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  1. SanNic44

    HeliTours Aruba

    The helicopter tour of Aruba is fantastic. We took off from the seaport marina (only a short walk from the cruise ship terminal) ran up along the coast to the Marriott then turned inland toward Paradera, back toward Spanish Lagoon and the neighborhood of Savaneta, then out to Vader Piet by the windmills before running the coast back to the seaport. I put together a video, with some hotels, restaurants, and such labeled in the footage. See: [url]http://bentpage.wordpress.com/2011/08/21/helicopter-flying-aruba/[/url] The pilot is a nice guy from Germany, very skilled, very friendly. I flew in this type of helicopter (Robinson R44) many time with a helicopter instructor at my local airport back in Philadelphia. He would have been impressed by this guy's ability to orbit on station and hit the marks exactly. It does cost quite a bit, but get three people together and go! 44
  2. SanNic44

    Eagle Beach, Palm Beach or Other??

    As stated by Lisa, some of the beaches were eroded a little by a few passing storms, but they're still very nice. You'll find more amenities on Palm Beach, such as jet ski, boat, and other rentals. There are a number of nice bars along the beach where you can pay cash and it doesn't matter if you're at a particular resort. Here's a current photo 11 December 2010 of Palm Beach conditions: [URL]http://bentpage.wordpress.com/2010/12/11/palm-beach-panorama-aruba/[/URL] ...and here's a link to a video of the bars: [URL]http://bentpage.wordpress.com/2009/09/20/beach-and-pool-bars-aruba/[/URL] Bon dia and enjoy your stop in Aruba. 44
  3. SanNic44

    Eagle beach

    Here's a link to a stretch of Eagle Beach close to the Amsterdam manor. [url]http://bentpage.wordpress.com/2008/11/16/eagle-beach-aruba-video/[/url] Enjoy. 44
  4. SanNic44

    Best Beach and Snorkeling in Aruba and Curacao

    Here's a link to a video that shows some of the fish at the Mangel Alto area where you can snorkle in Aruba: http://bentpage.wordpress.com/2008/11/23/mangel-alto-snorkeling-aruba/ Enjoy. 44
  5. SanNic44

    Aruba sights video

    Lillulu, I would recommend a tour instead of finding these sights on your own. Most of the ones I show are easy to find but there are others that you can cover with a good driver. Check these threads for "Bully." He has good reviews. Surf through my blog for other local highlights. Bon dia. 44
  6. SanNic44

    Aruba sights video

    I made this little video of some sights you'll see if you take a tour of the island. These are just a few, there are more, but I wanted to give a quick overview. Here is a direct link to the video: [url]http://bentpage.wordpress.com/2009/09/07/some-aruba-sights-video/[/url] Enjoy 44
  7. SanNic44

    Special drink?

    There is the Aruba Arriba and some places have a good rum punch. Not exactly "must haves" but worth a try if you like to vary your drinks. 44
  8. SanNic44

    Romantic Beachside Dining in Oranjestad?

    You may want to try Pincho's. It's out over the water, just on the south side of Oranjestaad, an easy taxi ride away. Here is a direct link to my blog post showing a photo: [url]http://bentpage.wordpress.com/?s=Pinchos&submit=Search[/url] There plenty more info about Aruba on my blog if you surf through. Enjoy. 44
  9. SanNic44

    Aruba- not sure if we got the wrong impression?

    I can see how sometimes cruise visitors get a less than positive impression of Aruba. Depending on the cab driver and a few other things, you may find yourself a bit miffed. However, Aruba has plenty to offer the cruise visitor. Try the snorkel cruises, or a half day tour and then a half day of meandering. Many things are closed on Sundays, true, but this would be a good day to go to a beach and the beaches are very nice. I may be partial to the island because I live there 6 months of the year. Still, I've been to many other islands and find that Aruba is hard to beat. Check out my blog for plenty of Aruba and other travel photos, videos, and reviews. Bon dia. 44
  10. SanNic44

    What not to miss???

    What not to miss? Depends on your likes, dislikes, and preferences. There are several great beaches here in Aruba if you're beach person. And some fun snorkel boats, too. Then there are some up and down scale shops, a bus ride tour around the island, and some great places for lunch. Or, you could rent a Harley motorcycle and go for a ride around the island on that. Then there is the jeep tour, too. Plenty of options. You'll find lots of Aruba info on my blog mentioned below. Lots of photos, some video, and things of that nature. Enjoy and bon dia from Aruba. 44
  11. SanNic44

    Statendam Approaching Aruba, video

    May4, I like the scale of that class of ship. Big enough to have the amenities without being colossal. And bon dia back to you from Aruba, One Happy Island. 44
  12. SanNic44

    The Old Man & Sea restaurant

    I've eaten three times last year at the Old Man and The Sea. Food and service very good. Setting very romantic, directly on the beach with a beautiful view of the sunset (if nature cooperates and puts on a show.) Photos and video of this place are on my blog (that is part of my signature below) under the heading Aruba Restaurants. Just go down through the posts until you come to it. You might also find a few other options on my blog that might be to your liking. Not sure how much the cab ride is. Bon dia from Aruba.
  13. Just posted a short video on my blog of the Statendam as she approaches Aruba. You'll see the attending tugboat maneuver to the leeward side, too. Bon dia from Aruba.
  14. SanNic44

    Aruba Camera Question

    I wouldn't worry about lugging the SLR around. Several years ago, I toted a Hasselblad through the middle of Oranjestaad with no worries. My wife uses a Nikon D1X frequently around the island and has had not problems. Enjoy the island. We'll be sure to smile for you! 44
  15. SanNic44

    Buying Alaska, what a deal!

    While doing some research in the U.S. National Archives, I came across an image of the check where the US paid Russia $7.2 million for Alaska, which worked out to about 2 cents an acre. Great deal! You might buy a tugboat for that, but certainly not a cruise ship. Anyway, an image of the check is on my blog which is part of my signature below, under the heading GENERAL TRAVEL. Alaska, what a value!