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  1. That would be the breakaway to be specific. Ive never experienced such rude staff in all my years of cruising as I have on the breakaway. Staff is rude. They dont respond when asked a question. My wife and i asked a young lady what exactly is the ice bar and her literal response was "what does it look like". My wife was ready to jump across the podium at this woman. I literally watched a bartender argue with a customer over a drink. Got in the customers face as if he were going to fight. How did this happen? Is there anything that can be done to better this situation on Norwegian? People pay good money to go on vacation to relax. Not to be at odds with staff.
  2. They had all espn channels, fs1 and local stations except ABC in the bar. I guess disney says abc is a no go. Airlines(southwest, jetblue etc) don't even have abc either. So this leads to a problem as half the ship wants to watch an nfl game and the bar cant hold all of these people. It would be nice to be able to watch from the stateroom. They had movies playing on the lido deck as that would be a nother good option
  3. i just came off vista and it was dissappointing. Usually in staterooms they have more stations and channels. On vista its mainly carnvial specific channels, cnn and a few other random stations. No local stations from new York like they had on other ships. So when people want to watch sporting events the only place on the boat was the sports bar which was mega over crowded. There wasnt even a single tv in the casino.
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