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  1. We will be sailing in a Grand 1-Bedroom Suite on the Allure and therefore have access to Coastal Kitchen as one of the dining alternatives. Are we able to invite a couple who are traveling with us, but not in a suite, to dine with us? Does Royal Caribbean allow us to include them in a reservation?
  2. What ship are you on and what is the itinerary?
  3. CruiserDoc

    CMV's Columbus

    We had a great trip on Columbus for the Grand British Isles itinerary. Check out my review here: https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=587655 Sent from my SM-T377V using Tapatalk
  4. Greetings! For those of you who have been on the early sailings of the Columbus, I was wondering if you could comment on the formality of dress for evenings. We are sailing on the British Isles 12 night sailing next month. The A-Z Cruise Information Guide that came along with the documents states there are two formal nights. It goes on to give suggestions for each of the types of evenings. Did most men have suits or is a sport jacket with tie acceptable or formal nights? The guide mentions two other "categories" for evening wear: informal and casual. They go on to say that on informal nights, "a suit or smart jacket and trousers with or without a tie" is suggested. So, if it's suggested, did most men have suits for formal and informal nights? Casual nights' description is self explanatory..."choice of dress is left entirely to you".
  5. Thanks for the head up! We are 2 couples sailing on the Columbus July 11th British Isles cruise. We were lucky enough to realize we could pre-book early. We were able to book most of what we wanted and waitlist others. All our waitlists but one have cleared, so we've been pleased with the CMV experience so far. Both couples have sailed on the Columbus back in 1992 or 93, when she was the Star Princess. We had a great time then. We are so looking forward to our first cruise w/CMV.
  6. CruiserDoc

    Amber Cove...

    We have some friends who live near Amber Cove and we would like to meet up with them when our ship stops there. Are outsiders (not cruisers) allowed to come into the restaurant/shop area of Amber Cove, or is there a security gate that you must show a cruise card to enter from the outside? Thanks!
  7. Greetings! Does anyone have experience with the Blu restaurant and being Gluten intolerant? Would you say that the Blu menu is better or worse for Gluten issues than main dining? Thanks! Tom
  8. CruiserDoc

    Escape..attaining boarding group #1

    LrgPizza...so, you were in line at the terminal at 8:55, what time did you get in the terminal building and what time did you actually board the ship? Thanks for your help.
  9. We're booked on the Escape this coming fall and we're interested in getting passes to Vibe. It sounds like the secret is to be a part of boarding group #1 to be successful with Vibe passes. What's the best way to assure being part of boarding group #1 if we are booked in a regular balcony cabin? Any hope for Vibe passes? Thanks!!
  10. CruiserDoc

    Where to purchase Vibe passes for Escape??

    What is the secret to getting into Boarding Group #1 if we are booked in a normal balcony cabin? Any hints? That sounds like the way to score Vibe passes.
  11. I've noticed quite a few posts suggesting taking personal bottles of wine to dining room for dinner. Doesn't RCCL charge a corkage fee if you do that?
  12. CruiserDoc

    Bridge on Viking River Cruise

    We will be on a Viking Rhine river cruise from Basel to Amsterdam, departing Dec 15th. My wife is an avid bridge player and asked me today if there will be bridge onboard. I don't have an answer for her, although I'm sure it depends on our fellow passengers. Does anyone know if Viking promotes bridge playing by offering to help organize times, similar to what happens on ocean cruises? Better yet, are there any readers cruising on the Viking Kara, Dec 15th that would be interested in playing bridge?
  13. We will be sailing on the Liberty of the Seas out of Galveston early next year. I am thinking about using Galveston Express for transfer from the port of Galveston to Houson Hobby airport. Would it be possible to make a 9am pickup at the port? (options are 9am & 11am). Tom
  14. CruiserDoc

    Rhine - water levels and similar topics 2015

    Just wondering if someone (Notamermaid??) might be able to post an update to the water levels on the Rhine. I've been checking Viking's "current sailings" update, and haven't seen any changes for several days now. That leads me to believe that as of now, there may not be a low-water level issue. My wife and I are on the Viking Kara departing Basel on Dec 12th. Thanks for any updates!!
  15. CruiserDoc

    VOOM Internet on Liberty after drydock?

    What ships currently have VOOM? I would think that if Royal Caribbean is going to have all ships up to speed with VOOM in 2016, they would install the system while the Liberty is in drydock in January.