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  1. Having been for 11 days on Finnmarken last month I am not surprised as social distancing was not too much enforced. Especially in front of the dining room there were at times long lines and crowding. Finnmarken has been refurbished and has now minimal lounge space, and at time I felt uncomfortable as the lounge was a bit too crowded at times.
  2. Just returned from a Norwegian Coastal Voyage on Finnmarken (Future Otto Svendrup) Ship is refurbished for Cruise service which doesn''t fit the Norwegian Coastal Service for the full 100%. Nevertheless we had a nice time. Cabins are now refurbished with double beds etc which is actually quite nice. The double bed is placed before the window, great for views in bed.However DO NOT booked cabins on the promenade deck as the bed is right in front of the window and windows are not mirror glassed as they should be. You have no privacy at all and walking around the promenade deck is a bit embarrassing as you literally look into people's beds.
  3. The Norwegian Government has now allowed entryto all EU/EEA citizens except Sweden, UK , Portugal and Romania. However this is subject to change and to be reviewed according to development to the COVID-19 situation
  4. If you do take medication make sure you take it at least one hour before you leave port. However when you are a sea for some days make sure you check the weather. If in doubt set your alarm one hour before you get up. Take a pill and go back to sleep for an hour and you should be fine. QM2 is the most stable ship in the world. And above all, stay busy and enjoy yourself!
  5. Great! Look forward to read your World cruise blog. Have been following it for the last years!
  6. Apparently you also have priority boarding when you use your AMEX card
  7. It's not only about the cruise ships, mass tourism is in generally starting to be a huge problem for Amsterdam. Perhaps AirBnB is a far more bigger problem than one or two cruise-ships. Apart from the fact you will have all of these shuttle busses congesting the roads in and out of Amsterdam, while normally independents can just walk off the ship into town. See how this will develop as for cruise lines IJmuiden is a far more cheaper option instead of passing the lock and sail for two hours in land. (And they can make of profit on shuttle fares too) And 8 Euros tax a head is not that much. It sounds more like Ryanair pulling out of for example Norway stating an air tax while the real reason was they were challenged at the Norwegian Supreme Court for ignoring Norwegian Labour laws.
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