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  1. If you do take medication make sure you take it at least one hour before you leave port. However when you are a sea for some days make sure you check the weather. If in doubt set your alarm one hour before you get up. Take a pill and go back to sleep for an hour and you should be fine. QM2 is the most stable ship in the world. And above all, stay busy and enjoy yourself!
  2. Great! Look forward to read your World cruise blog. Have been following it for the last years!
  3. Apparently you also have priority boarding when you use your AMEX card
  4. It's not only about the cruise ships, mass tourism is in generally starting to be a huge problem for Amsterdam. Perhaps AirBnB is a far more bigger problem than one or two cruise-ships. Apart from the fact you will have all of these shuttle busses congesting the roads in and out of Amsterdam, while normally independents can just walk off the ship into town. See how this will develop as for cruise lines IJmuiden is a far more cheaper option instead of passing the lock and sail for two hours in land. (And they can make of profit on shuttle fares too) And 8 Euros tax a head is not that much. It sounds more like Ryanair pulling out of for example Norway stating an air tax while the real reason was they were challenged at the Norwegian Supreme Court for ignoring Norwegian Labour laws.
  5. Would be great if the webpage will be visible all over the world. Here in Norway it just shows a notification to contact some of their (very expensive) Norwegian sales agents. Cunard Norge.webarchive
  6. In 2006 I did a 3 nighter on the QE2 in one of those wonderful single Queens Grill staterooms. I still remember that trip very fondly enjoying every minute of it. The stateroom, wonderful service and above all 3 meals a day in the Queens Grill. The day in Guernsey was cancelled due to inclement weather and we had to stay on board, how happy I was!!! If you have never done a Queens Grill cruise before, it can be a trip worth remembering!
  7. I have been reading the reviews. Somehow get the impression most of the reviewers did part of the world cruise and their expectations were not line with the reality. For several it went downhill as they continued to criticise other matters too. Completely in contrast with for example the wonderful blogs of Safarigal.
  8. Oslo Dutch


    First of all they don't get the whole Commodore lounge for themselves, it's just a small part of the lounge where the can sit together and socialise. So plenty of space for everybody to use the lounge too. Your post comes across as a little ignorant. Homosexuality is still far from accepted globally and many LGBT would like to meet up and socialise. Cunard has a relative high percentage of LGBT passengers and the cocktail hour at the Commodore is always very well attended( with high bar revenue.) And everybody, gay or straight is welcome to join!
  9. I have worked on this ship during 1988/1989. At that time one of the largest and most technically advanced cruise ships in the world. I can remember we did the first European season in 1989 where our arrival was even covered in local newspapers. Very well designed, even in crew areas (no cost cuttings there). She was a bit neglected under P&O management however it's great to see the new German owners have invested quite a lot money in her. She has recently been completely re-engined which will give here at least another 15 years
  10. I have never encountered excesive rudeness on Cunard. On the contrary I remember how many nice people I met. However once on Oceania the atmosphere was not very good. There was an incident at the table next to me where I felt obliged I had to inform the Maitre D' what exactly happened and the waiter was not at fault at all. This was a cruise to the Black Sea and some fellow US passengers behaved very derogatory towards the local people. I don't know if this was a typical Oceania crowd, I haven't been back since
  11. I wasn't aware one of my favourite World Cruise bloggers would be online again this year. Thanks for such a great blog, enjoy your cruise. You are bookmarked again!
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