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    Suggested Packing List for Alaska

    Check out: http://cruiseclues.com/packinglist.htm I especially like: CruiseDiva Packing List & Tips For Cruisers (Packing for Women, Men, Babies, Alaska Packing Suggestions, etc.) Tons of great ideas here! :)
  2. Amazing_Grace

    Amtrak instead of airlines?

    [quote name='Sailorgirlseattle']I travel by Amtrak, including long distance. Definitely get a sleeper if your trip is overnight ... and remember that your meals are included in the sleeper rate. Yeah, it takes a long time, but it's a LOT more relaxing than flying .. at least, IMO.[/quote] I agree! This sounds like the way to travel now. :) I'm always so tired after flying and I nice relaxing train ride is the way to go.
  3. We just booked this excursion and we are very excited about it. We were wondering what to wear for this. Do we need long johns? Glacier boots are provided and they say to bring sunglasses and dress warmly. We will be sure to wear gloves and a ski hat. Any suggestions by others who have been on this excursion is appreciated.
  4. Amazing_Grace

    The Great Alaskan Cookout on Westerdam

    I hope we has this as well on the August 3rd cruise. YUM! Thank you for the info! :)
  5. I hear that on Friday (Ketchikan) the dining room is closed and The Great Alaskan Cookout is by the Lido pool from 11:30 - 1:30 p.m. Is this correct? YUM! What did they have? :p
  6. Amazing_Grace

    Dining Room Question

    [quote name='Krazy Kruizers'][B]Friday - Ketchikan - dining room closed -- The Great Alaskan Cookout by the Lido pool from 11:30 - 1:30[/B][/quote] YUM! What did they have? :p
  7. Amazing_Grace

    Stow Suitcases & Stuff on Westerdam?

    Are there enough hangers in the closets or should we bring some?
  8. We have VB 6024 cabin and was wondering where we would stow our empty suitcases after we unpack. How many closets and drawers, etc. do we have to use? How big are the closets, drawers, etc.? There will be three of us using that room and I'm trying to keep our clothes down to a minimum. I understand that there is a cabinet above the softa in these VB cabins as well. I was thinking of bringing 2 regular suitcases and one collapsible one to shove inside one of the suitcases after they are emptied out. Any tips or suggestions?
  9. Amazing_Grace

    Lido Restaurant and Main Dining Room Times Westerdam

    Thank you all for this wonderful news! I can't function without breakfast and now I don't have to worry about it. :)
  10. What are the times they are open? We have made reservations on some excursions that are rather early and wanted to know if we should opt for Room Service on those days.
  11. Amazing_Grace

    Westerdam - Alaskan Menus

    Krazy Kruizers- Thank you so much for posting this! ((hugs)) How long did dinner take? I saw another post that said dinner took 2 1/2 hours.
  12. Amazing_Grace

    Westerdam Alaskan Daily Program

    The late seating people for dinner are supposed to go to the early show, but didn't and that's why the late show was so mobbed. I'm so sorry that you missed the shows. :(
  13. Amazing_Grace

    Westerdam Alaskan Daily Program

    Krazy Kruizers- Thank you so much for this! How are the shows? Which ones should we not miss? Which ones should we miss?
  14. Amazing_Grace

    Westerdam Alaskan Daily Program

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, etc. ((HUGS)) I can never thank you enough for doing this for us! I can't wait for your next post!
  15. Amazing_Grace

    The Loft

    [quote name='kenish']Call Ship Services' 800 number. They can tell you how many passengers are in your kid(s) age group. Our July NB Alaska cruise on Zanndam currently has 37 teens in the 15-16 bracket.[/quote] For the activities to happen in The Loft the teens have to show up. They could have 50 teens on board and if they don't come to The Loft there won't be any activities. :( I hope they come in droves and the kids can have a blast! Since our cruise is in August and most schools have not started yet, I'm hoping for the best. Back in the dark ages I went on a cruise when I was a kid (1969), I found plenty to do on the ship and they were not planned activities. :o My mom still has no idea what my brother and I did on that ship. LOL!