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  1. I tried the form. It says my date is invalid. It will only handle up to July. I tried going to the travel account. There are no spots to cancel. I tried calling this morning a minute before they opened and JUST as they opened. I was put into the three hour que. I guess I'll have to try again later, but man, I'm frustrated!!! It used to be they would do a callback if you asked. Not now. Now you have to listen the the recording for hours. Thhpptt!!!
  2. I tried looking for an email for my bigbox ta. All I could find were phone numbers. There is an email for those canceling for cruises prior to May 31, but I don't qualify for that email, thus the phone. I think there is a way to cancel through their site, but I want someone there to state unequivocally that the entire amount will be credited back to the cc.
  3. Thank you. That makes me feel much better. I'll try to call again later in the week and hope the wait times get under 3 hours.
  4. I tried calling my ta, but the lines are backed up for hours. We have a cruise booked in December, but I foolishly decided to pay it off when I received a moveover offer refund on another cruise. I figured the cruise was paid and I wouldn't have to worry about it. It was originally booked with a $20pp refundable deposit. We want to cancel. If I wait the hours to get through the phone lines, will I find that they WILL refund the entire amount to my credit card? We are way before final payment. Anyone know?
  5. Fortunately, we are approaching retirement and will soon be able to book last minute. If cruises become too impractical to book way out due to nonrefundable fees, we will change our approach. Were we not planning on retirement soon, my other option would be to choose another vacation which could be planned way out as we do now, and not be stuck with fees if life changed a year before the trip. And yes, airlines do the nonrefundables, but I don't book those over a year out. Life is full of options. Provide what I'm looking for, or I look elsewhere. Simple.
  6. More to the point, should it have been served to begin with?
  7. They've even managed to ruin ice cream. My most recent cruise, the ice 'cream' was more like ice 'milk' with lots of crystallization and no cream about it. My go to desert has always been the cruise ships. This time, I walked out with no desert more often than not. As for food offerings, one night I had salad, soup and bread, and another night bread and soup, finding nothing else appetizing,(had a large salad earlier in the day). The fettuccine with chicken was my go to, but how many times do I want to eat that on a 14 day cruise? Dh must eat in the dining room for his special diet
  8. You may request a card if you so desire. We did, and had no issues getting them issued at the desk. We went to a cc meetup a couple of weeks ago, and were told they are taking the magnet out of future medallions, but not certain when that will be fully implemented. In the meantime, either ask for cards like we did, or keep it 6-8" away from the chest.
  9. Thanks, that helps a bit. I'm still a bit nervous. Dh spends a LOT of time in the cabin/balcony. The size and location were why I booked that specific cabin, and starboard so we could breath. Heart conditions and smoke don't mix!
  10. I have 6210 on the Reflection booked. This thread now has me concerned. I can't get the same pricing anymore, and there are no other 'good' cabins left to change to in the same category. I can cancel the whole thing, or take my chances. Once or twice for refueling is one thing, negating the balcony as usable isn't worth keeping the cruise. Should I be concerned???
  11. Just did this 12/4. I waited around two weeks and called my TA. He called princess and came back online and said the good news was that they "found" the cancelled reservation. The bad news was it would be another couple of weeks to refund the credit card. It showed up on the credit card around the 26th or 27th. I don't know if Princess would have automatically 'found' the missing monies at some point, but was glad I called. At least it showed on the credit card before I had to pay the new airline charge on the credit card.
  12. My husband is on a pacemaker, and I plan on getting the cards for both of us. Yes, 8" might be correct, but the idea of walking around with a magnet when not needed is senseless. I keep mine around my neck. I give dh a hug without thinking. BAM. Dh keeps his in a wrist band. He pounds his motion activated pacemaker without thinking. BAM. No thanks. Perhaps it is an overabundance of caution, but I don't care to walk around with magnets. And frankly, I don't want to be tracked either. Princess can keep their medallions.
  13. I'll be requesting cruise cards after we board. I always wear my card around my neck for convenience. I don't usually have pockets or belts. I keep picturing giving dh a hug without thinking about a magnet hanging around my neck. Ugh. On his side, I 'could' see him keeping it in a pocket, but he has a rfid wrist band he plans on using, but it won't stop a magnetic effect. With him I see him pounding his pacemaker, (motion activated to pick up pace), and having that magnet on the wrist of the hand he's pounding with. Ugh. I simply prefer to have the cards and not spend m
  14. Thank you to whomever it was that mentioned citi was no longer providing insurance. I had no idea!!!! 😮 I need to pay more attention to things. OUCH! Having done some quick searches, I was relieved to discover that anything paid before the 22nd will still be covered, so I have some calling to do today to pay off some cruises earlier than planned. THpttt. Now I have to do some serious calculating for the future. I lose the 3% kickback on my cruises if I stop using the card, but insurance is a killer. I'll be checking out the chase sapphire preferred and run
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