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  1. We were on the Equinox on 7/25 and had the classic package, on the 9/17 sailing we have the premium so it will be interesting to see the difference. Honestly the classic was fine for me. I know the one difference I am really looking forward to is the martini's at the martini bar and the different beers at the craft beer bar.
  2. Was on 7/25 sailing. Thought all was great. I guess to each their own. Sorry the OP felt this way. We did not and am looking forward to our 9/17 sailing on Equinox.
  3. Not yet but the word thing is we sailed on the Equinox on 7/25/21 and showed our vaccine cards and didn't receive anything like this prior for the 7/25 cruise.
  4. Yes, very confusing...... Like I said we are vaccinated but it made it seem like I needed to click on the link for my name was right above it and it was the same for my husband.
  5. Good Morning...... Anyone else get a email this morning about the testing through Sept 6th? My Hubby and I both got one and it wants us to register for testing?? I didn't go through the whole link but am confused. We are BOTH Vaccinated and sailed 7/25 on the Equinox so I'm confused to what this is. Thanks.....
  6. But did they have the free cocktails every night from 5-7.
  7. That is correct, I was wondering since they changed to the drinks at different bars from 5-7 if they might have it on the first night.
  8. Hope not. 4 for Diamonds and 5 for diamond plus.
  9. So true. I remember they use to not have it first night but that was before the change to drinking at different bars from 5-7.
  10. Will be sailing on the 25th. What is the captains club cocktails for Elite members now. Do they have the first night? Thanks.
  11. We received the offer for the Veranda and I filled out the link and then I got a email saying we were booked with a booking number. Called to confirm and we are set to sail on the Equinox.
  12. Same app for my iPhone. Found out our sept 17 sailing is open for check in yet. Did you click on the blue area saying “start getting excited”?
  13. I don’t see anything to do a check in on the phone app
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