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  1. We were in 4096 last November and it was a great cabin. The link below is to photos of our cruise. For this November, we have 4146 booked on the Nieuw Statedam. https://pbase.com/510picker/koningsdam_november_2018_cruise_
  2. Send an email to the HAL Access and Compliance department and ask if they have photos of the cabin. If they don’t, they will contact the ship and take some for you. HAL_Access_&_Compliance@HollandAmerica.com
  3. We were on our way to Sitka. We missed Sitka and diverted to Tracy Arm Fjord for scenic cruising. The storm hit during the night, so I don’t have any photos. The next morning after breakfast, we went up to the Crows Nest to read. We still had rough water and I just looked out the windows and watched the ship go up and down....up and down....up and down. It wasn’t looping until I felt a little nauseous and told my wife I was going back to the cabin. She laughed at me and said ok. I was in the cabin for about 10 minutes when she came in and said she wasn’t feeling very well 🙂
  4. Others have pretty much covered it, but I thought I'd share my experience. We've only cruised to Alaska once and it was September 17, 2011. The weather was cool and rainy. The outside decks were hardly used due to the weather, which made the ship (Westerdam) feel much smaller because everyone was inside. We ran into a storm that had 25 foot waves and the ship had to change course because we would have hit 40 foot waves if it had continued on. This was the only cruise I have ever felt any kind of sea sickness on. The ship was very quiet that day with most passengers staying in their cabins. Our last stop was Victoria and we were so happy to see the sun and 65 degrees!! Prices are definitely cheaper in September, but you never know what you are going to get with the weather. We talked to people that were on the ship with us that we also on the previous week and they said the weather was sunny and beautiful.
  5. Excellent post! Many people lack true joy in their lives, and that reflects in their character.
  6. You should have received a booking confirmation email with a PDF attached that says which dining option you have. I would guess they assigned you to Anytime Dining if you didn't make a specific request when you booked.
  7. I was on the Allure back in 2014 and was able to access the Rising Tide Bar in my wheelchair without a problem. I would imagine a scooter wouldn't have a problem either.
  8. Sounds like a great plan! Just have to convince the wife she doesn’t need to pack everything she owns 😉
  9. We decided to book the cruise. I've always said the ship is my vacation and anything I can do off the ship is a bonus, so I'm sure we will have a great time. The cruise isn't until November 2020, so we have plenty of time to plan. Any suggestions on where to stay in San Diego? We plan on arriving a couple of days early.
  10. Thanks for the tip! Contacted my PCC and doubled our OBC! Thank you!
  11. Same here. I’ve grown tired of looking for these TA’s.
  12. Thank you to Buckimion and kokopelli-az for the additional information.
  13. Thank you for the input! Your insight is exactly what I am looking for. One big question is whether the ship docks or tenders at the stops, and if it is a tender, is it accessible. If I can never get off the ship, I don't want to go. The stops are Nawiliwili, Honolulu, Lahaina, Kona and Hilo. I see you listed two out of the five stops above as tender ports that I won't be able to visit. I did send an email to HAL's Access and Compliance department last night asking about tendering. I also see you are from San Diego, so if we do end up taking this cruise, I will be picking your brain for suggestions on where to stay before the cruise. Thank you again for sharing your information!
  14. My wife and I are looking at booking a November 2020 cruise to Hawaii on Holland America as an early 25 anniversary celebration. Curious to hear from others that have made the trip to Hawaii. I am a full-time, manual wheelchair user that can stand some, but can't do steps. Thanks for the input!
  15. Whether one uses a TA or a PCC, if we feel we receive good service, that’s all that matters. If I could find a TA that checked for price drops without me asking, I guarantee I would switch. I have used my current PCC since 2010 and she has always been extremely helpful. I emailed her today at 1:02 asking if there was a possibility my cruise price dropped. She replied at 1:18 saying my entire party had been rebooked and I should be receiving updated booking confirmations soon. I’ve worked with her enough that I totally trusted her rebooking us without giving me any details, knowing she wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t advantageous to us. Little things like this are the reason I continue to use her. With that said, point me to a TA that automatically checks for better pricing and I will give them a call.
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