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    We are just getting started!!! Very excited to relax and enjoy!
  1. Seabecoda

    Nervous about motion! Inspiration

    I am taking the family on the Inspiration in 4 weeks, any particulars about the boat would be great. We haven't cruised in 16 years and are looking forward to it. There will be my husband and I and our two teenagers:p
  2. Seabecoda

    Need Info, Age for teenage clubs..

    Thanks!! I am sure they will have fun. They will have to open up and make friends!!
  3. Seabecoda

    Need Info, Age for teenage clubs..

    Thanks. This is the first cruise we have done in years. Is there plenty of things for them to do in the evenings together?
  4. I have a 15 and a 13 year old, they ar 16 months apart. I noticed that alot of the teen clubs say 15 and above.. Do they check IDs? My kids do everything together and I would hate to tell the one they couldn't hang with the other.. Any info would be great!!:D