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  1. Maybe Andy had too much to eat and drink and has decided to stay in the cabin?
  2. Our family loves old bay seasoning we just carried a small shaker to wherever we planned on dining.
  3. My wifes first cruise was 40 years ago this month on the Song of Norway her 7 day cruise became an 8 day cruise because of hurricanes David and Frederick. They only made it to St Thomas that trip they spent most of the days running from the hurricanes. Royal was very nice and gave her 100% of her money back and when she got home she booked her second cruise with them. We are now scheduled for our 30th Royal cruise on the Symphony Nov 2nd.
  4. Last month on the Adventure the extension cord and distilled water were delivered in the afternoon after muster. Had to ask cabin steward for sharps container and medical fridge which arrived while we were at dinner. The only problem was the medical fridge was set on warm instead of cold took a while for it to cool down.
  5. We just moved from midship to aft and saved $915.00 thanks for the heads up about prices. We have a balcony cabin.
  6. yes across from the garage. This lot was pretty full last week also when we arrived.
  7. Run by Royal they are the original parking areas that were there before the garage was built.
  8. They have outside parking lots and they give very good directions as to where to go to park.
  9. Be aware that the garage is sometimes full now with more than one ship there now. Last week they were only allowing cars with handicapped tags into the garage.
  10. We also had a similar charger on Adventure last week and no problems.
  11. We were there last week on the Adventure and had a great time. Chill Island was great also and very quiet. The water was still cool. Lots of empty chairs and umbrellas. Royal has added soft serve ice cream on the island just like Disney and it was very good. Tremendous amount of choices from the lunch buffet like Cuban sandwiches, tacos, many different salads. The only thing we found bad was the seagulls they flocked around any food left on tables and very scary for the grandkids.
  12. We did in fact have the soda package so since the casino did not have either drink we wanted it would have cost me $13.00 to leave casino and go to another bar to get our drink and then return to the casino.
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