Clearwater with my mom who has some mobility issues. How is the walk onto the beach? Wondering if it is steep or gently sloping. Also wondering if the rental chairs are low to the ground chairs or are they loungers? Thank you!
  11. I would check your selection again. There is an April 18 sailing that includes Malta on 4-18-19 on the Spirit. Thinking that is the sailing you have found and it would need to be paid in full hence no deposit option. Hope this helps
  12. Honestlythe best version is the plain black where you are asking the question about the previous posts....don' t mean to cramp your style! I am on an ipad. All three of the test fonts look the same...they appear to be cursive which is what is creating the challenge in reading. The navy color is an improvement over the color being used earlier in the post. If I look at the review on a windows 10 computer,it looks fine. I think it is an iOS issue for those using Apple devices....
  13. Thank you for your review. Any chance you can keep a more standard format? The font style and color make it difficult to read. Thank you!
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