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  1. Thanks TN, I will check into this. Sounds like a great way to speed things up!!
  2. Thanks everyone that answered my question. I haven't totally decided, but I think I may risk it. I will be able to do the self debark, and will let them know I have an early flight. How do you get a customs pre-check? That sounds like a good idea. Thanks again.
  3. What are your thoughts on a 10:45 am flight out of FLL after debarking at Port Everglades on January 25, 2020? Do you think it will be doable? We’re supposed to be back at 8:00. It seems like in the past we usually get back before daylight.
  4. When you pull up his FB page, scroll down a little bit and you will see "See Visitor Posts" click on that and that is where you will ask your question to John. He really does respond to these daily, unless he is not on FB that day. If you read his posts, he will usually say when he is not going to be available on the Visitor Posts. But usually his assistant answers, and if it's something John needs to know about, she will let him know.
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